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Why did Guy Lockard Leave Chicago Med? Everything to Know!

Still from Chicago Med Official Trailer
Still from Chicago Med Official Trailer

Last Updated on October 2, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Chicago Med has been one of the most loved and popular shows of all time. The new season of Chicago Med has been released, and with the debut of the first episode of the season, a lot has happened. This new season has started off with a lot of surprises for the viewers. Worst of all, one of our favorite characters has left the show! In this episode, we saw how Dr. Dylan Scott was disheartened by the death and resigned. But is he leaving the show for real? This departure, therefore, has really made the audience sad.

In this article, we will learn more about Guy Lockard, the actor who played the role of Dr. Dylan, and therefore answer the question in demand: Why did Guy Lockard Leave Chicago Med? We will also have a glimpse of what all happened in Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1.

Who is Guy Lockard?

American actor Jay Lockard is well known. On the TV show Chicago Med, he plays Dr. Dylan Scott. Additionally, he appeared as “Lewis” in the Chicago Fire episode “Light Things Up”.   His most well-known performances can be seen in dramas and motion pictures, including “Wish,” “Gotham,” “Legal & Order: Special Victims Organization,” and “Blood Warrior.” As a replacement for departing longstanding members of the cast, Yaya DaCosta & Torrey DeVitto, the performer joined the show during the first installment of the previous season.

Why did Guy Lockard Leave Chicago Med?

We’re learning that although NBC announced the actor’s return for Season 8, that doesn’t necessarily imply it will be for the full season. Guy Lockard’s character Dr. Dylan Scott, who stars in the NBC drama, made his exit known in the first episode of Season 8 on Wednesday. When Jo, an investigator who had a romantic relationship within the last series and who died in the ER during the Season 8 opener, passed away, Dylan made the decision to leave his job at the hospital. In that respect, his exit was comparable to that of a few other figures we’ve seen over the years.

Dr. Dylan Scott

Dr. Dylan Scott

The authors aren’t only trying to get rid of everyone; they also understand that not everyone belongs in Chicago. After spending his whole life in the Windy City, Dylan came to the conclusion that something needed to change.

What Happened in Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 1?

When we last left off, Will and Dylan were trapped in a burning apartment complex with no apparent way out. The Season 8 premiere takes off just where we left off. Dr. Asher, who suffered from smoke inhalation after returning to the building to look for Will, is also being helped by ylvie Brett. Jo, who has been shot severely, is discovered by Dylan afterward. All of the patients arrive at the clinic, and the consequences are unexpected. Jo is unfortunately declared deceased at the hospital after receiving a gunshot wound.

Still from Chicago Med Official Trailer

Still from Chicago Med Official Trailer

Dr. Scott is devastated by this and places the guilt on himself because the bullet he fired at their attacker passed through him and struck Jo. At the conclusion of the episode, Dr. Scott announces his resignation from medicine and informs Ms. Goodwin that he murdered the woman he loved. Due to a problem in her lungs brought on by her former heroin use, Dr. Asher is also hospitalized as a result of the fire. The biggest shock in “Chicago Med’s” Season 8 premiere was April Sexton’s comeback, even if Dr. Scott’s choice to leave Medicine was a huge shock.

Where to Watch Chicago Med?

You can watch Chicago Med officially on Netflix. Or you can also watch the series at Peacock. The Basic plan for Netflix costs $9.99 per month, the Standard plan is $15.99, and the Premium plan is $19.99 per month. A Peacock Premium membership fee is $4.99 monthly (+tax) or $49.99 annually (+tax) and gives you access to all of Peacock’s content.

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