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Shoot! Goal To The Future Episode 12 Release Date: Get-Set-Goal!

Shoot! Goal to the Future Episode 11 Expectations
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It is true that there are many sports anime that surpass even the popular shonen and action-filled anime in each and every aspect, including popularity and net revenue. As the anime season is going on and we are seeing lots of anime airing currently and entertaining fans from different aspects, we want to talk about one such anime, Shoot! Goal to the Future.

This series is getting massive popularity recently 10 episodes have already been released, and the 11th one will be released very. There can be many reasons behind the success of this project, but we personally loved its storyline and the deeply-written characters. The best part I personally loved about this anime till now is, that the series puts every character in the limelight and features the importance of each and every player in the league. This anime has the potential to become the greatest sports anime in the industry for sure.

Shoot! Goal to the Future is a Japanese sports anime based on two major characters, Atsushi Kamiya, and Hideto Tsuji. Atsushi was the captain of Kakegawa high school and later become the captain of the world-famous, Italian soccer time. On the other hand, Hideto is an unmotivated guy who feels no good to be a part of a very weak school soccer team. After their meeting, it marks a new phrase for world soccer and it marks the beginning of the series, Shoot! Goal to the Future. 

Shoot! Goal to the Future Cast:

The cast and production unit seems very motivated and doing their very best to make this project, a big hit. Talented voice artists are putting all of their efforts into voicing different characters and as of now, we are highly impressed with the direction and voice of each and every character.

Some of the talented voice artists include Toriumi Kousuke who voiced Kubo Yoshiharu. Umehara Yuuichiro voiced Kamiya Atsushi whereas Toki Shunichi voiced Kurokawa Subaru. Kokubo is voiced by Tsuchiya Shinba while Matsuhashi, the supporting character is voiced by Satou Yuugo. Yamaguchi Kazuki is voiced by Hozumi Yuya, and Nakano Touya is voiced by Hirose Yuuya.

Shoot! Goal to the Future Episode 10 Recap

Subaru and Jou! from Shoot! Goal to the Future

Nakamura Noriyuki is assigned the role of the director for the series whereas Yamamoto Kouji is handling the position of sound director. Hirota Mitsutaka is managing the series composition, The famous musical group All At Once performed Series Theme Song. The music is very energetic and loved by almost all the fans.

Shoot! Goal to the Future Episode 12 Release Date:

Episode 12 of Shoot! Goal to the Future is all set to release on 17 September 2022 for most of the International audience. The episode will be able to stream around 07:30 PDT, 9:30 CDT, 10:30 EST, and 15:30 BST. If you are a fan of the Indian region, you can stream the episode around 20:00 IST. For Australian fans, the episode will be available to stream at 1:00 ACDT on the other day, i.e. on 18 September.

Shoot! Goal to the Future Episode 11 Release Date Details

Shoot! Goal to the Future Episode 12 Release Date Details

We can’t commit to the spoilers of the upcoming episode at this point in time because the preview of the episode isn’t available yet and there’s no official news regarding the episode spoilers published as of now. We will let you know in case there’s any update regarding the episode or the anime itself. Make sure you follow us to stay connected to all the anime news out there.

Watch Shoot! Goal to the Future Online:

All the released episodes of Shoot! Goal to the Future is available to stream on Crunchyroll. As Crunchyroll is the official streaming provider of this anime, you will be able to watch the upcoming episodes as well on the same platform. In addition to this, you can also enjoy other popular titles like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, etc. here. Crunchyroll’s manga collection is huge and the best part is, that you get access to all the manga with your single subscription. Don’t forget to check out the dedicated anime store for some of the cool anime figures and merchandise.

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