Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date: The Great Rupert

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Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8
New Episode of Sventoonie Airs soon! (Credits: MeTV)

MeTV’s movie review and entertainment series, Sventoonie, will soon be airing its next episode. We’ve seen Toony the tuna review Coleman Francis’ Beast of The Yucca Flats last week, along with other characters of Sventoonie. After talking about horror movies for so many days, Toony has decided to take a break and focus on a comedy movie for the next week. 

Toon In With Me and Svengoolie, both of which are MeTV shows, had a baby, and that show is called Sventoonie, with certain similarities to both shows. Toon In With Me began airing in January of Last year, it involved Toony, a red tuna fish that would comment on clips and famous scenes from well-known movies. Svengoolie, on the other hand, is a very famous Chicago show that started way back in 1970 and continues to air in new seasons.

Featuring Svengoolie (Rich Koz), the show mainly streams horror movies, where Toony or Svengoolie would occasionally show up and present facts & jokes related to the movie. Sventoonie, which was seen for the first time on March 26th, 2022, had Toony as the main host, who would review all sorts of movies, along with Horror themed ones.

Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8
Toony The Red Tuna and Svengoolie (Credits: MeTV)

MeTV began streaming Svengoolie in April 2011 and created the show Toon In With me after 10 years. Seeing both shows gain popularity, it launched Sventoonie. Toony Dresses up as Svengoolie for the show, complete with the mustache and dark attire. The second season was announced 2 months after season 1 ended. It started airing in October 2022.

Sventoonie: The Cast of The Show

Toony is the main host of the series and has been a constant character on the other show, Toon In With Me. He is the co-host along with Bill The Cartoon Curator. The talented voice actor, Kevin Fleming, is the man behind the voice of Toony The Red Tuna. Kevin has also worked on other shows like Looney Tunes and Lego City Adventures.

Other Co-Hosts of Sventoonie include Blob E. Blob, a blobfish, and Trevor Grand. Trevor is voiced by Steven Fleming, while Blob doesn’t speak in words, rather, he chooses to communicate using random sound effects. This certainly adds a hilarious side to the show. A similar idea was applied to Svengoolie, and the viewers enjoyed the sound effects so much that they wanted the creators to bring it back after it had been stopped.

Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 7: Quick Recap

Episode 7 of November 26th, 2022, featured Toony reviewing the classic B-Movie, The Beast Of Yucca Flats. The movie is directed by Coleman Francis and was released in 1961. The story is mostly about a Russian scientist, Joseph Jorasky, who transforms into a psychopathic serial killer after he is exposed to Nuclear radiation. He murders a whole lot of people before finally getting shot by officers. 

While we see iconic scenes from the movie, Diana Rottaway, who never seems to be minding her own business, shows up at the movie show along with her Frankenstein-looking date for the day. As always, the show is filled with entertaining comments from Toony, while Blob provides humorous sound effects.

Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8: Release Date

Episode 8 of Sventoonie Season 2 will be aired on December 3rd, 2022. New episodes of this movie review series are usually released on Saturdays, with each episode having a runtime of  24-30 minutes.

Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8
Toony, Trevor and Blob (Credits: MeTV)

Sventoonie Season 2 Episode 8: What To Expect?

The upcoming episode of Sventoonie will feature Toony The Red Tuna reviewing the classic movie “The Great Rupert.” The movie is about a cute little squirrel who accidentally transfers the fortunes of the Dingle family to the house of Rosalinda Amendola. She had been praying for money, and to see cash flow in from a hole made her think it was a miracle, but it was only Rupert’s doing. Trevor, another cast member of Sventoonie, will be talking about his life.

Where To Watch Sventoonie Season 2?

The show is released on MeTV at 10:00 pm ET & 9:00 pm CT. Information about Sventoonie’s episodes can be viewed online on MeTV’s Website. The show is not aired anywhere else, but short clips of all MeTV shows are available on MeTV’s YouTube Channel.

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