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Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister?

Why did Michael Myers Kill his sister?
Slasher Movie legend: Michael Myers

Back in the Halloween of 1978, John Carpenter, along with Debra Hill, produced what would be known as the best slasher movie of all time. If you don’t know what that means, Slasher Movies involve brutal murder, gore scenes, and massacres as the main horror elements. The movie Halloween introduced Michael Myers to the world. 

With the expressionless mask, the remorseless killing, and the sinister tune accompanying him, Michael became a symbol of horror movies for a long time. Videogames, podcasts, series, and even merch based on Michael Myers were seen in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

The Franchise has seen 12 adaptations after the original movie was released, showing just how much it was loved by people all over the world. The most recent part was released in October 2022, with the movie titled “Halloween Ends” by David Gordon Green and Danny Mcbride.

The Halloween Series: The plot of Halloween, 1978

The story of Michael Myers started when he was just 6 years old, in 1963. He ends up murdering his sister Judith Myers, and his parents, well, send him off to a Sanitarium. At the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, he meets Samuel Loomis, who was considered one of the main protagonists in the earlier parts. The Psychiatrist knows that Michael Myers is not a normal patient and that as soon as they let them run free, he would cause a massacre.

Why did Michael Myers Kill his sister?

Dr. Loomis

Just as he expected, Michael escapes while they take him to a court hearing, he is now estimated to be 21-23 years old. He tracks down the babysitter, Laurie Strodes, after seeing her at his family home.

One by one, he kills all her friends, all while Dr. Loomis is searching for him. Michael ends up cornering Laurie after slashing her arm, and both of them fight until Dr. Loomis finally shoots Michael, which is enough to stop his body fueled by pure evil forces (For a short time).

Why did Michael Myers Kill his sister?

A young Jaime Lee Curtis (Laurie), from Halloween 1978

The movie ends with only Laurie and Dr. Loomis surviving the killings, But Myers escapes, even though he was assumed to be dead. Laurie cries, knowing that he’s out there, waiting to attack again.

Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister?

When Michael returns from Trick or treating, he sees that his sister has invited over a boy, and as soon as that boy leaves, he goes to Judith’s room and stabs her with a knife. The sudden erratic behavior of the child leaves the audience questioning, “why would he do that?.”

Why did Michael Myers Kill his sister?

Judith Myers and her Boyfriend

Because he is the personification of Evil itself, the answer is as simple as that. The story writers of the original movie made sure not to include any explanations or backstories as to why a 6-year-old would kill his sister. If they did, viewers would develop a sense of sympathy for the killer, which would decrease the horror value that Michael Myers would bring.

The only suitable answer would be that he was a psychopathic serial killer with no feelings or aim attached to his killings. Directors like Daniel Farrands tried to give Michael backstories in the movie “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers,” involving him in some sort of Celtic cult that caused him to murder everyone in his bloodline, especially on the night of Halloween. 

Why did Michael Myers Kill his sister?

Michael Myers in his mask

This wasn’t well received by fans of the movie, which led to these parts being ignored by everyone. The lack of any reason behind his murders is what keeps Michael Myers the scariest killer Haddonfield has ever had. He kills for the fun of it.

Where To Watch The Halloween Series?

The movies involved in this series can be streamed online on Netflix, Prime Video, and FuboTV, to name a few. The availability of the movies may vary according to your region. If you need some chills running down your spine and craving morbid gore scenes, Michael Myers movies are perfect for watching.

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