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Top 15 Action Manga To Spike Up Your Adrenaline Levels!

Attack On Titan
Attack On Titan

Action Manga has been a popular genre that attracts a lot of readerships. When we come across an action scene, we expect to see a chain of events that will make us jump out of our seats. The adrenaline rush one gets while watching an action-packed scene is unmatched. Most of us can relate to the character involved and end up relating ourselves to them or putting ourselves in their shoes. Moreover, science has proved that action and fantasy provide an escape to people from their stressful lives. Our mind tends to get stressed and excited at the same time, with his feats and defeats becoming ours.

While Many consider action mangas to follow a very generic storyline with either an overpowered or underpowered protagonist, him struggling against various odds and life-threatening situations. Rest assured, some mangas brim with plot twists and have a very unique storyline. Some action Mangas are so diverse and have such great and compelling characters accompanied by excellent world-building and emphasis on values and important relationships people can’t help but indulge in binge reading. Here’s a list of 15 action mangas that are guaranteed to have your nights booked:

15. Gangsta

A Japanese action manga series written and illustrated by Koshke, it features two utility men-for-hire assassins. Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown. They go by the name ‘Handymen’. They take up any job the citizens of the city offer them.


Gangsta Manga

The story takes place in the City of Ergastulum, which is laden with crime. Most of the population of the city comprises ‘twilights’. They are people with superman strength and speed who constantly bully normal humans in the town. The four most powerful families, the Corsica Family, the Monroe Family, the Christiano Family, and the Paulkee Guild, use them to assert their dominance and maintain their terror in the city. The action revolving around crimes happening in the city and the feud between major powers in the Manga is most likely to amuse you to the core.

14. Fire Force

written and illustrated by Atsushi Ohkubo, this Manga is action-packed with various scenes featuring a great event that happened 50 years ago, The Great Cataclysm. Shinra Kusakabe is a pyrokinetic who can ignite his feet at will. For that, he is given the nickname ‘Devil’s Footprints’.


Fire Force Manga

He was outcasted as a child for killing his mother and brother. As he grew up, he joined a Special Fire Force Company. Along with other pyrokinetic, he decides to dedicate himself to ending these Infernal attacks. However, during his journey, he learns that his mother and brother were killed because of White Clad, a doomsday cult. They were the reason behind all those infernal attacks. Meanwhile, he also learns that they plan to repeat the Great Cataclysm. This Manga has amazing action scenes, such as Company 8 vs the Infernal or Shinra vs Princess Hibana, which will keep the readers hooked.

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13. Blood Lad

It is a series written and illustrated by Yuuki Kodama. The action manga revolves around Staz, a powerful and polar opposite of other vampires. While other vampires prey on humans, he is an Otaku. He loves reading manga, watching anime, and playing video games.

Action- Manga-Blood-Lad

Blood Lad

One day, a human named Fuyumi Yanagi gets stuck in a demon world as she wanders through portals. Seeing a human, Staz gets excited and wants to befriend her. However, she is attacked by a demon, and while Staz steps in to protect her, she is killed by a carnivorous plant and turns into a ghost. As a result, they both embark on a journey to resurrect her. This action manga features various violent scenes and demons with grotesque appearances making it absolutely readworthy.

12. Dorohedoro

It is a Japanese series written and illustrated by Q Hayashida.

The story is set up in The Hole, a city where there is a clash between humans and magic users. The Action Manga features these magic users disfiguring and abusing humans in many ways. They further test their abilities and magic by practicing them on humans, making them their test subjects. The humans, however, have adapted to their cruel and ruthless ways. Caiman and Nikaido, two extremely powerful humans, set their foot on the street and go on slaughtering these ruthless sorcerers by putting them in Caiman’s house as he is a human with a reptilian head. However, before eating the sorcerer, they ask one question, ‘what did the man inside say’?



The action-packed manga includes sorcerers chopping limbs off and cutting intestines. In return, Nikaido and Caiman keep slicing and chopping men, hammering their heads and fighting them till their death.

