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Iratta Malayalam Movie Ending Explained: Who Killed Vinod?

Iratta movie on netflix
Iratta Malayalam Movie on Netflix

Recently, Malayalam movies have gained immense popularity across India. One such new movie is Iratta, a crime thriller that has left viewers shocked and confused with its unexpected ending. The movie delves deep into the narrative of investigative dramas, revealing uncomfortable truths about the killer’s motives for committing the crime. As the film progresses, the intensity only increases, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Films that mess with your mind as the investigation heats up have a unique charm. From Jeethu Joseph’s “Memories” to Bryan Singer’s “The Usual Suspects” to Martin Scorsese’s “Shutter Island” and many more, the list goes on. “Iratta,” which translates to a twin, tells the story of two brothers who have been apart for years until one of them unexpectedly passes away.

This film explores the life of a man who has faced many challenges and is found dead in a public place. Directed by Rohit M.G. Krishnan, it follows the story of his separated brother, who is a police officer. The movie delves into how he copes with the loss and whether he will investigate the death or not. The film, in Malayalam, hit theatres on February 3, 2023, and is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Iratta Movie Plot and Storyline

Pramod Kumar, a Deputy SP, and his twin brother Vinod, an Assistant SI, both work as cops at the Vagamon police station. Unfortunately, the two were separated when they were young, and they come from troubled family backgrounds. Tragically, Vinod is murdered at the station, and there are many suspects to investigate, including his brother Pramod and his wife, Malini.

Iratta movie

Iratta movie (Credit: Netflix)

Who could be responsible for this heinous crime? What could be the motive behind Vinod’s death? The answers to these intriguing questions unravel as the story progresses, with the investigation following the typical police procedural format.

Iratta Movie Ending Explained

To find out more about one another’s existence, Vinod and Pramod never spoke to one another. Whereas Vinod was brought up by their father, Pramod was raised by his mother. When the father forcibly removes Vinod, the mother departs the house with the two children.

Vinod gets worried by how his father runs their household, which includes inviting women over and, at a certain point, physically abusing a young girl. When Vinod goes looking for his mother and brother, he finds that they have already left the town.

Even though Vinod’s mother showed up at their father’s funeral, he still felt abandoned. This feeling made him decide to create his path instead of joining his brother and mother. Vinod was deeply impacted by the realization that they didn’t fight for him, leading him to believe that he doesn’t need them and is good without them.

Iratta mallyalam movie

Juju George in Iratta (Credit: Netflix)

As the investigation moves forward, there’s still no clue as to who might have had a stronger motive to harm Vinod. Currently, Pramod is also being inspected, as his phone records are being looked into. When informed that no information about Vinod will be shared with anyone, Pramod requests that Vinod’s call records be examined. During the questioning process, Malini, Vinod’s partner, was also brought in.

Their bond was strong, and they enjoyed each other’s companionship and friendship. Unfortunately, Vinod’s progress in becoming a better person was cut short when he was shot and killed. Despite the investigation team’s efforts, no leads have been found. However, the postmortem report confirmed that Vinod was shot at close range. Pramod has asked his boss to allow him to assist with the investigation.

According to the postmortem report, the bullets were shot from a close distance. The kids nearby also witnessed the same. Although the reason behind the suicide is still unknown, Pramod is taking it upon himself to help find out.

Pramod has been provided with the footage of the video that Vinod was viewing on TV before taking his own life. The video showcases Pramod’s daughter performing on a reality TV show and his separated wife discussing the hardships she faced while raising their child. Vinod happened to spot his sister-in-law while watching the clip.

Iratta movie

Iratta movie (Credit: Netflix)

Pramod connected the dots and realized that the girl he had sexually assaulted in the lodge was none other than his separated daughter. Vinod, who had always wanted a child of his own and had adored the girl as a child, is now grappling with the fact that he committed such a heinous crime against his kin. It’s unlikely that he’ll ever be able to lead a happy life knowing what he’s done.

Bineesh has confirmed that the girl Vinod raped was indeed Pramod’s daughter. This revelation has left Pramod shaken, as his gut instinct was correct. Sadly, Vinod committed this heinous act under the influence of alcohol and his ego without realizing the relationship he had with his victim.

Pramod has come to terms with the fact that his plan for justice cannot be carried out, as he bears a strange similarity to the man who violated his flesh and blood. Though Vinod has escaped revenge by taking his own life, Pramod will have to endure the unbearable pain of his daughter’s everlasting hatred towards him. His suffering will be constant, and he will have to learn to live with it.

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