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Gecenin Ucunda Episode 16: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 15 recap
Gecenin Ucunda Episode 16: Release Date

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 16’s air date is here. If you are one of those loyal fans who are bingeing on this new Turkish drama lately and are waiting to learn more about the same, then you are at the right spot. This post contains all the details from Gecenin Ucunda Episode 16’s release date, streaming guide, and recap of last episode and the story so far. 

Kazm is deeply disappointed by the notion that Macide is staying the night alongside Ahmet. Macide tries to clear up this misconception, but Kazm needs to be convinced. Miraç, whom Kazm rescued from the homeless, breaks the coldness between the two.

Kazm informs Nini says he wants to get a divorce after realizing it is necessary to go his own way. Kazm’s divorce choice clouds Macide’s thoughts and heart. Kazm attempts to explain himself to the female lead Macide, but Macide cannot accept the blame.

However, Macide cannot avoid the guilt she feels and tells Kazm and herself how much she loves him. However, Nini’s scheme not only lets Macide look bad, but it will also prevents her from leaving the house. Macide feels isolated due to the news circulating in the journal.

Recap of Gecenin Ucunda Episode 15

Kazm asks Nermin to confess to Macide. With this plea, Nermin loses his mind. He’ll make amends in his special way. In response to Kazm’s demand, Nermin starts a live social networking show and delivers a message that will appeal to ladies. Nermin will pay a heavy price for this action.

Nermin must return to the hut from whence he originally came after being fired from the palace. The Işk clan, on the other hand. To demonstrate that the clan is still intact, they throw a celebration for Cihangir on his birthday. At the media briefing, Kazm declares his affection for Macide, and the two later attend the party together.

Kazm and Macide are separated from the celebration by Nermin and Ahmet. When their preparations don’t work out as hoped, Macide is accused of a crime that cannot be undone. Macie’s life is preserved by a miracle, takes a huge risk, and confronts Berrin while furious.

When Kazm hears about the horrific things his parents have done, he falls in love with his intellect. Macide & Kazm’s relationship undergoes a sea change due to the tragedy that happened to them, and they unexpectedly decide to get wedded. Despite everyone there, Macide promises to be joyful with Kazm.

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 15 recap

The Isik family.

He is oblivious to Nermin’s baby, his reconciliation with Cihangir, and the schemes the Işk Dynasty has devised. However, Kazim and Macide find it more challenging than ever to uphold their commitment. The announcement of Macide & Kazm’s wedding has had a seismic impact on everyone’s existence.

But the two’s intense, love-obsessed marriage was where the true bombshell hit. Macide is furious at Kazm because he knows too well that Nermin is expecting a child. But on the other hand, Kazm tries to cool Macide’s rage.

Even though Macide doesn’t seem to be persuaded, she’ll keep fighting within the mansion and behaving badly toward Nermin or Berrin. Due to Berrin’s obvious ploy, Kazm is imprisoned and involved in a protracted legal battle. However, there are multiple fronts in Kazm’s fight.

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 15 recap


He fights against his love due to the awful information he learns about Macide. But at the other hand, we see that Macide works extremely hard to rescue Kazm from the challenging situation he finds himself in while also attempting to comprehend why she does not love her in the manner she is accustomed to.

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 16’s release date

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 16’s air date is January 24, 2023, at 9 pm in Turkey via StarTV. At the same time, the fasn from other nations must wait for the episode with English subtitles to drop days later than the premiere.

Gecenin Ucunda Episode 16: Where to watch 

As mentioned earlier, fans from Tukey can catch the show live when it is broadcast on StarTV at 9 pm. In contrast, international fans need a fixed option to easily stream Gecenin Ucunda Episode 16. There is no international streaming option for the fasn abroad to watch the show easily with English subtitles.

Still, you can keep a tab on this space to stream Gecenin Ucunda Episode 16 when it is available internationally. However, the show’s official YouTube channel uploads the newest episode of Gecenin Ucunda, but there is no surety whether they will have an English subtitle.

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