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Never Give Up Korean Drama: Cast, Plot and Everything To Know!

Never give up Korean Drama Cast
Never Give Up

If you want a new Korean drama recommendation, we got you covered. Here are all the details about Never Give Up Korean Drama cast, plot, and everything. While everyone is riding on the Korean Wave, we at Otakukart have always aimed to bring the latest news of Korean dramas and the Kpop world. Korean Dramas are going very popular, and people are looking for more and more shows to watch. If you are also here you expand your Korean Drama vocabulary, then here is a new recommendation for you. The drama is titled Never Give Up. While romance seemed to rule the Kworld at one point in time, that is certainly not the case now.

While there is nothing better than drowning yourself in a romantic Korean Drama, realist dramas seem to be the new high in the industry. People want to watch realistic drams with relatable characters who are going through the hardships of each day, just like the fans who are watching them. There is just something very comforting in watching that the characters you see on screen have also not got their life together. While they may get it till the end of the show, the journey is very therapeutic to watch. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the Never Give Up Korean Drama cast and plot.

What is the plot of Never give up Korean Drama?

The series is already out, and all 16 episodes are available to stream on Netflix now. The show is directed by Choi Do-Hoon, and its literal English translation is There is No Goo Pil-Soo. It is an Olleh TV, Seezn, Sky TV production. The show charts out a unique bromance between a 40-something and a 20-something old. While one is trying to figure out his life with a job, University and employment. The other has already lived the high of his life and is seeking a new chance at life. Married Gu Pil-Su forms a unique friendship with Jung Suk, and the two embark on an adventure together and try to figure out the hardships of everyday life.

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Never give up Korean Drama Cast

This slice of life drama is hugely popular. Backed up by a strong storyline by writers Son Geun-Joo and Lee Hae-Ri, the show received positive responses from the audience.Β  The cast of the show is also quite good and is praised for their performance in the drama.

Never give up Korean Drama Cast

Never Give Up Korean Drama

Yoon Doo-Joon plays the role of Jung Suk, a student who is trying to get a head start as a star student at Seoul University. He is trying to get hooked on a start-up. This is the first acting project for Doo-Ho after his military training, where he was discharged on April 10, 2020.

Kwak Do-Won plays the role of Goo Pil Soo. A 40-something man who is trying to find another purpose and going through a mid-life crisis. Other major actors in the drama are Han Go-Eun, Park Won Suk, Jung Dong-Won, Jeong Dong-won, and Kim Ji Young.

That was all on Never give up Korean Drama Cast and plot. Stay tuned for more updates on Kdramas and Kpop.

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