Inuyasha Sequel: All To You Need to Know About The New Installment

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Inuyasha and Kagome
Inuyasha and Kagome

Hello Everyone, When we love something, we want that thing to remain forever with us. We just can’t even think about that thing going away from us. But it’s not always true. Everything that exists in this Universe has to end someday. This case is true even for anime fans. Recently after the end of the Inuyasha series, fans were a little disappointed and wanted it to come back. But news came that shatters the internet in a few seconds. ” The Inuyasha is Coming with a Sequel”, when this line hits the internet, fans were gone crazy with excitement. So today, we will discuss this sequel in today’s article and see how this new sequel is going.

When we talk about the Sequels of amazingly popular anime, they have been seen differently from fans’ POV. For instance, take Boruto as an example. People just can’t accept that Naruto is just the side character in the anime. There are many sequels that were hated by fans in the past, so that’s true that sequels need to work extra hard work to find a place in fans’ hearts and make them accept the characters. If we talk particularly about Inuyasha, when Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon was released back in 2020, fans were a little skeptical about the forthcoming show. But the same studio and officials promised to work hard to make this sequel a masterpiece. So hold tight, we will discuss every single detail about Inuyasha’s sequel in this single article. So let’s dive straight to our main topic.

Inuyasha Sequel- Yashihime: Princess Half-Demon Review:

Set decades after the events of Inuyasha, the story is based on the daughters of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. As we have seen in the ending of Inuyasha, the series falls its curtains with some questions for the fans, like what happened to Sesshomaru and Rin? As the questions were floating on the surface, only a sequel was the way to give answers to fans. But as a wise man said, with great power comes great responsibility; there was a risk of getting an unnecessary story which could also impact the image of the original Inuyasha anime. But the good thing about the show is, it is being animated by the same studio that animates the Inuyasha. So there is no sudden shift in the art style and animation of the show. If we talk about the characters in this sequel, the characters are hyperactive, which gets serious on very rare events. Towa Higurashi and Setsuna are the daughters of Sesshomaru, and Moroha is the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome. Moroha is very childish, Towa is a serious little girl, and Setsuna is stoic and cold-hearted.

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If you compared the episode quality, there seems a change in this sequel. The original Inuyasha series was much better as compared to this. If you are a little occupied to watch it, you can keep it in the last of your list as the series is mild and binge-watch friendly but don’t expect that much from the sequel. If we talk about the overall quality of anime, it’s neither best nor awful. It’s average.

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Inuyasha Sequel: Every Detail You Need to Know About The Sequel
Yashihime: Princess Half-Demon

Plot and Story:

There are many easter eggs to look for in the sequel. The series does a great job in connecting the dots and make fans look for something with each episode. There are certainly unnecessary fillers between the show, so you can skip them if you want to jump straight to the story. But some fillers are important to watch as they show us the weapon of each daughter, which is very important to understand the show. The series also puts fans in nostalgia when daughters know about their family history and epic events. This is fun to watch how they react after knowing about their family. The storyline is not that much complicated as sisters go on an adventure to find something and ends up battling demons. The anime is just like the other shonen anime, which is based on never give up and the sisterhood concept. The final verdict is if you are looking for a light anime that will entertain you, this anime is for you. It will be fun to watch the bonds and sisterhood in anime style.

Inuyasha Sequel: Every Detail You Need to Know About The Sequel
Yashihime: Princess Half-Demon

So, this was all for today. We will meet you another time with a more amazing article until then Goodbye.

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