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Where is My Southern Family Christmas Filmed? All the Locations

Filming Locations

Emily Moss Wilson’s movie “My Southern Family Christmas” revolves around the plot of a journalist, Campbell (Jiacy Elliot), who comes over for a chance to learn about her biological father, Everett (Bruce Campbell), for the first time in her life without her father’s knowledge about her true identity which will change their family Christmas forever.

The plot story takes place during the time of Christmas when Campbell receives a call from Jennifer revealing her real father. On the other side, we see her boss demanding an original story for his Dallas-based airplane magazine, and then Campbell decides to go in search of her father as this will give a true story to her boss.

Where Is The Actual Location Of The Movie?

The movie is said to be filmed in Louisiana as many Hallmark movies are filmed there, and it is said some of the cast members belong to Louisiana. Is this true? Let’s find out. Jaicy Elliot, in one of her interviews, said, “Louisiana is fantastic, and we were lucky enough to film in authentic Cajun villages and homes and coffee houses,” which we get to see during the Christmas scene in the movie.

Jaicy Elliot (Campbell) in My Southern Family Christmas

Jaicy Elliot (Campbell) in My Southern Family Christmas

This really meant that the movie was shot in Louisiana, as also reported to the ‘Gonzales Weekly Citizen’. It is said to have been filmed particularly in the Ascension Parish in Louisiana in the town of Sorrento and in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area of Louisiana.

The filming of this movie began on September 6, 2022, and was concluded filming within the same month. Many major scenes were said to be shot in the Ascension Parish in Louisiana between the dates of September 21, 2022, till September 23, 2022.

My Southern Family Christmas Release Date and Cast

The movie “My Southern Family Christmas” premiered on November 24, 2022, on the Hallmark channel. The cast of the movie included. Jaicy Elliot as Campbell Wallace, Bruce Campbell as Everett, Moira Kelly as Jennifer, Gralen Bryant Banks as Mayor Thomas, Bri Collins as Mary, Brian McNamara as Gary Wallace, Katie Hughey as Sarah Wallace, Samantha Smith as Mary, Anniston Almond as Amelia

Jaicy Elliot, who plays the role of Campbell, is seen posting about the movie on her Instagram account on September 26, 2022, putting the hashtag “Belcome Wack #hallmarkchristmas”

Filming Locations

The entire cast of My Southern Family Christmas.

In the movie, Jaicy Elliot is seen going from Seattle at the beginning of the movie and heading to Louisiana during the rest of the movie. It could be said the location was filmed in such a way.

Hallmark had put the following description for the released movie:

As a journalist, Campbell gets a chance to get to know her biological father for the first time in her life. Without his knowledge of who she really is. She spends time with her father and his family And not only with them but also with the town’s record keeper, after which she realizes the fact that families are quite messy, But along with being messy, it’s also a wonderful thing.

At the end of the movie, Campbell has to decide if she will keep her. Real identity a secret or revealing the truth to her biological father- an important decision that will change their Family Christmas forever.”

Filming Locations

Everett ( Bruce Campbell) and Campbell (Jaicy Elliot) in My Southern Family Christmas. Source: The Hallmark Channel.

Where Can The Movie Be Seen After Airing Live In The Hallmark Channel?

Well, this could be one of the important matters to look at as to where we can see the movie after it has already aired on the main Hallmark Channel. The movie can be seen on the following:

  • Philo-  which contains more than 60 channels with a subscription of $25/month.
  •  Apart from this, you can also watch- FuboTV – which has access to more than 100 channels, including romance, drama, series, and more, with a subscription of $69.99/month.
  • DIRECTV Stream – which also has access to many premium channels with a subscription of $69.99/month.

My Southern Family Christmas is a countdown to Christmas, as it seems. You can see it in the above following channels. 

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