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What Happened To Zion In Ginny And Georgia? A Quick Recap

What Happened To Zion In Ginny And Georgia? Is Zion Really Ready To Settle Down?
Zion Returns to His Family In Season 2 (Credits: Netflix)

Ginny and Georgia season 2 is now available on Netflix and takes it up a notch when it comes to all the drama and chaos we have seen in season 1. It picks up from the cliffhanger where ginny takes her brother and runs away from the house. But today, we will not be talking about that; instead, what happened to Zion in Ginny and Georgia?

As you might remember, Zion, from 1st season, is the father of Ginny and stepfather to Austin. He is a recurring character and can be seen in the present storyline as well as in the flashbacks. While Nathan Mitchell plays the part of Zion, Kyle Bary also plays the Zion (Teenager) from the flashbacks. 

Zion was first introduced to us in the Pilot episode of Ginny and Georgia Season 1. A very fun-loving and easy-going character, very much into art, particularly in photography. Definitely not a person who stays around but despite the fact he has a good relationship with Ginny in particular. 

From the start, we only see the teenage Zion; much later in the series, we meet the adult version in the episode ” Happy Sweet Sixteen Jerk. ” 

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What Happened To Zion In Ginny And Georgia? 

Ok, so now that we have two seasons of Ginny and Georgia, let’s take it season-wise to see what happens with Zion.

Zion In Season 1:

The first few times that we see Zion are in the flashbacks, where we see him and Georgia navigating their love and parenting. The flashbacks give us more about how things unfolded between them and what led to their separation. After years Zion shows up again in their lives on Ginny’s 16th birthday.

Ginny is very happy to see him and, of course, the piano that he gifts her. Afterward, Zion shadows Ginny a bit and gets to know her boyfriend, but is not sure that hunter is the one. Instead, he is more into the thought of Ginny and Marcus having a spark. Back at the house, he shares how he feels with Georgia, but she doesn’t give it much thought.

What Happened To Zion In Ginny And Georgia? Is Zion Really Ready To Settle Down?

Zion and Georgia with Ginny, Flashback (Credits: Netflix)

Zion being back means tension between him and Georgia, that too sexual tension. Which ginny thinks might drove her dad away but she also didn’t want their lives to disrupt as they were settling well in the new city. Zion, on the other hand, was afraid that he and Georgia cant make things right in the long term. 

Zion spends more time with Ginny and even takes her to slam poetry where he does his piece (Reads out one of the slam poetry) which is mostly about the relationship between them. He tells her what he thinks and says that he wants to stay this time. A quick turn of events and later he and Georgia sleeps together, also suggesting that they should get back together.

when the season comes to an end Zion realizes that Georgia is really happy here and decides to leave. But before going he tries to console Ginny who blames all of this on her mother, even after Zion explaining him everything. And that’s the Last we saw Zion in season 1. 

Zion In Season 2:

Season 2 continues the drama and also Zion makes it back into the lives of Ginny and Georgia. The Zion we saw in season 1 was someone who likes to go around, enjoy his life and follow his passion, but season 2 is quite a development for his character. 

He wants to be with his family, as it matters a lot to him, and is completely down to settle down for them. He wants to be there and protect them, And as the series moves forward Zion is someone on whom they can count for emotional support. 

What Happened To Zion In Ginny And Georgia? Is Zion Really Ready To Settle Down?

Zion and Georgia Season 2 (Credits: Netflix)

Zion really gives his all to be there for Ginny, and guide her plus he and Georgia finds a way to deal with parenting. On the other hand, he must also figure out how he can adjust and live his own life while others are carrying their own. 

Zion this season really takes all the limelight whenever he comes on the screen and brings something new to watch for the viewers. As for what more is happening with him, you should definitely check out season 2 of Ginny and Georgia, which apart from Zion, has a surprising end.

You can watch all the episodes of Ginny and Georgia, Season 1 & Season 2, only on Netflix. 

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