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Brandon and Arielle Charnas Divorce: Did It Really Happen?

Brandon and Arielle Charnas
Brandon and Arielle Charnas Miami wedding (Credits: Brian Marcus of Fred Marcus Studio)

A trending topic in recent times, everyone wants to know why did Brandon and Arielle Charnas divorce each other and the story behind it. If they did divorce then all the hullabaloo makes sense, but if they did not then why is it the talk of the town of late?

Arielle Charnas, a fashion influencer and icon, and her husband Brandon were seen at the forefront when news got around that the couple would be divorcing soon. Quite shocking! Although, how much truth does this statement really hold? Or is this just another one of those baseless rumours that come now and then to keep the people on their toes?

Brandon and Arielle Charnas

Brandon and Arielle Charnas (Credits: Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Brandon and Arielle Charnas’ Relationship Timeline

Arielle and Brandon crossed paths way back in the year of 2009. The story goes that Brandon had taken his mum to the Theory store, Meatpacking District, New York City, for some shopping and as fate would have it Arielle was working there at the time the two came by.

When asked about how the two met, Arielle remarked that at their first meeting Brandon was downright rude to her which she did not appreciate the least bit and yet she went on to become friends with him on Facebook.

The pair found each other again the same year in Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico. They were with their families for a vacation and staying in the same hotel! What a coincidence! There they kept running into each other the same way people living in the same hotel would. However, Brandon was anxious to approach Arielle as one of her exes was his good friend.

But we suppose Brandon soon got over that anxiousness as he decided to play some moves like buying her a round of drinks. It all ended with him asking for her cell number which she willingly gave.

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Brandon and Arielle Charnas

Brandon and Arielle share drinks together (Credits: Instagram)

Yet even though he seemed interested here, he did not look quite so in the events that followed. Brandon apparently played hard to get, making Arielle chase after him to win his heart over. Arielle once even attended a party just because she had prior knowledge that she would find Brandon there. He was there all right but he was making out with someone else! How sad and disappointing indeed.

Like any woman out there, Arielle felt anger coursing through her veins when she saw this and in that rage, she went up to him while he was busy making out and told him that it was a really happening party and walked out. We stan a courageous queen. Poor man Brandon felt pretty sad about how it went down and wanted to make it up to Arielle. The two met again on New Year’s Eve in a club where he danced with her and then shared their first kiss in another bar.

The day after they returned from Mexico and jumped right into a live-in relationship. When you know, you know right? Five months into living together, they officially labelled themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend. The proposal came on Halloween and of course, the lovely Arielle said “yes!” The couple went on to get married on 18 October 2014, nearly 6 years after their first meeting.

Brandon and Arielle Charnas Wedding

The couple tied the knot in Miami (Credits: Brian Marcus of Fred Marcus Studio)

As of now, Arielle and Brandon Charnas have three gorgeous daughters named Ruby Lou, Esme Rae, and Navy Bea. And how beautiful are the names!

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Brandon and Arielle Charnas' daughters

Brandon and Arielle Charnas with their daughters (Credits: Instagram)

Did Brandon and Arielle Charnas Divorce?

It’s true that all are talking about it but why did Brandon and Arielle Charnas decide to divorce after spending almost 8 blissful years together and having three equally gorgeous kids?

Seems like the divorce is nothing but a rumour. It all started with Instagram and Reddit when an account uploaded a story accusing Brandon of money embezzlement from his wife Arielle’s Something Navy. It took no time for this story to spread like wildfire on all social media platforms.

Brandon and Arielle Charnas

Arielle posts a selfie with her husband Brandon after dismissing divorce rumours (Credits: Instagram)

Since it was already out, everyone was looking at Brandon and Arielle with eagle eyes and when Arielle was spotted without a wedding ring adorning her finger, it just added more fuel to the already raging fire. Further changes the couple made included Brandon switching his public Instagram profile to private and Arielle setting a limit on who could comment on her Instagram posts.

The CEO of Something Navy Matthew Scanlan came forward to disclose that the accusations were a mere hoax and that no embezzlement had taken place. It was also reported that the couple is not breaking up after all, as Arielle’s spokesperson confirmed to Page Six. The spokesperson further added that the two are very much in love and remain happy together.

Matthew Scanlan

Something Navy CEO Matthew Scanlan clears up the embezzlement rumours (Credits: Twitter)

Controversies become a daily part of one’s life when one comes into the spotlight. People try to put one down and stir things up just for the sake of doing so. What matters is to stay firm and strong come what may and pray to traverse the turbulent waters safely.

Over the years, Arielle has been no stranger to controversies. It comes with the territory. We are simply glad that everything is well with Brandon and Arielle Charnas. Wishing the lovely couple and their family happiness and prosperous years ahead!

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