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Are Jamie Lissow And Jessica Lissow Getting Divorced?

The news has already gained much more attention on the internet, and fans are perplexed about their relationship. Jamie and Jessica are one of the most beautiful couples and have been the talk of the town for a while now. The comedian was married twelve years back to Jessica and is blessed with beautiful kids. Jamie and Jessica were getting stronger with time, and they often made public appearances together. They often share pictures of their kids on their social media accounts. Jamie and Jessica are blessed with three kids. Their younger son turns seven on 20 February 2022. The couple is blessed with two sons and a daughter.

Before deciding to start the new chapter of their life and getting married, Jamie Lissow and Jessica dated for a while. They were head over heels in love with each other. Their instant connection led them to tie the knot and finally decided to walk down the aisle. Although the exact date of their marriage is not known, reportedly, the couple married 20 years back. This shows the couple got married somewhat in 2001 or 2002. Their divorce rumors came as a shock for the fans, leaving them wondering Are Jamie Lissow and Jessica Lissow are getting divorced?

Jessica Lissow and Jamie Lissow divorce

Jessica Lissow and Jamie Lissow

Are Jamie Lissow And Jessica Lissow Getting Divorced?

Reportedly, Jamie Lissow and Jessica Lissow are getting divorced. Although the couple did not talk about the divorce rumor, their divorce rumors have taken up the internet. It seems like the couple is getting a divorce. Back in November 2021, Gutfeld of Fox tweeted that one of his regular guests was getting divorced. On the other hand, Jamie did not respond to the rumor, and neither did he confirm the rumor.

The news has taken the internet, but still, fans need to wait for confirmation from the couple. Even if the couple agreed to call it to quit, they would still be co-parenting their kids. They still share their kids’ pictures on their social media profiles.

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