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Big Mouth Cast: Who Are In The Noir-Legal Korean Drama?

Big Mouth Korean Drama 2022 Cast
Big Mouth

Big Mouth Korean drama cast members have become the center of attention due to the thriller law mystery storyline! The drama was the talk of the town since its making days. And after the cast confirmation, many fans were looking forward to it. After all, legal crime and Lee Jong Suk in a must-watch combination! Not to forget, the heart-thumping on-screen chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Girls’ Generations’ Im Yoon Ah is another highlight of the drama.

The kdrama ‘Big Mouth’ is a law crime story that revolves around a third-rate lawyer, Park Chang Ho, who people often call ‘Big Mouth’ due to his talkative personality. The drama reveals how Park Chang Ho gets involved in a murder case and ends up mistaken as genius swindler Big Mouth. Meanwhile, his wife, Go Mi Ho, who works as a nurse, learns about her husband’s situation and decides to clear his name!

The drama is written by Jang Young Chul (Empress Ki, Vagabond) and Jung Kyung Soon (History of the Salaryman, Giant) and directed by Oh Choong Hwan (My Love from the Star, Hotel Del Luna) and Bae Hyun Jin. Thus with such an excellent production team, outstanding cast, and intriguing story, there is no way fans can miss out on Big Mouth Korean drama!

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Big Mouth Korean Drama Cast

MBC’s Big Mouth cast Lee Jong Suk, Im Yoon Ah, and Kim Joo Hun as the main leads. With such notable stars, there is no doubt that the noir-legal Big Mouth will be keeping fans on their toes. Furthermore, the supporting cast includes many well-known faces such as Kwak Dong Yeon, Yang Kyung Won, Ok Ja Yeon, Oh Eui Shik, etc. Besides, the cast members have done an outstanding job in delivering their characters flawlessly!

Lee Jong Suk as Park Chang Ho

Lee Jong Suk is one of the main cast of Big Mouth kdrama who plays Park Chang Ho character. He is a third-rate lawyer with a 10% success rate. Due to his tendency to speak before acting, his legal acquaintances call him Big Mouth. After a sudden life-threatening car accident, Park Chang Ho finds himself mistaken for a genius conman known as Big Mouth.

Big Mouth korean drama cast members

Im Yoon Ah, Lee Jong Sun and Kim Joo Hun

Im Yoon Ah as Go Mi Ho

In Big Mouth Korean drama, Girls’ Generations’ Im Yoon Ah is starred as Go Mi Ho. She is Park Chang Ho’s wife and works as a nurse. Apart from her bold personality and breathtaking beauty, Go Mi Ho is a supporting wife as she helps Park Chang Ho financially and psychologically.

Kim Joo Hun as Choi Do Ha

And here comes the third leading cast of Big Mouth kdrama Kim Joo Hun who plays Choi Do Ha character. Choi Do Ha is an ambitious mayor of Gucheon. Like a strong-willed politician, his goal in life is to become the most dignified president.

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Supporting Cast

Kwak Dong Yeon as Jerry

Here, Kwak Dong Yeon plays Jerry character. Jerry is a scammer with three previous convictions who meets Park Chang Ho in Gucheon prison. Besides, he respects the genius conman Big Mouth.

Yang Kyung Won as Gong Ji Hoon

One of the antagonists of Big Mouth kdrama Gong Ji Hoon, is played by Yang Kyung Won. Gong Ji Hoon is the president of the media conglomerate Gukdong. He is also the chairman of the NR Forum.

Big Mouth Korean Drama 2022 Cast

Kwak Dong Yeon, Yang Kyung Won and Ok Ja Yeon

Ok Ja Yeon as Hyun Joo Hee

Another crucial supporting cast of Big Mouth is Ok Ja Yeon, who plays Hyun Joo Hee character. Hyun Joo Hee is Choi Do Ha’s wife as well as the director of Gucheon Hospital.

Apart from the above mentioned cast, we meet Kim Jung Hyun, Lee Yoon Joon, Oh Ryoong, Yoon Seok Hyun, Jang Hyuk Jin, Lee Gi Young, Yoo Tae Joo, and many more. Furthermore, Yoo Sub Bin and Kim Do Wan make special appearances in the drama. Due to such exceptional cast members, Big Mouth has already caught viewers’ attention. Thus, to find out how this noir-legal mystery unfolds, don’t forget to watch Big Mouth every Friday and Saturday on MBC, Wavve, Disney+ or Disney+ Hotstar (English Subtitles available).

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