Who Does Mellie End Up With In Scandal? Answered

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Who does Mellie end up with in Scandal?
Who does Mellie end up with in Scandal?

The genre of political thrillers contains a lot of content that has the caliber to move people. It has the power to entertain people uniquely. The viewers of political thrillers will be left to understand a lot of things and to experience the thrill of waiting for what’s about to happen as well. Proper execution is also a necessary component in delivering people the best political thriller content.

Scandal is one such quality political thriller series with a perfect execution that has been in existence for a pretty long time now. Created by American Screenwriter, producer, and author Shonda Lynn Rhymes, Scandal talks a lot about the dirty secrets involved in the world of politics. It gives the people a look under the veil of the perfect political figures of prominence in the entire country.

Everyone has their fair share of secrets, and scandal tells us how these personalities hide their deepest secrets from getting the lights of the public. This is all done just to save their image from getting tampered with through negative media attention.

Scandal focuses on entertaining people in a very different way by showing things from the perspective of someone responsible for covering up for the elite community of politics. Someone who cleans up all the mess that is made by wealthy and powerful personalities due to multiple reasons. This someone is the main character of the story.

The Scandal Series delivers content that is similar to almost every best thriller show and movie in existence. The series has a very strong and active fanbase. By delivering the right amount of twists and turns, the scandal has managed to hook a lot of audiences since the very beginning.

A lot of fans find this TV Series interesting due to the intensity it delivers through a gripping storyline. Along with this, the acting skills of stars like Kerry Washington, Colombus Short, and many more make the series an excellent choice to watch. From powerful politicians to government officials, the story contains a ton of interesting characters with unique personalities, delivering a variety of entertaining content.

The American TV series started to meet the eyes of the public from the year of 2012 and lasted till the year of 2018. With a total of over 124 interesting episodes summed up within 7 seasons, the scandal had seen a successful run on the televisions of American viewers.

The show further raised to fame by winning a lot of awards and nominations in multiple events. Some stars belonging to the series also rose to fame along with it, kickstarting their acting careers.

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The Plot of the Scandal TV Series

The story of this Popular TV series revolves around the life of an individual named Olivia Pope and the events which occur around her, which could only be handled by her expertise. Olivia Pope worked for the White House before, and she has now started her very own consulting firm. That’s not just an ordinary consulting firm. It is a firm working to protect the public images of powerful personalities.

Olivia works on protecting the identity of the elite community and retaining their goodwill in public by eliminating factors that compromise it. The Scandal TV Series also talks about how she manages to stabilize her relationships along with the work pressure.

The story doesn’t revolve around Olivia alone. It also gives emphasis showing the lives of various characters belonging to the series, most of the employees who work for Olivia. These characters support the storyline by facilitating the plot’s progression. One such character includes someone called Mellie Grant. According to the storyline, she is the 45th and existing president of the United States of America.

A lot of fans are wondering with whom Mellie ended up. Her relationship pattern was a little cryptic for some of the viewers, and we are here to break it down. If you are a person wondering who was your partner of Mellie, worry not. We’ve got you covered. Read along and find out the with whom Mellie ended up in the Scandal TV Series.

Who Does Mellie End Up With In The Scandal?

Melody Margaret Grant’s character development was pretty massive when compared to that of other characters. She was a woman who had it all. She was the first woman in the United States of America. But she broke down soon after, creating a new desire within her.

It was to become the first woman president of the country. Mellie acted according to her wits, and she did achieve her aim of becoming the most prominent woman president who won the election. 

Who does Mellie end up with in Scandal?
Mellie (R) and Marcus (R) Credits- The ABC Network

Mellie had a complex relationship history which included a total of 3 love interests. As per the storyline, Mellie ended up with one of the characters named Marcus Walker. Marcus Walker was not fond of Mellie at first.

But their work lives together made them develop feelings for each other as they got close. Their relationship did face a lot of hindrances. The characters had their differences. But in the end, Mellie chose to stay with Marcus as he was the ideal choice for her.

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