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Oh! My Sunshine Night Season 1 Episode 10: Release Date And Watching Guide

Oh! My Sunshine Night
Oh! My Sunshine Night/ Cr: AIS play

Oh! My Sunshine Night is trending on the internet, all thanks to the chemistry the leads Sun and Khim share. One of the reasons it is becoming more and more well-known every day is the performance of the entire supporting cast. Phayu and Rain, the secondary leads, are the only reasons some fans watch it. In the previous episode, we witnessed Phayu and Rain getting closer. Late at night, when Phayu arrives home, Rain tells him not to worry about what transpired between them and to never give his life up for anyone.

This talk gives Phayu encouragement. All four of them were prepared for their school trip the following day. We see both pairs growing closer to one another during the various games organized by the students for the college trip. Later, we witness them giving each other prolonged glances. It was clear that they both liked one another, albeit Rain was more prepared to date him than Phayu was. As a result, things between them get tense. 

Oh! My Sunshine Night episode 10 release date

Rain and Phayu in Oh! My Sunshine Night 

Sun, however, collapses while playing the game. And Khim is taken aback as he watches ‘Sun’ fall to the ground. Sun is suffering from a heart illness, and Khim does not know that. Fans are eagerly anticipating “Oh! My Sunshine Night season 1 episode 10” after such a delightful previous episode. We will be revealing everything about Oh! My sunshine night, including Oh! My sunshine night season 1 episode 10 release date and how to watch Oh! My sunshine night season 1 episode 10. Let us get into it!

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Oh! My Sunshine Night Season 1 Episode 10: Plot And Expectations

The Kannakool real estate family’s siblings are the show’s stars, called Khim and Rain, and they both are homosexual. Unlike his younger brother Khim, a 3-year student who is reserved and introverted, Rain is a 4-year student who is outgoing and utterly different from him. Phayu, a buddy and bodyguard for the two siblings, is the Kannakools’ butler’s son. After Khim meets Sun, who has just transferred to the university, his entire world appears to change. Sun is a happy person who enjoys guitar playing but was born with heart disease. Until the code-family reunion, Rain has always wanted to befriend Sun since he thinks Sun is cute and naive.


Rain thinks Sun’s eccentricities have the power to alter Khim’s rigid personality. As if by magic, Sun receives the opportunity to play guitar in a classical band and practice with Khim. Sun eventually felt strong affection for Khim, but Khim blocked them out. It is a tale of fate and the problematic relationship between Kim and Sun. Due to the fact that they were in the same band, their friendship was already substantial, but when Pie and Phet from the fencing club got involved, things started to fall apart. Fans hope that Pie fails in ruining Phayu and Rain’s relationship.

Oh! My Sunshine Night episode 10 release date

Sun and Khim in Oh! My Sunshine Night

When everything between Rain and Phayu went perfectly, Pie kissed Rain without permission. Unfortunately, Phayu saw it and now has given up on their relationship, which was soon going to become more significant.

Trigger Warnings

Before watching the upcoming episode, fans may be interested in knowing the viewing age limit, so here it is. Oh! My Sunshine Night has an 18+ certification. According to the “18+” rating for the program, it is only suitable for adults and cannot be appropriate for people below the age of 17. Topics like sexual harassment, LGBT issues, and young people’s discovery of their sexual orientation are covered in this teen drama. The program’s frequent depictions of semi-naked images may offend certain adult community members. Sun has a heart condition, and he is often seen having trouble breathing. You might want to skip the next episode if you have heart problems because this could be uncomfortable for you.

Oh! My Sunshine Night Season 1 Episode 10: Release Date 

So, where can we watch Oh! My sunshine night Season 1 Episode 10? This is an AIS play original series. Oh! My Sunshine Night Season 1 Episode 10 will premiere on AIS Play on September 5th at 5:30 PM IST or 7 PM ICT.

Oh! My Sunshine Night Season 1 Episode 10 Streaming Details

AIS Play offers a variety of foreign and Thai content for free, but only to Thai viewers. Thus, you want to be able to watch the show on AIS play unless you use a VPN. Another alternative is to use the Bilibili TV website for free.

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