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What is the Cause of King Viserys’ Illness?

With the show completing its 4 episodes, we still do not know what the cause of King Viserys’ illness is in House of the Dragon is. Thus, let us clear pit everything that has been revealed by the creators to us. Now, we know that Princess Rhaenyra is to be wed to Ser Laenor Velaryon in the next episode, as per the official trailer provided for the entry.

Although, this shall also mark an end to the reign of King Viseys as he will finally succumb to his illness. We can not say for certain, but the way Otto Hightower was exclaiming to his daughter about readying Prince Aegon to sit on the throne and rule, there might be some truth to the fact. He was powerfully claiming that the King was going to die, which would mean people starting to question Princess Rhaenyra and her inheritance of the Iron Throne given the fact that no woman had ever sat on the seat before.

Now that she is also marrying one of the greatest houses in Westeros apart from her own, this shall truly change the game in the Seven Kingdoms. Although, we will see Rhaenyra and Allicent growing up too soon as their characters are changed with the 7th episode. All in all, it was a great journey to see Milly Alcock learn the “Game of Thrones” as a child before she was ready to rule the kingdoms.

What is the Cause of King Viserys' Illness?

A still of King Viserys from House of The Dragon

House of the Dragon throws light on the seven kingdoms in history 172 years before we saw Daenerys Targaryen and before their dynasty came to an end. This is the history of the great house when they came to Westeros and made it their home.

In House of the Dragon, we will witness the Civil War happening in the country for the Iron Throne when there are just too many claims and only one chair to sit upon. The show will also feature the Dance of the Dragons, which will see the House Targaryen fighting among themselves for the thrones. Coming back to the story of King Viserys and his illness, here is what we know about the same.

What is The Cause of King Viserys’ Illness?

Paddy Considine, the actor who reprises the role of King Viserys in the show, revealed some of the new facts regarding why his character is turning weak. Even in episode 4, while he was sleeping with his wife Allicent, we saw that there were black rotting marks on his skin. In the first episode, his small finger had to be cut off because it was rotting. So what is it that is causing King Viserys an illness?

King Viserys is suffering from a type of Leprosy. Now, we know that the King is just a middle-aged man and not even too old. Despite that, his entire body is deteriorating, and the man knows that his end is near. Also, back in episode 4, we finally see him taking charge of the kingdom and putting an end to his rebellious daughter’s notorious acts by finally demanding her to marry Ser Laenor Velaryon. He asked her as a King and not a father this time.

Deeper Meaning Behind King Viserys’ Illness?

There were other moments in the show as well, where he put various characters into place, such as Ser Otto Hightower when he removed him as the Hand of the King. This was the first time in the series that the character asserted actual control like a King rather than just hearing everyone’s plea. Now, according to Paddy, there is a greater meaning to the King’s condition.

His entire body is rotting along with skin and bones. This illness is a metaphor that narrates how being a King can destroy you from the inside and the outside. It is obvious that nobody actually likes him anymore for who he is and rather just wants something. The Leprosy is just a metaphor for that.

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