Josh Brolin Sparks Controversy After Domestic Abuse Incident With His Ex-Wife Diane Lane: Explained

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Josh Brolin Sparks Controversy
Josh Brolin and Diane Lane (CC: The List)

Want to know about Josh Brolin’s controversy? The Dune actor made several headlines for the domestic abuse allegation made against him by his ex-wife, Diane Lane. Keeping that aside for a while, at present, Josh Brolin has made it to the top because of still owns Megan Fox and John Malkovich. Why? Because he made a bad choice on Jonah Hex. Now, the question is, what went wrong between the two? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Josh Brolin’s prominence and a bit about his previous marriage. 

Josh Brolin is indeed a versatile actor who has been doing wonders in the industry since 1984. Hailing from Santa Monica, California, Josh is now 55 years old, born in 1968. People mainly know him for playing Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers too. Some of his notable acting credits are The Dead Girl, Deadpool 2, The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter, Private Eye, Outer Range, Avengers: Endgame, Flag Day, etc. 

Because of his great performances, Josh Brolin also ended up winning several accolades, including the Critics’ Choice Movie Award. Are you not excited about Josh’s upcoming comedy film Brothers? How can we not mention Dune: Part Two?

Returning to Josh Brolin’s controversy, it calls for discussing his marriage with Diane. Well, it was his second marriage, which took place back in 2004. They got divorced after nine years of togetherness. Concerning the allegations related to domestic abuse, the actor got abused badly. But what’s the truth? Here is what we know if you are looking for the details of Josh Brolin’s controversy.

Josh Brolin Sparks Controversy
Josh Brolin (CC: The Movie Buff)

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Josh Brolin’s Controversy After The Domestic Abuse Incident Explained 

It was in 2004 when Josh Brolin got arrested after being accused of domestic charges. Why? His then-wife, Diane Lane, placed a complaint to the police that he had hit her. However, the actor came out of prison after posting $20000 bail. Surprisingly, it was just four months of their marriage. The alleged incident took place at their Los Angeles home. Diane declined to press charges, and that was how the case was closed. 

Concerning what led to Josh Brolin’s controversy was later cited as a “misunderstanding.” It was later reported that both got back together at their home and were embarrassed as it went too far.

The Deadpool 2 actor said, “I’ve gotten to a place where all that matters is that I have control over my behavior, and at that time, it was a little more chaotic.” When asked further, Josh claimed that Diane was the only person who could explain that night. Since she was not asked, he turned out to be okay with that as well. It seemed to be ironic enough. 

What exactly happened that night? Neither of them (Josh Brolin and Diane Lane), opened up about that yet. To date, they kept it pretty low-key. They have moved on in their respective lives too. Still, Josh felt like things would remain the same until she opens up about it. No, she didn’t. 

Josh Brolin Sparks Controversy
Josh Brolin and his ex-wife, Diane Lane (CC: Us Weekly)

Several years have passed. Still, Josh Brolin’s controversy stemmed from the 2004 domestic abuse incident is prominent enough on the web. But, the actor is tired of explaining and talking about the rest. He seems to be done with that. 

Ultimately, Josh Brolin’s marriage with Diane Lane didn’t end up well. They got divorced in 2013, and after three years, he exchanged vows with Kathryn Boyd. She is a model and is blessed with a couple of daughters with him. We are hopeful that things are going great in Josh’s life. 

What do you think of Josh Brolin’s controversy? Best Wishes! Make sure you follow Josh Brolin on his Instagram account for more such relatable posts. 

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