11. Blue Exorcist

It is a  dark fantasy and action manga series written and illustrated by Kazue Kato. The story revolves around Assiah, the human realm, and Gehenna, the demonic realm, and two young boys Rin Okumura and his younger twin Yukio Okumura. Later in Rin’s life, he learns that Yukio and he are sons of satan. Their guardian, who he believed to be their father, Shiro Fujimoto, was actually an exorcist. One day, he draws a demon-slaying sword, Kurikara, which restrains his demonic power as he saw his father die while protecting him. He gains powers that make him invincible such as the ability to burn anything into flames, along with demonic features such as fangs and a tail.


Blue Exorcist Manga

In order to take his guardian father’s legacy forward, he enrolls himself with True Cross Academy to become an exorcist. He finds that Yukio is already a teacher there and a veteran. Thus, this action-packed manga features Rin’s journey to becoming an exorcist and slaying demons.

10. Claymore

Claymore, again, is a dark fantasy, action manga series written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi.

The series revolves around female warriors called claymores, who are human-yoma hybrids meant to protect the humans from Yoma. Yoma, on the other hand, are shape-shifting creatures that feed on humans. Both Yoma and Claymore are powered by Yoki, a demonic energy. It provides them superhuman strength and the ability to shapeshift. The Medieval island where the story is set is divided into 47 districts, each assigned its own Claymore. Claymores are ranked on the basis of their Yoki Potential, strength, agility, leadership, and ability to sense their surroundings.

The action manga features various claymores assigned to various districts, Clymores assigned to various districts killing Yoma and saving the citizens.

Claymore Manga

Claymore Manga

9. Nabari No Ou

Written and illustrated by Yuhki Kamatani, this martial arts and supernatural-themed action manga features Miharu Rokujo, a student who finds everything irrelevant and is apathetic to the world around him. One day, he is chased by Ninjas and then saved by two other Ninjas. They tell him that his body holds the most powerful secret art in the Ninja World of Nabari.

One of the Ninjas vows to protect Rokujo till he becomes the ruler of Nabari. However, Rokujo being apathetic as he has no interest in the Ninja world and denies the offer to be a part of the Basara ninja club. Helpless as he is, he changes his decision when he is approached by various ninjas coming after his life, seeing this as the only way to ensure his survival. Miharu turns out to hold great potential and is seen as the next ruler of Nabari. The action manga includes a lot of ninja-ninja and ninja-samurai fights guaranteed to enthrall its readers.

Nabari No Ou

Nabari No Ou Manga

8. Yu Yu Hakusho

This series is written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. The action manga features  Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage delinquent who is hit by a car and killed while saving a child’s life. In the afterlife, a deal is offered to him by the son of Underworld’s ruler king, Koenma. He is put through a series of tests and returns back to life by passing them. He becomes an underworld detective after he is revived and is made in charge of investigating supernatural activities in the demon world.

Yu Yu Hakusho Manga

The manga series involves a lot of adventure as Urameshi and his comrades solve mysteries, However, it brims with action, too, featuring various martial art fights between the delinquents.

7. Choujin

Choujin is a supernatural, action manga written and illustrated by Shui Ishida. It is published in Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump website since May 2021 and in Weekly Young Jump from October 2021 to February 2022.


Choujin Manga

This Manga features two boys, Azuma Higashi and his friend Tokio Kurohara. Higashi is great at fighting and holds a strong sense of justice. Moreover, he is an outstanding student and always gets good grades. On the other hand, Kurohara is the polar opposite of Higashi. He is an onlooker when Higashi fights and doesn’t fare well in the class. The place they live in, the Yamato prefecture, is devastated by humans with supernatural abilities. They are called the Choujins. The story features them becoming Choujins themselves as they encounter one and are left with no choice other than joining them or dying. With all the blood splattering, violence, and gore, this action manga will keep you hooked.

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6. Berserk

Berserk is an action Manga written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. Miura premiered a prototype of Berserk in 1988. The series began to feature in Hakusensha’s now-defunct magazine Monthly Animal House. It was then replaced in 1992 by the semimonthly magazine Young Animal.


