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Who Is Chloe Veitch Dating? Too Hot To Handle Star’s Love Interest

Chloe Veitch
Chloe Veitch

Want to know who Chloe Veitch is dating? Yes, we are talking about the Too Hot To Handle star, who is currently making headlines for teasing her fans with her surprise engagement news. That brings up the discussion about Chloe’s boyfriend. So, it seems like the model is living the best days of her life now. Before that, let’s briefly discuss Chloe Veitch’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Chloe Veitch started making fame right after becoming the beauty queen of Miss Supertalent. Born in 1999, Chloe is now 24 years old and hails from Essex. She became a fan favorite after winning the Netflix show, Too Hot To Handle

Some of Chloe Veitch’s other shows include- The Circle, Celebrity Ghost Trip, Celebrity Hunted, etc. At present, she is residing in Los Angeles. She has relocated from London, mainly because of her work. Before getting onto television, Chloe used to serve not just as a model but also as an estate agent. 

Who is Chloe Veitch Dating

Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen: Perfect Match’s former couple

Coming back to Chloe Veitch’s personal life, it all started with the show Perfect Match (Season 1). She made several headlines for her romance with her co-star, Shayne Jansen. But, unfortunately, it was all just meant for the show.

Both confirmed breaking up after the show ended. Well, Chloe seems to be serious and has someone else in her life at this moment. Who is he? If you are looking for who Chloe Veitch is dating, here is what we know. 

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Chloe Veitch Dating: Who Is He? 

Talking about his love interest, Chloe Veitch is dating someone very special in her life. However, the person is mysterious. Nothing much about Chloe’s boyfriend is known. The model took the discussion to her Instagram account and announced that she was engaged. Wait, what? Yes! Congratulations! 

Chloe Veitch was reportedly looking for genuine love in Perfect Match. When things didn’t work out with Shayne, she appeared to move on pretty quickly. Her post said that the year is very much expected together. Also, she shared that the recent years went by finding love, life-long friends, hitting one million on Tiktok, etc. Many happening events took place in her life. 

Fans are surprised after Chloe Veitch shared her engagement news. It said, “A PROPOSAL?” One fan got confused and said, “You can’t lead us on like this, babe. talk about a cliffhanger, sheesh.” Everyone who came across that post started demanding to know who the person Chloe Veitch is dating at present.

But, one fan speculated that Chloe is sharing a romance with an athlete from Los Angeles. Well, it seems like Too Hot To Handle star is keeping the suspense, so people keep checking back. 

Who Is Chloe Veitch Dating

Chloe Veitch

Even though Chloe Veitch has teased her fans about her engagement, she didn’t confirm about accepting. We aren’t sure. However, since she has taken the discussion online, probably, both are already engaged.

It’s very much evident that Chloe Veitch is happy. We are very excited to know about her love interest. Well, we are hopeful that this relationship of hers will last forever. 

The major reason behind Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen breaking up was both were long-distance. At that time, one was in the UK, while the other one was 4,000 miles away from Chicago. Also, we watched both having a tense fight in Episode 10. Initially, Chloe and Shayne seemed to be a “Perfect Match,” but their relationship was pretty much on and off. We are hoping that this time, Chloe has found her perfect match in reality. 

Best wishes to Chloe Veitch for the upcoming days of her life. You may follow this Perfect Match star, Chloe, on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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