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How to watch Barbaroslar, The Hit Turkish Series?

How to watch Barbaroslar?
How to watch Barbaroslar?

How to watch Barbaroslar? Channel TRT1 airs Barbaroslar: Sword of the Mediterranean. It is one of Turkish television’s most ambitious projects to this time. Firstly, if you are not familiar with Barbaroslar, it is a Turkish series about the Turk corsair Barbaros Hayreddin. A man who navigated the Mediterranean sea in the Sixteenth Century at the service of the Ottoman Empire. The great visual impact of this series has many internet users wondering where to watch this popular Turkish series. And today in Otakukart, we are answering that question for you.

Barbaros Hayreddin was a Turkish pirate who caused devastation on the Mediterranean coastlines in the 16th century. His life is the focus of the most recent TRT production, Barbaroslar, which debuted in September under the English title Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the story will follow Hayreddin and his brothers’ lives. TRT telecasts the series and is available for streaming. And in this post, we will tell you where to watch them.

How to watch Barbaroslar?

How to watch Barbaroslar?

How to watch Barbaroslar?

If you want to watch Barbaroslar: Sword of the Mediterranean, you have a few options. So, if you have cable access, you could tune in to TRT1 on the regular telecast of this popular program. If you don’t have cable, you can go to the TRT1 website and stream the episodes from there. Lastly, TRT1 uploads the episodes to YouTube on the official Barbaroslar channel for free! How cool is that? Bear in mind that the program might be geolocated in your area. But if you apply a VPN, you may work around it.


ES Film’s show may offer viewers an interesting and much-needed history lesson. As cast members, the show will also reintroduce some of the industry’s most brilliant actors. Engin Altan Düzyatan, a well-known personality in Turkish film and theater and also known as “Ertugrul Gazi” abroad, is reprising his role as the program’s main character. He’s playing the role of Oruc Reis. Ulaş Tuna Astepe, well renowned for his performance in “RUYA,” also plays a major character named Hzr Hayreddin Pasha. The supporting cast includes Erhan Ulutürk, Caner Topcu as lyas Reis, Ismail Filiz as Kurdolu, Belçim Bilgin, Batuhan Bayar as Niko, and Yetkin Dikinciler as shak Reis.

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Barbaroslar: Sword of the Mediterranean Plot

The Turkish drama “Barbaroslar” tells stories that Turkish people have heard about since they were young. It is also known as Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean since it recounts the story of the legendary pirate Barbarossa. Barbarossa was the most feared pirate in the Mediterranean during the 16th century. Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha was one of history’s most famous pirates. He captured ships and devastated ports without fear, never allowing a single Spanish ship to escape his sight.

He was renowned for destroying cities and seizing ships from Italy and Spain on their route to capture Algiers and other regions of North Africa, making Europeans terrified of his seamanship. In addition to his maritime warfare techniques and warrior skills. Hayreddin Barbaros, as a pirate, had the talents, courage, intellect, and almost everything else needed to govern a country. His keen interest in and participation in politics was so convenient for him that he ended up allying with the Ottoman Turks’ Islamic empire. He ruled over a wealthy country. As he and his army fought Charles V, the powerful Christian Spanish King, and Holy Roman Emperor. He reigned over the prosperous kingdom of Algiers. Along with the senior admiral of the Ottoman Empire.

How to watch Barbaroslar?

How to watch Barbaroslar?

Barbaros Episode 4 recap

Pursuant to Pietro’s instruction, Radko landed in Lesbos, where Solomon resided, and attacked Isaac’s home by following them down. Will Hzr and Shak, who find Radko in front of them, be able to relieve the pressure? Oruç, who had saved the Papacy’s target, engineer Abu Muhammed, from Tekgöz Theo, was subsequently in for a rude awakening. Ahin seized the ship he purchased from Isabel, and Abu Muhammed, whom he rescued, was also taken prisoner. How will fasting respond to this incident that would tarnish its reputation? What will his father Klç Bey’s reaction be to Ahin’s betrayal?

On the other side, Sylvio, who is attempting to terminate Oruç on Pietro’s orders, will first attempt to separate himself from his daughter Isabel. What will Isabel’s attitude be, trapped between her natural father and Oruç? What course of action would Baba Oruç choose in the face of injustice? Yorgo, whose hands were soiled with Isaac’s family’s blood, fled Lesbos and sought shelter in Alexandria with his daughter. Who will come to Yorgo’s assistance, knowing that Isaac intends to exact vengeance on him? Will Despina conceal the fact that her father, Yorgo, is hiding in Alexandria from Oruç?

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