What Happened To The Bachelor Host, Chris Harrison? Explained

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What happened to the bachelor host
What happened to the bachelor host?

What happened to the bachelor host? Popular television and game show host Chris Harrison is best known as the host of the iconic television dating show, The Bachelor. Apart from being a popular host, Harrison also tested his writing skills and went on to publish his first romance novel, The Perfect Letter.

While Harrison was the host of The Bachelor series from 2002 to 2021, after 19 long years as the host of the popular television series franchise, Harrison had to step down from the show after a controversial event.

After permanently departing the show, Chris Harrison started his podcast show, where he spilled some shocking stories about his time on the Bachelor show and his surprising departure. Fans have been curious to know Chris Harrison and his post-Bachelor life. Let us find out what happened to the bachelor host.

What Happened to the Bachelor Host?

After the Bachelor Host left the show, followed by a series of controversial issues, Chris Harrison seemed to have a fresh start which started with relocating from Los Angeles to his home state of Texas back in June 2021. Soon after his exit from the show, Harrison also announced his engagement with his girlfriend,  Lauren Zim, in October 2021.

What happened to the bachelor host?
Chris Harrison

It was later, in December 2022, that the popular host announced that he was all set to start a brand new podcast called The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever. As the podcast has been viewed as Chris’ big comeback, it already launched the first episode in January this year.

The popular host did talk about the aftermath of his departure as he admitted that he was sick to his stomach and lost 20 pounds, and did not sleep or eat. Harrison also admitted how he had to be counseled to stay tight-lipped in front of the press and on social media.

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Why did Chris Harrison Leave The Bachelor?

Chris Harrison took everyone by surprise after he announced his departure after hosting The Bachelor for 19 long years. This departure came after an interview with the first Black Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay. However, the host received huge backlash after he defended Season 25 contestant Rachael Kirkconnell after she attended an antebellum South-themed fraternity party back in 2018.

Later, the Bachelor host apologized for his actions while stating the mistake does not reflect who he is and what he stands for. The host soon stepped down from his hosting duties after 19 years, after which the network hired several hosts who later filled the host.

Even former NFL player Emmanuel Acho and former Bachelorettes Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe acted as the host on the show. Season 5 star Jesse Palmer was tapped down as the host in Season 26.

Chris Harrison, too, has moved on and is having a good time with his partner and his brand-new podcast show. However, he did open up about the details of her departure from The Bachelor. 

What happened to the bachelor host
A Still from the Bachelor

Chris Harrison Opens Up About His Shocking Exit

Chris Harrison has revealed that while he has not watched the show since departing from the “Bachelor” franchise, the former host did admit that he has been keeping an eye on its television ratings, and with the ratings declining, Harrison said that it surely did hurt him a little bit.

The former host stated that he views the “Bachelor” controversy as a wake-up call from God as he explained how some blessings come in the form of brutal, humbling, yet life-altering shocking moments, and this is what it was.

Chris explained that he had not spoken publicly since he left the Bachelor franchise, and he admittedly regrets not offering an unedited and unfiltered sooner. The Bachelor host admitted this at one point. He wanted to step away as he wanted to think and learn and change and go through everything he went through personally before he had this talk.

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