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33 Memorable Anime Quotes From Spirited Away

33 most memorable quotes from Spirited Away
33 Memorable Quotes From Spirited Away

For a movie to touch hearts, a twisted plot has never been enough. The art of storytelling is a profound talent and those at Studio Ghibli know it too well. One of their popular genius, Spirited Away, stands as the biggest example of my statement. Hayao Miyazaki’s movie came with a storm of emotions and blew our minds away. Amidst its concept arts, people found themselves diving through the spirit realm, slowly falling deeper in love with its characters and pace. To beautify the ambiance further, quotes from Spirited Away were equally powerful. Some did not even need to use big words to leave behind a lasting impression.

Spirited Away was not the Academy Award winner for no reason. The movie reached out to people’s hearts and made them see the world from the innocent eyes of a little girl. There were deep meanings incited within small details that a normal eye must have even missed! Spirited Away talks to its viewers through its illustration, like a puzzle asking to be solved. The immediate plot of the story is simple; a little girl enters a fantasy world and seeks to find a way to turn her parents, who have turned into pigs, back to normal.  However, Hayao Myazaki takes it a step deeper and draws parallels between the darker side of humanity in his story using his characters.

The movie has made several hearts skip a beat. Here are some of the most memorable quotes from Spirited Away that would freshen up your memories of the film.

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Quotes From Spirited Away by Chihiro

Chihiro is the protagonist of Spirited Away. She is a young girl, who has a strong personality. When her parents get turned into pigs, she takes it into her hands to turn them back. Throughout her journey, she stays strong and does not give up. Chihiro is a true example of what it means to be innocent without being too naive. She is the epitome of a pure heart that children are bestowed with.

1. Until you give me a job

“I’m not leaving until you give me a job!!”– Chihiro

Chihiro’s determination is quite evident by this quote from Chihiro. She was even determined to the point of stubbornness at times and I definitely mean it in the best way.

Quotes From Spirited Away

Chihiro: Spirited Away quotes

2. You can’t die

“I promise I’ll be back, Haku. You can’t die.” ― Chihiro

When the first half was mostly about Haku protecting Chihiro, our little protagonist proves to be no damsel in distress. When the time comes, she does everything to protect Haku too.

Chihiro quotes from Spirited Away

Quote by Chihiro: Spirited Away

3. I can handle it

I think I can handle it” – Chihiro

Chihiro’s personality is quite amazing. Within that small body, she was brave and strong. On being asked if a new place would be difficult, she replies casually that she can handle it.

Quotes from Chihiro

Chihiro: Spirited Away

4. A Bouquet

“I finally got a bouquet but it’s a goodbye present. That’s depressing.” ― Chihiro

Chihiro’s ironic humour here makes it such a fun quote.

Chihiro quotes

Quote by Chihiro

5. Your Real Name

“Listen, Haku. I do not remember it, but my mother once told me. When I was little, I fell into a river. She said they’d drained it and built things on top. But I’ve just remembered. The river was called the Kohaku River. Your real name is Kohaku” – Chihiro

When Chihiro’s name gets stolen, Haku makes sure she remembers it. That is why this quote is most striking. It’s almost like all pieces fall back into place when Chihiro helps Haku remember his name.

Quotes from Spirited Away

Quote by Chihiro

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Quotes From Spirited Away by Haku

Haku is one of the primary characters in Spirited Away, who is later revealed to be the river spirit. At some point in his life, his name was stolen by Yubaba and he lost all memories of his life before he got entrapped into the spirit realm. Time and again, he helps Chihiro save her parents and turn them back human.

6. Something Precious

 “You haven’t noticed yet that something precious to you has been replaced.” – Haku

Haku’s subtle remarks and efforts to protect Chihiro make up some of the fuzziest and wholesome moments in Spirited. This was one of them.

Haku quotes

Quote by Haku

7. I followed her voice

“In the darkness, Chihiro kept calling my name. I followed her voice and woke up lying here.”– Haku

Chihiro saves Haku by removing his seal. I love how he wakes up by following her voice. It’s romantic in the purest and most innocent ways.

Quotes by haku

Haku: Spirited Away

8. I just Wanna help you

“Don’t be afraid, I just want to help you.” ― Haku

Haku’s inbuilt instinct to protect Chihiro is one of my favourite things in Spirited Away.

Quotes by haku

Quote by Haku

9. How Yubaba Controls people.

“That’s how Yubaba controls you. She steals your name.”– Haku

Haku warns Chihiro of Yubaba, the sorceress who steals Chihiro’s name in the spirit realm.

