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Tiktok Video Under Review? Reasons Behind It


Tiktok is a social networking site owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. This social platform provides short videos ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute containing genres of romance, comedy, and education. It is known to work as a Youtube app and is available on Appstore and Android. You can post anything from your daily life blogs to travel vlogs, cute pet videos, tutorials, etc. It has also provided a platform for young people to showcase their talent and rise to fame, examples being Addison Rae, Loren Gray, Zachking, and any more talented people.

But nowadays people have been complaining about a recent ‘problem’ on Tiktok. After you make a Tiktok video, you can see that your video is being reviewed. Your video may be on ‘Tiktok video under review’ for many days, which has caused many Tiktok users to get frustrated and impatient. Since Tiktok has many young users, many of them being below 16-years old, and with a lot of following, Tiktok would not want its creators or users to promote anything harmful to their massive TikTok following. So, your video goes for reviewing for anything that might be disturbing or lead the young viewers on a wrong mindset.

In this article, we will give you the reason why your TikTok might be under review and how to prevent it.

Adult Content


Tiktok has a lot of users coming from different age groups, including adults, teenagers, and even kids below 13 years, although the official age limit is 13 years old. On the whole, to make a safe digital space, Tiktok would not allow you to post anything related to Adult or Pornographic content. If you do so, it will result in Tiktok bringing down your Tiktok video or them showing the warning ‘Tiktok Video Under Review.’ To be safer, try not to post such content for the betterment of the young audience out there and for yourself. Besides, this helps parents who don’t want their children’s Tiktok feed filled with adult/pornographic content because it would not be a good effect on them.

Violence- Aimed content

One of the reasons for your Tiktok video to be under review is the depiction of violence. I f your video contains violence promoting or self-harm like suicide, it would probably go under review. Violence, either fictional or real, shown in your videos would put your video under constant review. The reason for this is the young audience. It will not take a good toll on a child’s mind if they see a video in which there is bloodshed or violence. They may cause harm to the child’s mind and may even promote the child to cause violence when they grow up.

To stay away from this, make sure to upload videos under moral control.

Video Contains Copyright Issues

This is a rule that not only applies to Tiktok but other social media platforms. Some people see that re-uploading videos from the original creator would make them gain more views faster; this is a clear violation of copyright rule and might put your video under permanent review. Although this goes unnoticed many times, if your video comes under the attention of the original creator, they have the right to take down your video. Your video may contain copyright infringement even if you upload clips of music videos and movies that you do not have a right to, which may be one of the reasons your video must be under review.

The Probable Solutions

You can usually do two things. One of your videos shows the sign ‘Tiktok Video Under Review.’ The first solution is to patiently wait when your video is under review. It usually takes about 48 hours to get your Tiktok video reviewed, and Tiktok would send you a message of whether your video has been made public or your video has been taken down by Tiktok. If you wait for 48 hours and still do not get a notification, wait for a week, and even after that, it doesn’t help try the second solution.

The second solution comes in handy one TikTok doesn’t give you any response regarding your video. If your video is neither getting reviewed nor removed, you can write a report to Tiktok regarding the problem.

Or one of the oblivious solutions is to try to remain safe from violating any of the reasons given n the article. That would be a greater solution.

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I am Aliza Siddiqui and I am from Lucknow. I contribute to the company by writing engaging articles based on Kdrama and Kpop culture. You can contact me at

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