Akame Ga Kill Manga Ending: Akame’s New Journey

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Akame Ga Kill Manga Ending
Akame Ga Kill Manga Ending

Akame Ga Kill Manga ended early in June 2022, revealing one of the best manga endings. However, this was not surprising to Akame Ga Kill manga fans since few mysteries were revealed. This best manga had been running for over half a decade. Many fans thought Akame Ga Kill wouldn’t end soon, but this is good for those curious about this manga. It is good for a manga like Akame Ga Kill to have the best ending, leaving no doubts or confusion in the minds of manga fans.

We will explain all the details and best moments of Akame Ga Kill Manga ending below. But we start by looking at a few things in this manga before we proceed. Those who failed to understand the last chapter of Akame Ga Kill manga will get their answers soon. Akame Ga Kill manga has more than 32 volumes, but the anime series reveals 24 episodes. You might have forgotten how this manga started or the goals of the assassin group named Night Raid. This is an interesting tale of Tatsumi, who joined the Night Raid after losing his friends.

Tatsumi met with swordswoman Akame, and they began their journey as a group to achieve their goal and maintain peace. Most fans might wonder if Akame Ga Kill would return in the future like other manga that return for another season. But there is a possibility that things can change even though the Night Raid achieves its goals. It will be interesting to return in the future since Akame Ga Kill is one of the best popular manga. However, we will find out how the final chapter ended below. Akame Ga Kill has offered more than 7o chapters and reached its conclusion.

Akame Ga Kill Manga Ending (Chapter 78)

Akame Ga Kill chapter 78 was released in mid-June, and it was one of the best chapters of this manga that explained everything. This final chapter of Akame Ga Kill revealed the last story of the assassin group named Night Raid. Chapter 78 begins when the Revolutionary Army enters the palace looking for Minister Honest. However, Honest realizes he is dangerous and tries to escape through the secret passageway. He scolds Syura for not letting him use Shambala to escape quickly.

Minister Honest
Minister Honest

Minister Honest was surprised when a Shadow kicked him from the back with brutal force enough to crack his spine. When he looks around, he sees powerful Leon fused with the remains of her destroyed Teigu. Minister Honest begins to panic and tries to shoot Leone countless times. But Leon managed to grab the bullets and toss them on the ground. She approached Minister Honest and gave him a mighty blow reminding Minister Honest that he was the last bit of sludge. Leon decided to make Minister Honest suffer and give him the worst death since she knows he has trained to live long.

Minister Honest realizes he is in danger and asks for mercy, but Leone sends him flying through the balcony and crashing to the ground. He lands where the Rebels are before they kill themselves. One of the Revolutionary Army members reveals that he has a huge bounty on his head. It drew their attention, and everyone decided to get him. The rebels begin to torture Minister Honest to death. They managed to cut his ears and nose and give him the agony he deserved. Minister Honest creams and died on the ground. Akame arrives, meets with Leon outside the place, and notices she was hurt.

Leon’s Death: The Emperor’s Fall

Akame decided to help Leon, who said she was fine. Leon told Akame that she must let her die. Leon leaves and goes to drink to celebrate the fall of the Empire and dies with a smile on her face on the street where she first met Tatsumi. L after, Najenda announces the execution of the Emperor. But the Emperor decided to die with pride and kept his composer during execution. Suzuka escapes from the continent with Esdeath’s hand after serving in the war. Esthdeath’s hand never decomposes due to some alchemy, and Suzuka was pleased with that.


Mine woke ups from a coma when Tatsumi arrived and proposed to stay with her. Later, Mine became pregnant, and Akame talks about the time when Mine tried to make Tatsumi forget about Esdeath. Tatsumi and Mine have their child and retire. Meanwhile, in the village, the citizens received more money than they ever had, and Tstumi’s dream was achieved. They decided to throw a welcoming party for  Sayo, Iyesau, and Tatsumi, and the poverty was ended. But Tatsumi was still in his Tyrant’s body, and the citizens had to give Iyesau and Sayo a memorial service.

Wave begins suffering from a sickness that leads to a failure of his one organ since he was engaged in the forbidden application of two Teigu. He talked about Kurome, who has nightmares about those she killed. Najenda thanks Wave that it is because of him Kurome’s still alive. Kurome and Akame also talked about the Supreme Teigu. Kurome was happy to be with Akame daily. Akame also talked about Murasame’s Trump Card. She decides to continue living as an assassin to protect everyone’s new lives. Najenda decided to fight by Akame’s side while protecting the new nation.

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Akame’s New Journey

The new nation was born, and many people joined the revolutionary army. The citizens begin working under the new Empire while supporting the new nation and avoid dirtying their hands with countless crimes. The country found the peace that it was seeking, and many things changed. They also destroy the northern tribes before the old Empire’s fall. Diplomatic relations were established with the west, and formed alliances. Those with half foreign blood were freed from discrimination.


Mine’s dream became true since she hatred discrimination. The citizens in the west didn’t have any alternatives after feeling the wrath of Esdeath’s army. They disbanded after Esdeath’s death, and some of them transferred to the border guard. The traitors like Minister Honest were sent away to prevent disaster from sprouting. Later, Night Raid disbanded after the old Empire’s fall. Akame was glad to see that the new nation was in peace, and she began a new journey on the vast ocean to the undeveloped island nation to the east.

It was also revealed that the nation was where Murasme originated. Akame’s goal is to travel through that nation, looking for a cure for the pain in her body. To also help Tatsumi to return to his human body since he was living in Tyrant’s body. On her journey, Akame remembers happy days with her comrades as the members of Night Raid. She vowed to keep living for the sake of her happiness ad her friends, and a new path for her life was opened, leading to the Hinowa ga Yuku events.

Will Akame Ga Kill Manga Return?

Akame Ga Kill Manga has recently ended, but there is no confirmation of the return of another season of this manga. However, if you read this manga’s ending, you will realize another season is possible. It is because Akame had set on a new journey, and she has decided to live as an assassin. Tatsumi’s Tyrant’s mysteries are yet to be solved since Akame’s dream is to help him become a human again, and the Hino ga Yuku events will begin after Akame reaches the island of her dream to find that cure.

Akame Ga Kill Manga Ending
Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill official sources might not have confirmed anything about the return of this manga. But it is very clear to everyone since the ending left many fans hoping for another season. This ending is the best, making fans want to know about the manga’s return. But we will hear soon from Akame Ga Kill’s official sources if the manga returns, and it will take time since the manga ended in mid-June. Once the new updates are updated from official sources, we will talk about it.

You can expect anything to happen to Akame Ga Kill Manga, and we have planned everything about the best ending of this manga that you want to know. But you can still read similar manga recommendations to Akame Ga Kill Manga, waiting to know if this manga will return. That was all about the latest news of Akame Ga Kill Manga.

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