Haku quotes from Spirited Away

Spirited Away: Haku

10. At the bridge

“Meet me at the bridge. Come alone.” – Haku

The bond between Haku and Chihiro is filled with innocence. Whether Miyazaki wished to romanticise it or not is unclear. But what is pretty clear is that the two had a lot of love, care, and respect for each other. This was one of the most beautiful parts of the movie.

Quotes From Spirited Away

Haku: Spirited Away

11. Crossing the Bridge

“You have to hold your breath when you cross the bridge. Even a little breath will break the spell, and then everyone will see you.” – Haku

Chihiro holding her breath was one of the most adorable parts of the show that just had my heart.

Quotes by Haku

Quotes by Haku

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Quotes From Spirited Away by Zeniba

Zeniba was the identical twin sister of Yubaba. She is a kinder version of Yubaba who helps Chihiro save her parents. Despite her good qualities, she also shares some similarities to her sister, seen especially when she threatens Chihiro to keep quiet. However, it seems that her darker side is only targeted towards people she either does not trust or like.

12. Once you meet someone

“Once you’ve met someone you do not really forget them. It just takes a little time for your memories to return.” -Zeniba.

Zeniba comes off as a cool, laid back woman who gives out the most absurd yet thought-provoking quotes.

Zeniba quotes

Quote by Zeniba

13. Remembrance

“When you do something, you never forget. Even if you can’t remember.” – Zeniba

Every forgetful thing is right there in the mind even if you think you cannot remember them. Now that’s something worth thinking about.

Spirited Away quotes

Zeniba: Spirited Away

14. Love

“However, it’s strange. only love can remove a seal.” – Zeniba

Zeniba, when Chihiro successfully removes Haku’s seal.

Zeniba quotes from Spirited Away

Quote by Zeniba.

15. Twins

“We’re identical twins yet complete opposites.” ― Zeniba

Zeniba says this about Yubaba. The pair depicts how two people could look the same but be completely different from each other. It’s almost surprising.

Zeniba quotes

Quote by Zeniba

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Quotes From Spirited Away by Kaonashi (No Face)

No Face is first shown as an antagonist who wreaks havoc in the Bathhouse. First, he offers a lot of gold but then he begins devouring those he gives in to the temptation of the gold. As he devours humans, he starts adapting to their personalities and becomes a big fearful monster. He also becomes increasingly restless when Chihiro refuses to take his gold. On eating a herb from her, he turns back to normal and starts following Chihiro around ever since.

16. I’m Lonely

“No… no… I’m lonely… I’m lonely.” – Kaonashi

No Face devoured others and picked up their personalities. The reason why he did so was that he was lonely. In a way, it pretty much reflects on the real world; people changing their personalities to fit in.

Quotes by no face

Kaonashi: Spirited Away

17. What would you like?

“Come closer, Sen. What do you want? Just name it.” – Kaonashi

When all the people in the Bathhouse gave in to their greed, Kaonashi was increasingly restless when Sen showed no sign of greed. The contrast between the innocence in children and the darkness in adults is wide and clear.

No Face quotes

Kaonashi quotes

18. Wipe that smile off your face

“Wipe that smile off your face.” – Kaonashi

No Face comes from being one of the scariest monsters one could ever witness to the most adorable characters in the anime. This becomes possible only because Chihiro gives him a chance to be so.

Quotes From Spirited Away by No face

Kaonashi quotes

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Quotes From Spirited Away by Lin

Lin was a worker in Yubaba’s bathhouse, who depicts the picture of a wishful young woman. She is kind and considerate of Chihiro and does not show signs of being too greedy. Lin comes off as bossy at the beginning with a sarcastic sense of humour. However, as we get to know her, the character becomes increasingly difficult to dislike.

19. Get out of this place

“I’ve got to get out of this place. Someday I will get on that train.” ― Lin

Living in the same place can be tiring. I can bet Lin was not the first to have these thoughts.

Lin quotes from Spirited Away

Quote by Lin

20. You’ll be fine

“You’re gonna be fine, I will not let him hurt you.” ― Lin

Lin exhibited a lot of big sister vibes towards Chihiro. Despite knowing that Chihiro was human, she looked after her and even tried saving her.

Spirited Away quotes

Lin: Spirited Away

21. Chow and Sleep

“Chow and sleep, you’ll be fine.” – Lin

This is one of the most sisterly things Lin said to Chihiro and I’m loving the feeling that accompanied it.

