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Princess Rhaenyra’s Romantic Relationships as in the Books

Out of all the intimate scenes that we were expecting with House of the Dragon, Rhaenyra’s was the one that was least expected. But well, it came along, and we had to sit down and understand her character as she finally transformed into a woman rather than just being a young girl who wanted to travel the world with Allicent and eat only cake.

This episode gave viewers a chance to see Rhaenyra in a different light, and with the story of the show moving so fast, we can finally understand the choices that the heir to Iron Throne makes as she moves on to marry Ser Laenor Velaryon. Now, we have just seen Rhaenyra with two men, Ser Criston and Prince Daemon, although the story and her character in the books will have her come across many such people.

Romantic Relationships of Princess Rhaenyra

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon and would not mind a few spoilers from the book Fire and Blood, we shall explore all the romantic relationships that Rhaenyra will ever have throughout the course of her life. Although, if you are precarious about the spoilers, I suggest you skip this part.

1. Ser Criston Cole

We have already seen a spark between Ser Criston Cole and Princess Rhaenyra as they both have slept together in House of The Dragon Episode 4. It indicated how Rhaenyra has grown up and is not a little girl anymore. And well, this is just a start to the series and thus, we can expect a lot more encounters between her and various men in her life as she is bound to marry soon. But well, there was easy chemistry between these two since the start of the show. We saw when Ser Criston Cole won the tourney, he asked the Princess to give her the wreath of flowers.

Princess Rhaenyra's Romantic Relationships as in the Books

A still of Ser Criston Cole from House of The Dragon

The two later connected yet again when she was named the heir and had to select a member for the Kingsguard. While selecting a knight, she chose Ser Criston as he was the one who impressed her the most. Last but not the least, we saw her spending a whole night with him in the woods during the hunting party for Aegon’s second birthday. He even saved her from the boar. It all finally came down to them sleeping together as Rhaenyra was turned on in the night.

2. Ser Laenor Velaryon

Princess Rhaenyra is to marry Ser Laenor Velaryon in Episode 5 of House of the Dragon. Although, the book claims that the two did not have a happy marriage as such. It was because of the rumored orientation of Laenor towards men. At their wedding tourney, Ser Criston ends up killing one of the “special” friends of Laenor, and he never overcomes the loss of his assumed lover. He is the first husband of Princess Rhaenyra. According to the books, Laenor is not a bad man, just someone who is not looking forward to women in his bed.

3. Ser Harwin Strong

After her marriage, Ser Harwin Strong becomes the sworn shield to protect Princess Rhaenyra. In the books, it is rumored that the three children that she has with Ser Laenor are actually a result of the affair with Ser Harwin. She jas an unfulfilling marriage and thus tries to find satisfaction elsewhere.

4. Prince Daemon

Episode 4 marked an obvious statement and a change in the relationship between Rhaenyra and Daemon. Many would call that incest but Targaryens actually marry within their family in order to keep their bloodlines pure. Thus, seeing Daemon and Rhaenyra kiss in the episode was nothing out of the ordinary.

Princess Rhaenyra's Romantic Relationships as in the Books

Princess Rhaenyra and Prince Daemon

Although, the books state something else. After a long time when Laenor and Ser Harwin are assumed dead during wars and political battles, Rhaenyra and Daemon marry each other. Their marriage was opposed initially but people start accepting them. They have two sons, Viserys and Aegon who go on to rule the Seven Kingdoms after their death.

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