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Blurr Movie Ending Explained: Is It Similar To 2010, Julia’s Eyes?

Blurr Movie Ending Explained- Is It Similar To 2010, Julia's Eyes
Blurr Movie Poster (Credits: Zee5)

Here is Blurr Movie Ending Explained. How many times does it happen that you watch a horror-thriller movie but can not understand the ending of the film? Blurr, a horror-thriller movie, is one such movie that was released last year, and people who watched the film found it difficult to understand the movie’s ending. In this article, we will tell you everything about Blurr Movie Ending.

Blurr is the remake of Julia’s Eyes. Ajay Bahl is the movie’s producer, and Taapsee Pannu is in the lead role in the film. She is also the producer of this movie. Vishal Rana, Taapsee Pannu, Pranjal Khandhdiya, Tony D’souza, Pradeep Sharma, and Manav Durga are the film’s producers. The movie was released on 9 December 2022. 

The plot of the movie revolves around two sisters, Gayatri and Gautami. Tapsee Pannu plays both These roles. The first sister Gayatri is married to Neil and works in the anthropological department as a researcher. Her sister Gautami lives in a mountain region and is blind.

In the opening scene of the movie, we see that Gautami dies by suicide, and there is an unknown person who compels her to suicide. Since they are both sisters, Gayatri comes to know that there is something wrong and runs to see what is wrong with her twin sister. 

When she comes to her house, she finds her dead. While everyone in the movie is convinced that she has died by suicide, Gayatri feels that somebody murdered her sister, and the movie takes a turn when the incidents unfold.

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Blurr Movie Ending Explained

The climax of the movie Blurr is quite interesting. In the last scenes of the movie, we see that Gayatri is struggling to escape this house when she bangs her head on the door. All this time, she had a bandage on her eyes, but when she removed it, she saw that there were strange pictures on the wall. She was shocked to see that those pictures were of her sister and Neil.

Before she could escape the place, she slipped on the blood stain on the floor. She follows the blood traces and realizes that Ira is dead. Gayatri is still pretending to be blind when she sees that her sister’s killer has come into the room. The killer, however, soon realizes that she is faking her blindness. The killer catches her and gives her an injection that will take her eyes away.

Still from Blurr Movie (Credit-ZEE)

Still from Blurr Movie (Credit: ZEE5)

He keeps it in the same box where he had locked the dead body of the real Deepak. Gayatri, however, manages to escape the box and runs away. The killer runs behind her to catch her, and Gayatri reaches Mrs. Solanki’s house.

Gayatri finds out that the killer is her son. She is still in shock when she finds out that he had killed Mrs. Solanki as well and now is after her own mother. He then tells her why he killed them, and amidst all this, Gayatri stabs a knife into him and locks him in the room.

In the last scene of the movie, we see that the cop comes to catch Gayatri’s son, but realizing that he has no escape, he takes his own life, and the movie ends there. After an operation, she regains her eyesight.

Still from Blurr (Credit-ZEE Movies)

Still from Blurr (Credit: ZEE5)

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Were The Two Sisters Actually Blind?

When the movie starts, we see that Gautami is blind and she cannot see anything. Her sister Gayatri may become blind If she takes too much stress. When Gayatri comes to Gautami’s house, she tries to find out the mystery behind her sister’s murder, and she soon realizes that there are certain hints that point towards the fact that her sister did not suicide but it was a murder. 

She was not very late to realize that all this had caused a negative effect on her vision, and it was starting to dwindle. In another scene, when Mrs. Solanki tells her that her sister used to go to a wellness center to seek help for her blindness. When she comes to know that Gautami was in a romantic affair with a man, she realizes that her vision is going away. After watching the movie, we, therefore, realize that their blindness was not something that they faked.

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