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Why Did Kim and Kanye Divorce? Reddit Explanation

Kim and Kanye

Both celebrities have confirmed Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce news. As it so happens, Kim Kardashian came out last month about how she is filing for a divorce with her husband of 7 years. Obviously, the world was sent to shock after this news, and we could not believe our eyes. After the end of 20 seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which spanned through 14 years.

In the last episode of the show, Kim was seen having a chat with her mother about her marriage to Kanye. This discussion happened a month before Kim filed for a divorce and told how Kim’s true feelings. The social media influencer says that she has been going through therapy in order to work on herself. She says this is what makes her proud of herself. However, you guys could remember that back in season 7 of the show, she was ultimately against the idea of therapy and said that she was a logical person who does not require it.

But as of right now, she supports every aspect of the program and takes some sessions during such a big decision of her life. We all understood the program when Kim said that she had been third-wheeling Khloe and Tristan for eight months straight as they go to work out at 6 am. The reality TV star says that she has all the extravagant things in life that are possible. But now, she is looking forward to having the smaller things in life. Well, Reddit users have broken it down to the reason why Kim and Kanye are having a divorce. Thus, we decided to cover all those points for you guys.Kim and Kanye

Reddit News on Kim and Kanye Divorce

As per the posts on Reddit, one user has broken down everything that needs to be known about the divorce between Kim and Kanye. We can see that the two are now going to split apart. Although, as per the sources, this divorce is as amicable as it is going to be. When it comes to the four kids that Kim and Kanye share, the reality TV star is asking for joint custody, which will be legal and physical for all her kids. The sources who are directly linked to the couple say that Kanye has no issues with the arrangement of joint custody.

Also, it is disclosed that the ex-couple is committed to parent their kids together. Well, you guys should know that before marrying 7 years ago, both Kim and Kanye signed a prenup. As of right now, both parties have no disputes over it. As per the official sources, it is being said that the two are already far along in reaching a settlement for their property.

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What do the divorce documents state?

Now, the divorce documents have been filed by disco queen Laura Wassar. Although, these official papers do not list the date of separation and say that the date is ‘to be determined. Also, you guys should know that this date is mostly irrelevant because social media and news outlets have mostly kept track of their relationships all the time. What ignited the divorce, you ask? It was in the latter half of 2020 when Kim was turning 40. Things turned very rocky between them. Kanye was having his bipolar disorder.

As he was sobbing in front of the people, he revealed that Kim saved their child North West. He wanted the kid to get aborted, but it was Kim who went against it. Later, he tweeted some really mean things aiming at Kim’s family. He pointed out that Kris Jenner, the momager and the matriarch of the family, as Kris Jong Un.

After this, the sources have revealed that Kim was more than ready to end things with Kanye. But she felt that it would be wrong to leave him while he is in the middle of his bipolar episodes and is not doing that great. Things got very uneven between the couple, and they have been living away for a few months. Kanye was located in Wyoming while she was in Calabasas taking care of the kids. The main problem within their marriage was no toxic trait or fight but the lack of presence.

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