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The Interest Of Love Episode 14: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

The Interest Of Love Episode 13 recap
The Interest Of Love Episode 14 Release Date,

The air date for The Interest of Love Episode 14 has arrived. We will provide all the details that the fans of this new Korean melodrama might need to learn about. The post will come in handy for the excited fans, containing The Interests of Love Episode 14’s release date and streaming guide.

Here is a recap of the drama for the fans. Jong and Soo stay together despite Soo discovering that he had lied to her about a gal in his research group. We saw this girl hit on him some days ago, but now it’s a full-fledged romance.

The study partner openly mingles with Jong when Soo joins the party for cocktails one night and tells Soo, “He told me he’s most thankful to you, but he has more fun with me.” While Jong-Hyun merely smiles, Soo eventually exhibits signs of guilt. Jong has already been behaving more demandingly since Mi’s birthday.

He proposes a date to Soo and then displays a pair of wedding bands. Even though the ring is too small for Soo-finger, she accepts it. Because of her internal turmoil, Soo decides to skip work the next day and go to the beach. Sang chooses to leave his job and look for her. Have you given this any thought? Kyung queries. “No,” Sang replies. I’m done with this. 

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The Interest of love: The only recap you will need

Sang quickly locates Soo and joins her on the sand. Between them is a sandcastle that she constructed. They start talking metaphorically, and we understand Soo’s outlook on life. She often built castles as a child because she grew quite close to the sea.

The Interest Of Love Episode 13 recap

Ha and Ahn.

Even though she was aware that they would soon vanish, she always put a lot of effort into them. She would spend the entire night after leaving the shore worrying that someone would topple her sandcastle or wash it away. She began deleting them herself as a result, so she didn’t have to worry.

She tries to knock down the sandcastle, separating them, but Sang stops her. “You might be mistaken.” The sand structure might stand for a very long time. She walks out of the castle alone after he releases his hand. She can see that he has changed. He thinks she’ll be away when he comes back since she wants him to bring her a drink.

When he returns, she has left, and his coat is on the floor because he left it over her. However, she refrained from destroying the sandcastle. Soo visits her father and confronts him about cheating on her mother. “When you fall in love, you simply cannot stop,” he tells her.

Additionally, Soo-Young appears to be requesting permission to interact with Sang-Soo as she desires. She then inquires why her dad returned after her brother’s passing. He claims that it was done out of regret. If they realized how much pain they would eventually endure, no one would choose the course he did.

The Interest Of Love Episode 13 recap


It appears she has withdrawn the permission she had just given herself to love Sang-Su. Her dad is no help, she claims, and she walks away. Later that evening, when Soo starts turning her phone back on, she finds several texts from both Jung and Sang. One is a photo of Sang’s sandcastle on the seashore. She calls and asks, “Can we meet right away?”

When Sang-Su arrives at work the following morning, he queries Soo about her earlier departure. She walks straight by him while ignoring him. After that, Jong-Hyun charges into the bank in search of Soo. When he locates her, he rushes up to her, seizes her, and yells, “Is it truly the case?!” He seems to be going to strike her.

“You know the right answer,” she says. Jong runs over and knocks Kyung to the ground as soon as Sang and Kyung enter. When Jong-Hyun is being pulled away by Sang, he exclaims, “What, did you sleep with Soo too?!” Every person in their workplace is watching the drama. Sang looks at Soo in extreme shock. But Soo is sporting her customary expression of death.

The Interest of Love Episode 14: Release Date

The Interest of Love Episode 14’s release date is February 2, 2023. The Interest of Love Episode 14 will premiere via JTBC at around 10.30 pm KST. the fans from around the world stream The Interest of Love Episode 14 at around 8.30 am EST, 12.30 am AEDT (February 2), 1.30 pm GMT (February 2).

The Interest Of Love Episode 14: Where to watch.

The Interest of Love Episode 14 will be available for streaming via Netflix at times written above. The fans must cross-check their local time with the ones specified above to avoid missing make sure to see The Interest of Love Episode 14 when it releases.

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