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Sons Of The Forest Ending Explained

Sons of the Forest

The survival horror video game, Sons of the Forest, launched on February 23, 2023, via early access for Microsoft Windows. Since its release, the game has received massive popularity around the world. The sales of the game skyrocketed within 24 hours of its release. The video game is the brainchild of Endnight Games and was published by Newsnight.

Sons of the Forest serves as the sequel to another video game named, The Forest, which launched in 2014. Therefore, the pattern of the game is similar in both games. The brand-new aspect of the game is the friendly characters or what we call, in gaming terms, NPCs (Non-Player Characters). Besides this, in comparison to The Forest, Sons of Forest’s area is four times larger, and it also allows multiplayer for up to eight players other than the option to play the game solo.

Sons of the Forest sets players in charge of a protagonist who is stranded on an island occupied by cannibals, much like The Forest did. Players can construct shelters and weapons to help them survive and protect themselves. There are NPCs which include Kelvin and Virginia. Kelvin can help the player with straightforward chores like gathering materials.

Now, the game might look interesting, but the ending of the game has proved to be quite a complication for some players. This is because there are multiple endings depending on the choices made by the player. Here, we will explain the ending of the Sons of the Forest, but before that, let us take a quick run-through of the game to see how the player reaches the end of the game.

Player in helicopter

Sons of the Forest

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A Run-through of Sons of the Forest

To access the ending of the game, first and foremost, the player has to visit all the keycard locations and acquire the VIP Keycard and the Maintenance Keycard, which are necessary for the progress in the game. The player needs to reach the last bunker, which is situated on the eastern shoreline, towards the south of the deserted village.

First, the player is introduced to a bunker. While walking through the corridors, the player has to keep fighting the mutants with some powerful weapons. Then, continue down the stairs and proceed through the lavish chambers up ahead.

At some point, the player will reach an open door, which will give him access to a penthouse apartment. In that apartment, the player has to enter the bathroom to find a hole in the wall, slipping through which he will get access to a cave system that is filled with lava and various Sons of the Forest mutants after interacting with a golden door.

Now, the player has to equip a cross, which he might have picked up in his journey. The cross has the power to set these mutants on fire right where they are. As an alternative, he can use a shotgun or a revolver.


Sons of the Forest: Mutants

The player will then eventually come across another narrow tunnel after he proceeds along the rock ledge along the stream of lava. Before descending deeper, he can jump across a gap over the lava stream at the end. Before climbing the ramp in front, the player has to eliminate more mutants that will come his way.

Then the player has to crouch to proceed through the tunnel. After reaching the end of the tunnel, the player again discovers a stream of lava. On the way, the player has to fight more mutants and continue along the crooked route along the lava stream. Even this route is filled with mutants, so the player has to fight them off or can run past them without much damage to himself.

After a while, the player will have to run ahead to find a pool of lava. He has to keep progressing until he finds the lava stream again. While moving forward, the player will enter another tunnel after passing through a big cavern. Toward the end of the tunnel, the player will find a gap through which he has to squeeze himself through.

Then the player will enter a Golden Cube, where there will be a man with a laptop. After some time, Kelvin will also walk in there. The man will then look at the player and show a 15-second countdown on the laptop. The very next moment, the man will start showing other pictures of himself on the laptop.


Sons of the Forest

As soon as the slideshow of pictures comes to an end, the cube will explode open, which will reveal a futuristic world in a different dimension. This means the player is now in a completely different world. But the player won’t be able to enter the new dimension because the Golden Cube will seal itself after a short while.

Before losing control, the cube will open on the opposite side to reveal a larger-than-life squirming mutant. Then the player will be seen at a beach. In order to successfully leave the island, the player has to speak with the pilot of the helicopter when the player recovers control. Then the game will end. Now, before moving forward, there is a tip that the player needs to keep in mind.

The player has to obtain items like Rebreather, Rope Gun, Shovel, Maintenance Keycard, Cross, and Golden Armor, in exactly this order. This is because certain weapons will be required to retrieve other weapons. For instance, the Rebreather and the Rope Gun enable the player to obtain the Shovel, which he can then use to locate the keycards.

In the forest

Sons of the Forest: In the Forest

On the other side, the player can enter the rooms which hold the Golden Armor and the Cross only when he has obtained the Maintenance Keycard. Upon entering this room, the player will watch their first story scene.

After some time, he will be joined by the friend characters, who will help him to take down a large mutant. It is a must for the player to acquire the Golden Armor because Sons of Forest’s ending can only be reached while donning it.

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Sons of the Forest Ending Explained

As it was mentioned in the beginning that the game Sons of the Forest has multiple endings based on the choices made by the player. The Sons of the Forest game has three possible endings, and which one the player gets depends on his group of friends and on his decision to pick up the backpack exactly behind him before boarding the rescue helicopter.

If the player chooses to acquire the backpack, the rescue helicopter will set off without the player, leaving him stranded on the island indefinitely to fight other mutants. This ending will reward the player with the ‘Fight Demons’ achievement. This basically works as a consolation reward for the player’s efforts.

Reward received by the player

Sons of the Forest: “Fight Demons” Achievement

On the other side, or as an alternative, the player can board the rescue helicopter solo, sit back, and witness the cannibal-infested island of the Endnight disappear into the distance. This ending will reward the player with the ‘Fought Demons’ achievement. There will be different versions of the ending, or what is popularly called “a secret ending,” if the player acquires Virginia in the Sons of the Forest and protects Kelvin from dying.

Overall, things stay the same, but both partners will see what happens inside the Golden Cube and get on the helicopter with the player. This will reward the player with the ‘Keep Your Friends Close’ achievement. This reward is a hidden achievement. This ending is considered to be the nearest to a perfect ending of a game.

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How To Access Sons of the Forest?

You can access the sequel of The Forest, Sons of the Forest, on your PCs and PlayStations, as well as on your XBOX. You can purchase the game from the store for $29.99 dollars. You can also play the game on Steam, which provides early access games on its websites and also allows you to purchase the game online. Many fans of the game have already accessed the game via early access for Microsoft Windows. 

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