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Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon That Are Totally Worth Reading

Most Popular Adult Webtoon
Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon That Are Totally Worth Reading

Let’s Talk about the Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon. We’ll also talk about why you should read these webtoons. Webtoon is a platform that has gained a significant amount of readers in these recent years. And the reason for that is the good collection of Digital Comics and a clean interface of the App and Website. Webtoon Comics, also known as Manhwas, are very popular nowadays, mostly due to their diversifying genres of comics. From Romance to Action Thriller and Comedy to Horror. You can find every type of comic available to read on Webtoon. But today, we’re here to talk about the best Webtoon Comics that are appropriate for an adult to enjoy.

If you are an adult or a teenager who considers yourself mature enough to read something, that will help relieve the stress you are feeling. Or if you think you have out-read all the available Vanilla-type comics and now want to read something mature enough, that will blow your mind. Then you have come to the right place as we have curated a list of Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon which will make your blood boil with Anger, Repression, and feelings of Wondrous Joy. Most type of Comics mentioned in this list contains Gore scenes and psychological problems. So keeping that in mind, Here is the List of the Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoons for you to Enjoy.

1. Pigpen

Pigpen is created by Carby Kim and Sick Cheon. The Story follows a Young Man who one day, out of nowhere, wakes up on a Mysterious Island. He doesn’t even know his own Identity and the reason why he came to this secluded island. Later he gets entangled with a weird family that runs a Bed and Breakfast getaway on the same Island. Just when he thought that he was safe, he discovers some dark secrets of the family that gets him intoxicated into a spiral of horror experiences.

Most Popular Adult Webtoon - Pigpen


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The Reason Pigpen is on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon Comic is due to its Jaw dropping horror signings in every chapter. Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger which will make you scroll through the next chapter faster than ever.

  • Status – Finished
  • Total Number of Chapters – 68
  • You can read Pigpen Webtoon Comic Here.

2. Witch Creek Road

Witch Creek Road is created by Garth the Geek and Kenan Halilovic. The Story follows the grotesque killing of a Witch who confronts the passengers of Witch Creek Road. One Night some girls who went out to Witch Creek road to party with boys get entangled in deadly killings and rituals. True horror transcends for them when everyone is being targeted by the witch as she kills them by ripping their Body Parts into pieces and smashing their brains with her hands.

Most Popular Adult Webtoon - Witch Creek Road

Witch Creek Road

The Reason Witch Creek Road is on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon Comic is due to its gore and violent scenes that are depicted with utter horror. When you read this comic, it will take you on a whole other trip.

  • Status – Finished
  • Total Number of Chapters – 99
  • You can read Witch Creek Road Webtoon Comic Here.

3. Rotten

Rotten is created by Goodguy. The Story follows a young man named Jaeshin, who lives in a single apartment building. Jaeshin’s apartment is a little weird as, according to him, he can see horrifying images of dead people and ghosts in his apartment at night. And when he asks for help from his old-time friend, things start to escalate more as his friend suddenly gets missing. Trouble knowing the truth Jaeshin gets accumulated with a police detective who has his reasons to solve a crime and a stunt woman who is looking for her younger sister.

Most Popular Adult Webtoon - Rotten


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The Reason Rotten is on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon Comic is due to its thriller element of the story that moves at a pretty fast pace without wasting any time. You can easily finish this comic in one sitting.

  • Status – Finished
  • Total Number of Chapters – 49
  • You can read Rotten Webtoon Comic Here.

4. Delusion

Delusion is created by Hongjacga. The Story is set in the 1930s era of Gyeongseong (Seoul Korea). A struggling painter named Iho Yun has been in debt for a long Time. An opportunity to paint a portrait of a lady named Jeonghwa Song gives him the chance to make some money. But when Yun gets acquainted with Madam Song, his whole life takes a turn when he discovers her true identity. Madam song is supposed to be an 80-year-old woman. But his first impression of her is of a 30-year-old woman who has a gory look in her eyes.

Most Popular Adult Webtoon - Delusion


The Reason Delusion is on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon Comic due to its exceptional art style that will surely captivate the heart of the reader. The past of some characters is disturbing in this comic.

  • Status – Finished
  • Total Number of Chapters – 60
  • You can read Delusion Webtoon Comic Here.

