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Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant Season 3 Episode 22: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Teen Mom
Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant Episode 22

American Reality TV series “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” is ongoing since 2018. It was released as a spin-off of the 2009 reality series called “Teen Mom”. It is a documentary series that focuses on narrating the stories of teen moms. The challenges of pregnancy in itself are hard to deal with. Their young age and lack of social experiences make it harder for teenagers to overcome them. From lacking support from their partners to being born into a broken family, this docuseries covers them all. 

The series not only helps these teenage mothers to express their side of the story, but it also helps them to build a community. Season 3 features the new moms Jade Cline, Kayla Sessler, Brianna Jaramillo,  Lexi Tatman, Ashley Jones, Kiaya Elliott, Rachel Beaver, and Madisen Beith, who replaced Kayla Jones in this season. Five executive producers helped in the making of this series, including Morgan J. Freeman and Dia Sokol Savage. Instead of running the third season this year, the series has not received as much admiration as the creators expected. It is believed that this is one of the lowest-rated shows in the “Teen Mom” franchise.

During the premiere of the first half of season 3 in 2021, there were reportedly 161,000 viewers only. In the first two seasons, viewership easily reached more than 500,000. But this year, they seem to struggle to reach even 200,000 viewers. Luckily, the season finale of the first part was able to pull in 475,000 viewers. Let’s see what this season brings out.

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What Happened Till Now In Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant?

The trailer covers what to expect from this season of the “Teen Mom” spin-off. From giving their kids potty training to the soft moments between teen parents, the show shows all the aspects of teenage pregnancy. The diversity among the mothers shows that there is not one specific experience that every teen mom has to go through. From couples taking care of their kid to couples arguing, from supportive households to dysfunctional families, no one box fits all of their struggles. There is a heartwarming parental experience, but there is also a lot of drama about to unfold. The trailer gives a snippet of the lives of a teenage mom. 


Life of a Teen Mom

In the 2022 premiere of season 3 part 2, on 28th June, Kayla Sessler opens up about her struggles to her other fellow moms. Brianna battles with her relationship with her mother. On the other hand, Madisen and his boyfriend Christian come back together again. Till now, a lot has happened. Brianna tries to move out but goes into several arguments with her parents and starts dating again. Kayla is in the ongoing process of making up with Lucas’ family but is constantly hit with hurdles. Kiaya faces difficulties with X’Zayveon while trying to make co-parenting work. While Madisen and Christian try to make things work between each other, they are hit with financial stress.

The last aired episode has ended with Brianna stressing over Braeson’s admission to school and the mothers celebrating Hazelee’s third birthday. 

Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant Episode 22 Release Date

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Episode 22 is set to release on 30th August 2022. The episode is aired weekly on Tuesdays on its original network MTV. In the USA, it is aired at 9:00 pm sharp. International fans can watch the series at 6:00 pm PST, 8:00 pm CST, 6:30 am IST (on Wednesday), and 10:00 am JST/KST (on Wednesday). Besides MTV, the series is also ongoing on Vudu, Amazon Prime, and Paramount+.

reality tv series

MTV Reality Series

Paramount+ usually has every MTV show at a subscription starting at $4.99 per month. Vudu and Amazon Prime offer an exclusive amount for each season or each episode, depending on your choice. Season 3 is available on Vudu at just $14.99, and the episodes are available at $1.99 each. On Amazon Prime, season 3 can be accessed for $19.99, and each episode is offered at $2.99 for HD quality. Amazon Prime also offers at a lower price of $1.99 if you’re willing to compromise the HD quality. 

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