‘Alien’ New Korean Movie Cast, And Much More

The cast of "Alien"

The cast of ‘Alien’ is revealed and viewers cannot be more excited. The sci-fi film is a long-awaited movie for which fans are anxiously waiting. Korean dramas sure are awesome but Korean movies too are top notch and are proof that the Korean cinema industry too, is mind-blowing and addicting.

The sci-fi genre has always mesmerized us and has been a treat for movie fans. And to add an alien concept in it just makes this movie even better. It is filled with suspense, thrill, and mystery, and all of this is put in harmony with a great storyline. Not only this, but the movie also hints at the concept of possible time traveling. So if you are a time travel concept fan, you should definitely look out for this movie.

The talented cast of ‘Alien’

The powerhouse stars of the film are what is making us more curious as to how the film will turn out to be. The cast includes Kim Tae Ri as Yi An, who will have mystical powers. Fans are head over heels for the actress as she recently starred in Twenty-Five Twenty-one, which left an enormous impact on the viewers. Kim Tae Ri has always brought a refreshing character on screen. She had also stolen everyone’s heart with her acting skills in “Mr. Sunshine”, “Space Sweepers” and “The Handmaiden”. Joining her is Ryu Joon Yeol as Mu Reuk, a Taoist. He is famous for his roles in “Reply 1988”, “Lucky Romance” and recently released “Lost”.

"Alien" cast
Kim Tae Ri in “Alien”

Along with them is Kim Woo Bin as Guard, who will escort aliens. After his long-awaited comeback drama “Our Blues”, fans are even more thrilled as he is again cast in another project which was none other than ‘Alien’. He is also famous for his roles in “The Heirs” and “Uncontrollably Fond”. Another talented actor joining the ‘Alien’ cast is So Ji Sub as Moon Do Seok, who will accompany Guard to escort aliens. The actor is popular for his roles in “Oh My Venus” and “The Master’s Sun”. Fans are thrilled to see what kind of character will he portray in the movie.

When we say the movie is packed with talented actors and actresses, we did not lie. As the list is still ongoing. The extremely talented Yeom Jung Ah has also joined the cast who will be playing the role of Heug Seol. She was highly praised for her acting in “Sky Castle”. Along with her is Jo Woo Jin as Cheon Woon. He is known for his roles in “Happiness”, “Goblin” and “Mr. Sunshine”. Lee Ha Na will also star in the movie. She is known for her roles in “Be Melodramatic” and “One The Woman”. Kim Eui Sung will also be in the movie. He is famous for his role in “Taxi Driver”. Along with him is Yoo Jae Myung, who is famous for his roles in “Itaewon Class”, “Vincenzo” and will also be starring in “The Sound Of Magic”.

The director of the movie is none other than the famous and talented director Choi Dong Hoon, and this movie is his comeback project after seven years. He also mentioned that the project was the toughest and the most eventful project of his life, but it turned out to be his biggest happiness.

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What to expect from ‘Alien’?

The movie is a sci-fi film and will also have thrilling concepts like aliens and time travel. The story revolves around two different timelines – The Goryeo dynasty period and 2022. It covers some thrilling experiences and the chaos which makes the movie a perfect watch this summer. The movie is made in two parts and the first part will be released in the summer of 2022. It is still unknown about the release date of the second part. Fans are already preparing their hearts for a big cliffhanger in the 1st movie and are excited to see how the movie will turn out to be.

Alien Cast
“Alien” upcoming Korean Movie

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