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Watch Takt Op Destiny Online: How To Stream the Gaming-based Anime Series?

Takt Op Destiny
Takt Op Destiny

Today we will talk about a gaming-based anime series- How To Stream Takt Op Destiny Online? Back in June, the 10th MAPPA(Jujutsu Kaisen) festival celebration made several exciting announcements. They released many release dates of much-awaited Anime shows. One of them that caught everyone’s attention was Takt Op Destiny. Japanese Film-maker Yuuki Itoh directed Takt Op Destiny.

The show is all about Classical Music and Revenge. It is a Gaming-Based Anime series produced by Bandai Namco Arts and DeNa. Takt Op is a multi-media design. The design will produce both Anime and Gaming Versions. The Anime version of Takt Op premiered on 6 October 2021. MAPPA collaborated with Madhouse Hunter Studios. The collaboration helped in the production. The gaming version gets called Takt Op, while the anime version has been stylized to Takt Op Destiny.

In the past many years, technology growth has been tremendous. The developers have made several games based on real-life stories, superhit films/documentaries, and novels. They have made it look realistic as ever. Football legends like Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi featured in FIFA, to every genre in movies and documentaries.

In RPG and Shooting games like Mad Max, GoldenEye, Assassins Creed, gaming has come a long way. They have even covered Marvel’s Universe like the most recent hit- Spiderman. The sharpest of minds try to do things out of the box. Game Studio also tried something similar by creating Takt Op. It is an RPG launched on Android and iOS. The anime introduces us to classical music, where the heroes fight back the villain with the help of melody. Let’s discuss, How to Stream Takt Op Destiny Online.

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How To Stream Takt Op Destiny Online?

The Gaming-based Anime Series premiered on 6 October, Last week. Takt Op Destiny releases one episode every one week, precisely every Wednesday. Animes can watch all around the world! You can watch the episodes online on anime sites like KissAnime, Crunchyroll, Zoro, and GoGoAnime. Takt Op Destiny Episodes will get released at midnight (JST). The Time to watch in different regions is below:

  • Indian Time: 9:30 PM IST
  • Philippine Time: Sharp Midnight PHT
  • European Time: 6 PM CST
  • Eastern Time: Sharp Midnight EDT

The Subtitles for the Anime get provided with the show. But the Dubbed English version will have to remain paused for a week. The reason is that the Subtitles are ahead by a few episodes. The weekly schedule will not change, as the episodes will get released after every seven days.

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Stream Takt Op Destiny. Gaming-Based Anime Series

Let the music play!

Takt Op Destiny Plot: All About The Gaming-Based Anime Series

The Anime talks about the life of three young people who believe in the power of music. Takt Op Destiny talks about the lives of Takt Asahina, Belor, and Destiny. One day the planet got hit by a black meteorite that created bizarre monsters called D2. It radically transformed the world and slaughtered people and their homes.

The monsters D2 have forbidden humans to play any music since they can get killed because of it. On the contrary, there are D2’s that don’t get affected by music! Some young women hold the power of music called the Musicart. They have a guide above them, Takt, who is also known as the Conductor. He utilizes the most prominent musical records in human history to defeat the monsters!

It is 2047 present-day in America. America has been completely distraught ever since the D2 Monsters took over them! Takt Asahina, the protagonist, forms an alliance with another young woman named Destiny. While Destiny wants to erase the monsters, Takt wants Music to stay alive in this world.

Takt and Destiny write their destiny once they travel to New York. There, he leads Musicart and plays a vital role in taking down D2 Monsters. All Takt wants is the melody to survive in this world. Although his contribution is much more prominent, Takt once said that music comes first than anything else.

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