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The Forbidden Marriage Episode 12 Release Date: So-rang & Lee Heon Reunite In The Final Episode!

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 12 Release Date
The Final Episode of The Forbidden Marriage Airs Soon! (Credits: MBC)

MBC’s latest historical romance drama, The Forbidden Marriage, will soon air its final episode. With So-rang’s real identity being revealed to everyone, she is banished from the palace and almost ends up losing her life. The king on the other hand investigates the people who were involved in the attack. Lee Shin-won’s nerve palsy had finally been cured and he joins the king’s side once again.

The series was first seen on the platform on December 9th, 2022. It started as a rom-com drama that revolved around Ye So-rang, a woman who frauds her way into the palace. At first, she does enjoy the situation, but soon enough she finds herself falling for the king. The main characters of this Park Sang-woo-directed drama are played by Park Ju-Hyun, Kim Young-dae, and Kim Woo-seok.

The Forbidden marriage has the same directors as the hit dramas Never Twice and Terius Behind Me, all of which have a rating above 8 on MyDramaList. This series had been announced on November 10th but premiered a month later. It’s said to be based on a webtoon/web novel by Chun Ji-Hye, who is the screenwriter for the show now.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 12 Release Date

The Queen (Credits: MBC)

The series is set in the old times of the Joseon Dynasty, in a place that’s ruled by the young King, Lee heon. After his crown princess’ unfortunate death, Lee Heon decides to pass a law that would stop any kind of marriage from happening. This causes widespread unrest among the villagers. Soon So-rang finds out about it and pretends to harbor the spirit of the dead Crown Princess and starts to stay in the castle.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 11: Recap

In the previous episodes, we see So-rang being removed from the palace. The queen orders the king to do it, despite his not wanting to. So-rang goes back to her house, where she and Lee Shin-won talk about what happened. When Shin-won leaves, she is attacked by masked soldiers, making her escape to a cliff.

Shin-won fails to show up at the right time, as So-rang is pushed off the cliff. Shin-won falls into the lake as well. Meanwhile, the king gets the news of what happened to So-rang, which infuriates him as everyone he loves ends up being killed.

Shin-won and So-rang are saved by the woman and her father who live near the lake Their bodies wash up at the shore and after treatment, they are found to be alive. The duo starts with the father and daughter keeping the news that they were alive a secret. Shin-won notices that he’s now able to move his hand which was paralyzed due to palsy. His doctor had informed him that any life changing event that could shock him would help him overcome the nerve palsy.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 12 Release Date

(Credits: MBC)

So-rang wakes up and is immediately heartbroken as she feels the guilt of lying to the king. Lee heon on the other hand realizes the truth behind So-rang’s lies and knows she had good intentions.

The queen organizes a selection for the next crown princess. Shin-won suspects Lady Seo of somehow being connected to the kidnappings as well as the murders of the previous crown princess. The woman So-rang stays with is invited to the selection, which causes them to make up a plan to get So-rang back into the castle.

On the selection day, the woman takes So-rang as her maid. She is later shouted at by the queen, as she had a scar on her face. Minister Ye’s daughter is seen to be favored. Her mom even switches up the embroidery wrongfully. The king receives the news that So-rang is alive, so he sends for her immediately.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 12: Release Date

The final episode of this romance period drama will be aired on January 21st, 2023. New episodes of The Forbidden Marriage were usually aired on Fridays and Saturdays, with each episode having a runtime of 68-70 minutes.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 12 Release Date

The King meets up with So-rang (Credits: MBC)

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 12: Spoilers

The upcoming episode of The Forbidden Marriage will feature the king and Ye So-rang finally meeting after the incident. So-rang and Lee Shin-won try to find the actual troublemakers behind the Selection bribery. So-rang gets framed in an evil scheme by those who wish to remove her from the palace.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 12: Where To Watch?

This Park Sang woo drama is aired on MBC at around 7:45 am EST and 9:50 pm KST. On-demand episodes of The Forbidden Marriage are available to watch on Prime Video (Limited locations) and Kocowa.

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