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Kate and Jon Gosselin’s Divorce: The Reason Behind And Its Aftermath

Kate and Jon Gosselin split
Kate and Jon Gosselin split (Credits: Us Weekly)

Kate and Jon Gosselin’s divorce took place nearly a decade ago, but it is still the talk of the town. It is really hard to believe that a pair happily married with eight children could fall out of affection and find themselves parting ways with one other.

It was Kate Gosselin who first filed for divorce. But what led her to resort to this forceful measure? Was it some peculiar quality of her husband, Jon Gosselin, or was it something else entirely? Let’s verify.

What Was It That Went Awry?

The couple Kate and Jon Gosselin, in conjunction with their kids (twins: Mady and Cara, and sextuplets: Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden, and Collin), were the celebs of their reality program titled “Jon & Kate Plus 8.”

The show brought them vast popularity, and the family looked so happy. But it looks like appearances can be deceptive after all. Turns out, 2 seasons into the show, rumors of infidelity began whirling around Jon Gosselin that was stormily denied by him.

Kate and Jon Gosselin

Kate and Jon Gosselin (Credits: Us Weekly)

However, Kate had totally different views. She identified Jon’s infidelity as the primary cause for taking the step she did back in June of 2009 when she initiated the divorce proceeding.

Kate declared that she was forced to take legal action in order to protect herself and her children because of what Jon had done over the course of the weekend. She further added that she was not comfortable discussing the reasons why she initiated the proceeding and hoped that all problems between her and Jon would be resolved peacefully. She placed emphasis on how her children were and would always be her first priority, come what may.

Kate and Jon Gosselin

Kate and Jon Gosselin’s marriage (Credits: Starcasm)

Jon Gosselin had his own statement to make. He stated that even though Kate had filed for divorce, he still had the utmost concern for his children’s safety and well-being. Jon’s job was to be the best father that he could be, and that would not change if Kate were not around.

Furthermore, he declared that they all would have to make some adjustments, but they would manage to get through it by coming up with a schedule that enabled them to spend more time together in Pennsylvania. The past six months of their marriage had proved quite challenging for Kate and Jon, and he was heartbroken that they would soon be divorcing. 

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Jon and Kate Gosselin

Jon and Kate Gosselin split (Credits: Page Six)

Divorce Had Been Lurking Round The Corner

In May 2009, Kate Gosselin declared that there had been a bother in their relationship paradise for quite a while. What is more, she even mentioned that Jon was unrecognizable to her.

Some of his “changed” qualities enclosed staying out later than usual and spending way too much on a whim purchasing expensive vehicles. She also added that her close relations found this terribly arduous to digest and were of the read that it couldn’t presumably be true.

But the turning point came when on 19 April 2009, Jon was caught leaving a bar at 2 in the night with Deanna Hummel (then 23-year-old) on his arm.

Kate would later learn from Jason, Deanna’s brother, that Deanna and Jon had an affair brewing for quite a few months. And what was Jon’s reaction to the present allegation pit against him? He denied it, of course!

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Jon's cheating confirmed

Jon’s cheating confirmed (Credits: Page Six)

It is not hidden data that the divorce rates have skyrocketed as compared to the past days. However, Kate Gosselin firmly believed that Jon and she wouldn’t succumb thereto.

She later went on to blame the show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” for tearing apart her wedding. In a statement made to People magazine, she declared how she felt that Jon resented her for earning more cash than he did. She further added that though it didn’t hassle her, who attained a lot since they were family, she thought that it mattered excessively to Jon.

For a while, I was saying we’re not just on different pages; we’re in different books. But now I think we’re in different libraries,” Kate declared on the growing variations between Jon and her.

Jon & Kate Plus 8

Jon & Kate Plus 8 (Credits: TV Guide)

The Aftermath: What Regarding The Children?

In 2020, Jon Gosselin talked to ET regarding how he barely ever got to see or spend time with either of his eight kids. Jon felt it would be nice if his kids lived close to him so that they would be able to spend more time together.

Talking regarding their children, the twins Mady and Cara are off to college, and Jon is in no contact with them. Four of the sextuplets are within the custody of Kate, whereas the remaining two are within the custody of Jon.

The Gosselin kids

Kate Gosselin and her 8 children (Credits: People)

Love and heartbreaks are important elements of our lives. They come into our lives at the most unexpected and sudden of times and teach us extraordinarily essential and life-altering lessons. It’s upon us whether or not to examine the glass as half empty or half full.

We hope that Kate learns from this experience and moves on from it positively.

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