5. Epilogue

Epilogue is created by Cho Seok. The Story follows Haesu Choi, a student who lives alone in a studio apartment. His only source of entertainment or an active daily activity is to read a newspaper called “Rotary N”. He often reads a crime thriller Novel in it titled “Epilogue,” which depicts a story of a Detective solving murders every week in a small town. But one day, something strange happens that completely shatters his whole life. The name of the next person who is about to get murdered in the novel is his own.

Most Popular Adult Webtoon - Epilogue


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The Reason Epilogue is on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon Comic is due to its Suspense that unfolds throughout the story. You will never be able to guess what happens in the next chapter. This is one of the best Suspense Thriller Comic you will ever read.

  • Status – Finished
  • Total Number of Chapters – 23
  • You can read Epilogue Webtoon Comic Here.

6. Melvina’s Therapy

Melvina’s Therapy is created by A Rasen. The Story follows Melvina, a very famous and known Therapist whose unique techniques have helped many patients. Throughout the story, we see her deal with many patients who have very serious problems that they are trying to run away from. Melvina’s way of treating the patient is to make them experience their deepest darkest secrets and Guilt. Only after overcoming their emotions, they will be cured of the nightmare.

The Reason Melvina’s Therapy is on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon Comic is due to its creepy art style and proper use of therapeutic techniques. If you have experienced Therapy in your life, this series might be uncomfortable for you.

  • Status – Finished
  • Total Number of Chapters – 82
  • You can read Melvina’s Therapy Webtoon Comic Here.

7. Distant Sky

Distant Sky is created by Inwan Youn. The Story follows a Boy who has just woken up in a building full of dead people. He can’t contact emergency services, and from the looks of it, everything in his radius is destroyed completely, from buildings to houses. When attacked by a small leech-type creature, he tries to find some medicine inside a dispensary. But instead, he meets a young girl his same age, and she tells him that the whole of Seoul is destroyed and has become a dystopian society with no electricity and a whole lot of darkness.

Most Popular Adult Webtoon - Distant Sky

Distant Sky

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The Reason Distant Sky is on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon Comic is due to its engaging story that keeps you hooked entirely throughout the series. The adventure that the main character goes through is very interesting.

  • Status – Finished
  • Total Number of Chapters – 117
  • You can read Distant Sky Webtoon Comic Here.

8. Its Mine

Its Mine is created by LucKS. The Story follows Yohan Do, a young man who has a serious obsession with his crush Dajeong. His level of craziness and obsession has reached the level that he stalks her every day and even knows her daily routine from waking up to working at night. Yohan protects Dajeong from every critical threat and even threatens her classmates who bully her. But one day, when she notices some odd behavior around her, she gets on his tail to find out the truth.

Most Popular Adult Webtoon - Its Mine

Its Mine

The Reason Its Mine is on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon Comic is due to its Dark Romance theme that stipulates stalking. This series is a slow burn, but it is worth the wait for the execution.

  • Status – Finished
  • Total Number of Chapters – 158
  • You can read Its Mine Webtoon Comic Here.

9. Bastard

Bastard is created by Carnby Kim. The Story follows Seon Jin, a young boy who fears his father. Jin, in nature, is very quiet and seems like a weak person, due to this he is the main target of the bullies in his school. But more than being bullied one thing that haunts him day and night is his father, who is an insane Serial Killer. And uses his son to lure the female victims into his house. One day this all changes when a girl appears before Jin, who wants him to live his life to the fullest without being scared of anyone or anything.

Most Popular Adult Webtoon - Bastard


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The Reason Bastard is on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon Comics due to its psychological aspect of characters that deal with traumatic situations and horrifying challenges. This series will not let you down and is truly worth a read.

  • Status – Finished
  • Total Number of Chapters – 94
  • You can read Bastard Webtoon Comic Here.

10. The Horizon

The Horizon is created by JH. The Story follows two young children, a boy, and a girl, who meets in an apocalyptic world in which most of the population has been wiped out due to the war. And amid all this chaos, these two find solace by being with each other through tense times. But the world hasn’t gotten quiet yet as there are still people with dark intentions. In the pool of dead bodies, both of them walk together, holding hands in hopes of finding a place they can call home.

Most Popular Adult Webtoon - The Horizon

The Horizon

The Reason The Horizon is on the list of Top 10 Most Popular Adult Webtoon Comic is due to its immersive art and tragic events that makes this series an emotional ride. There are many instances when the character experiences something that breaks their will to live. But despite this, the story gives a meaningful message at the end that will stay with you.

  • Status – Finished
  • Total Number of Chapters – 21
  • You can read The Horizon Webtoon Comic Here.

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