Lin quotes

Lin: Spirited Away

22. If you put one scratch on that girl

“Kaonashi, if you even put one scratch on that girl, you’re in big trouble” – Lin

Chihiro could not have saved her parents without several characters. Sure, her willpower was strikingly powerful and Haku was indeed very supportive. However, Lin gave her the familiar feeling of a family that she needed the most, especially after losing both her parents at the same time.

Quotes by lin

Quotes by Lin

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Quotes From Spirited Away by Kamaji

Kamaji ran the broiler room in Yubaba’s bathhouse. He is dedicated to his work to an extent where he eats and sleeps only at his workplace. Kamaji seems like an irritated character at first, but eventually, he softens up to Chihiro and even takes care of Haku when he is unwell.

23. It’s called Love

 “Something you wouldn’t recognize. It’s called love.”-Kamaji

Kamaji says this to Lin. He could sniff the bond between Haku and Chihiro quite well.

Kamaji quotes

Quote by Kamaji

24. Finishing

“Finish what you start.” ― Kamaji

Irrespective of context, people need to follow this quote from Spirited Away wholeheartedly. So many times we begin things only to leave midway. Why not try going all the way for once?

Kamiji quotes from Spirited Away

Kamiji Quotes: Spirited Away

25. Power of Love

“Can’t beat the power of love.” – Kamaji

I love how such beautiful quotes are subtly let loose by the writers among everything chaotic happening in the story.

Spirited Away quotes

Kamiji : Spirited Away

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Quotes From Spirited Away by Boh

Boh was Yubaba’s son who was kept hidden from the world by Yubaba. She was extremely protective of him which made him quite bitter than other children his age. When he heard loud noises, he would cry and throw a huge tantrum which led to him often breaking and throwing things.

26. Play with me.

“Play with me or I’ll break your arm.” – Boh

Boh was every bit of an insolent child at first and a big example of how children shape themselves according to the adults around them.

Spirited Away quotes

Quotes From Spirited Away by Boh

27. If you make Sen cry.

“If you make Sen cry I won’t like you anymore.” – Boh

With Chihiro, Boh forms a bond. A bond that resembled that of a younger brother wanting to protect his older sister.

Quotes From Spirited Away

Boh: Spirited Away

28. The room.

“Staying in this room is what will get you sick” – Boh

While Chihiro’s parents were too nonchalant about her, Yubaba was too overprotective about Boh. His solitude made him sick.

Boh Quotes

Quotes by Boh

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Quotes From Spirited Away by Yubaba

Yubaba is the main antagonist of the movie who runs the bathhouse. She is cruel and manipulative, who controls several spirits by stealing their name. Yubaba often takes advantage of people’s shortcomings to do things in her favour.

29. Got what they deserved

“You humans always make a mess of things. Just like your parents who ate up the food of the spirits like pigs. They got what they deserved.”-Yubaba

Irrespective of how harsh Yubaba sounds, in the long run, one would realise that there is some amount of truth in these lines.

Yubaba quotes

Quotes by Yubaba

30. The Customer

“Don’t insult the customer.” – Yubaba

While dissing humans, Yubaba steps into the stereotypical world of adults where they would be nice to anyone with money and power. It’s shameful, yet true.

Spirited Away quotes

Quotes by Yubaba

Quotes From Spirited Away by Akio and Yuko Ogino

Akio and Yuko Ogino are Chihiro’s parents. While moving to a new place, they stop by an abandoned amusement park. Seeing it empty, they eat the food left out in the open. However, they turn into pigs and their daughter sets out to save them.

31. Daddy’s here

“Don’t worry! You have got daddy here. He’s got credit cards and cash.”- Akio Ogino

Chihiro’s parents were ignorant at several points and represented typical ignorant adults who feel that money is the solution to everything.

Spirited Away quotes

Akio Ogino quotes

32. Do not Cling

“Chihiro, don’t cling to me like that. You’ll make me trip.”- Yuko Ogino

As the Ogino family moves into the spirit, they get more and more detached from reality. At this point, Yuko is rude to her daughter and she doesn’t even realise it.

Yuki Ogino quotes

Quote by Yuko Ogino

33. A new place

“Quit whining. It’s fun to move to a new place, it’s adventurous.” – Yuko Ogino

I love how Yuko Ogino and Akio Ogino were built to fit the description of any adult in the world. They are reckless, ignorant, and filled with superficial knowledge about the world.

Quotes from Spirited Away

Yuko Ogino quotes

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Feeling nostalgic enough with these quotes? You can stream the movie on Netflix anytime you want. So, grab yourself a big hot basket of popcorns to watch the movie and re-live it’s pleasing moments.

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