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Shine Post Episode 10 Release Date: TiNgS Rising To The Top!

Shine Post Episode 10 Release Date
Shine Post Episode 10 Release Date

There are many anime series airing at this point in time, and most of the series is following a whole new genre to entertain fans. If we see the trend of the past few years, we would see, there a huge rise in anime series, mixing genres, and coming up with new ones. We also noticed that the creators are now focusing on creating more relative and appealing storylines among fans. We also saw anime series coming up with weird nomenclature just to attract an audience widely.

There’s a major release currently ongoing named Shine Post, which is getting massive popularity among fans, and fans are really enjoying the series so far. As of now, 9 episodes have been released, and fans are eagerly waiting for the next one. The tenth episode is surely going to bring a lot of entertainment for fans, and that’s why it is important to know its release date along with the correct streaming platform, so we can prepare ourselves for the next one. This article is all you need to prepare yourselves to enjoy Shine Post episode 10 even greater than before.

Shine Post is a Japanese animated series that features a band called TiNgS, consisting of Haru Nabatame, Rio Seibu, and Kyouka Tamaki’s idol unit. The group was on the verge of disbandment, and they must need to fill at least 2 thousand seats to sustain for another day. This dying group then came under the guidance of a highly skilled individual named Naoki Hinase, and they have been working with all of their might to rise to the top. TiNgS members are now rising to the levels above under this new mentor.

Shine Post Episode 5 Recap

Rio Crying

Shine Post Anime Voice Cast:

Shine Post’s massive success couldn’t be possible without its talented voice cast and production staff. Some of the talented voice artists include Suzushiro Sayumi, who voiced Nabatame Haru, the major character of the series. Another major character, Seibo Rio, is voiced by Natsuyoshi Yuuko, and Tamaki Youka is voiced by Kanisawa Moeko. Itou Momiji is voiced by Nakagawa Rika, while Hasegawa Rimo gave a voice to Gionji Yukine.

Kurogane Ren, the supporting character of the series, is voiced by Serizawa Yuu, whereas Hinase Naoki is voiced by Yamashita Daiki. Hirose Miina is voiced by Saitou Kiara, and Hotaru is voiced by Ohashi Ayaka. Kisara Youhei is the producer of the series, while Oikawa Kei was appointed as the director. Rakuda and Higuchi Tatsuto are handling the script work and the adaptation is being done by Studio Kai. 

Shine Post Episode 10 Release Date & Spoilers:

Episode 10 of Shine Post is all set to release on 20 September 2022 for Japanese fans as well as for most of the International audience. The raw format of the episode will air around 09:59 PM IST, whereas the subbed version will stream a little late, around 11:00 PM IST. As the 9th episode aired just yet, we can’t comment anything on episode 10’s spoilers at this point in time.

Shinepost Episode 8 Release Date


In fact, the preview of the 10th episode isn’t out yet, so it might take some days to be able to predict the sequences that might happen in Shine Post episode 10. In case of any major update related to the release date of the episode or the anime itself, we will definitely let you know either by updating this article or by posting a new one. Make sure to connect with us for regular anime updates and facts.

Anime Similar To Shine Post:

If you loved the concept of Shine Post, then there are other anime series as well to those you can give a try. These animes are not exactly like Shine Post but definitely give you the same vibe as this one. The anime includes VazzRock the Animation, King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars, Idoly Pride, and Love Live! Sunshine. The mentioned anime series is quite popular and has a huge fan following in Japan as well as across the globe. 

Shinepost Episode 8 Release Date

Shine Post

How To Watch Shine Post Episode 10?

Shine Post Episode 10 will be broadcast on famous Japanese TV channels like ATX, BS NTV, etc. After this, the anime will be available for the international audience via various global streaming providers. Shine Post episode 10 can be streamed via HIDIVE. You can binge all the previous episodes here as well and will be able to stream the upcoming episodes. Along with Shine Post, HIDIVE also has other popular titles as well.

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