Berserk Manga

A man named Guts calls himself the black swordsman and enters a small town demanding to fight with its ruler. The Band of the Hawk, a mercenary group, takes Guts in, and he continues to explore the world. He develops close relationships with the group’s leaders, Griffith and Casca. Griffith, then, puts himself in a situation where he sacrifices his followers in order to become one of God’s hands and rule his kingdom. Only Guts and his lover Casca are able to escape the “Eclipse” ritual. Marks attract evil, restless spirits, and other demons and beasts cover their bodies. Guts harden his will to defy such a gruesome fate of death. He takes up the strong and mighty blade Dragonslayer and embarks on a journey to kill Griffith.

This violent and Gory Action Manga was a finalist for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th installments of Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 1998.

5. Gantz

Gantz is written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku. It was published in Shueisha’s Seinen Manga magazine Weekly Young Jump from June 2000 to June 2013. Its chapters are collected in thirty-seven Tankōbon volumes. It features two young men falling into the trap for playing a deadly, semi-posthumous game.


Gantz Manga

Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato attempt to save a drunk man and die while saving him. They get hit by a subway train. They are transported to an apartment with many other people, which they are not allowed to leave. They are then told that they are now a part of a deadly game. In one corner of the room, there lies a large black sphere called Gantz. The Gantz open up and reveal a bald man, a custom-fitting black suit, and weapons for the participants to use. The suits give them superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. They are then required to hunt and kill aliens to survive.

This action manga features extreme gore, violence, and nudity. It also includes drinking, smoking, dismemberment, and decapitation. This top-notch seinen manga is meant for readers above 18 years of age

4. Land of Lustrous

Land of the Lustrous is an action manga written and illustrated by Haruko Ichikawa. It was serialized in Kodansha in Monthly Afternoon magazine in 2012.

The story is set in the future, where the crystalline organisms called gems are the inhabitants of the world, which is destroyed by six meteors. They have an ongoing war with the Lunarians, who kill them in order to use them for decorations. Phos is a young gem who wants to help her friends by being of some use to them in the war. Phos then decides to improve their condition on her own and meets cinnabar. Phos then decides to find a role that both of the gems can enjoy and a way in which she can be useful to protect her fellow gems.


Land of Lustrous

3. Chainsaw Man

This action manga is written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

The story revolves around Denji, who is stuck in a lifelong debt from the Yakuza and has no way to pay it back after his father dies. He now works as a devil hunter accompanied by a dog named Pochita. Pochita is the chainsaw devil. The Yakuza make a deal with the zombie deal and kill Denji. Pochita, being loyal to his master, enters a contract with Denji, reviving him as a human-devil hybrid, becoming the chainsaw man. However, he keeps one condition that Denji shows his dreams to him. The action manga then features Denji killing all the Yakuza. He is approached by Governmental Devil Hunters led by Makima. Makima proposes he join his organization, to which he agrees. He seeks to kill the gun devil now who committed the greatest massacre in history!


Chain Saw Man Manga

2. Vagabond

This epic martial arts action manga is written by Takehiko Inuoe.

The story revolves around Shinmen Takezo, who is very aggressive and violent. He is called the Devil Child. Takezo runs away from home to join the Toyotomi army to fight the battle of Sekigahara against the Tokugawa clan along with his friend. Tokugawa clan wins the battle implementing Shogunate rule for nearly 300 years. Takezo and his friend survive the battle and move on different paths after that. However, Takezo becomes a wanted criminal and has to keep under cover to avoid getting killed. This action manga includes several gory and violent scenes of the battle field that make the readers hold their breath.


Vagabond Manga

1. Shingeki No Kyojin

This action manga is written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

In this, mankind is becoming extinct as they’re eaten by a giant, gruesome creatures called titans. Humans who manage to survive live in areas protected by 3 extraordinarily high walls named Maria, Sina, and Rose. Fast forward to 100 years, Citizens in the walls have only heard the tell tales of titans but have never seen one before. One day, a giant colossal titan appears and destroys wall maria letting more titans in and making chaos all over. The protagonist, Eren, along with his sworn sister Mikasa and his friend Armin swears to exterminate all the titans after seeing his mother getting killed. However, as the story progresses, he comes across various facts regarding the origin of titans, which makes him want to destroy the entire humanity. It also depicts titans destroying and decapitating humans. Also, humans, surveys corps precisely fighting these titans till their last breath. This action-packed manga is an absolute cynical roller coaster.


Attack On Titan Manga

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