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What Happened To Iceman in Top Gun? Why Is He Silent Throughout The Movie?

Top Gun
Kilmer and Cruise in Top Gun

Action, Fights, thrilling adventure, and most heart-racing rolls of film that is enough for any die-hard fan of Adventure movies to get their hearts racing instantly. And to add to that, Tom Cruise, who has been famous for his stunts and, most important, his self-performed action scenes and the fights that he has shot in one go, is something that has gotten everyone’s eyes. 

Any Tom Cruise fan will remember swooning over his 1989 movie Top Gun when he created a whole new name and set a new benchmark for his level of on-screen enthusiasm and energy while having superb off-screen determination and dedication to his film is commendable. Over the years, he has worked in plenty of films with riskier scenes and stunts, but Top Gun has always had a special space in the hearts of fans and shall stay that way further as well. 

The movie was released on 16th May 1989, and the movie was directed by the award-winning director Tony Scott. The hit movie starred Tom Cruise, Kelly McGills, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skeritt, and Michael Ironside. The movie was produced by Jim Cash and James Epps Jr., and many don’t know that the movie is based on a story written by Ehud Yonay by the same name. 

The movie instantly received great views and was considered to be one of a kind for the focussed storyline and the action that kept everyone hooked. The movie has strong themes of patriotism and regard for one’s own country as the Naval officer Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is on a mission to be able to set things in order as he is assigned to be an instructor for the Top Gun to train the new trainees. 

Maverick and Penny

Maverick and Penny Benjamin (credits: Paramount Pictures)

The movie was also turned into a video game that was titled Top Gun: Hard Lock and was regarded to be a great game for the great graphics and thrilling gameplay. The game was published in March 2012 and was released by 505 Games. The game is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The impact of the movie was such that it was reported that post the release of the movie, the American Navy saw a surge in applicants that very year. 

The fans of the movie were overjoyed when they went out to know that Top Gun would be returning for a sequel, and they will be able to see their favorite actor back on the screen after three decades. Top Gun: Maverick indeed was able to gather a lot of audiences, mainly because of the stardom of Tom Cruise and the craze that had bestowed people for decades now. 

Miles Teller

Kilmer and Cruise in Top Gun

The sequel to the first movie returned with huge pomp and show, with most of the old cast returning, including Cruise, McGills and Kilmer, reprising their roles once more. The cast also expanded as it added new characters to the cast, with Miles Teller, Glen Powell, and Jennifer Connelly being added to the cast. This powerful addition to the cats gave the movie a whole direction as the old meets the new. 

Top Gun: Maverick is directed by Joseph Kosinski and is based on the characters created by Cash and Epps. The movie was first released in  CinemaCon in April 2022 and later on for theatres in May 2022 for all audiences. 

Why is Iceman from Top Gun silent in Maverick?

Everyone loved and adored the original characters of Top Gun, who created a special place in the hearts of the fans of the movie, but when we finally got to see the movie, there was one thing that everyone noticed. Iceman is not speaking at all! The role of Iceman is played by Val Kilmer.

Miles Teller

Val Kilmer in Top Gun: Maverick

We know Iceman as one of his closest friends, Maverick, and in part second of the movie, we get to see that he has been promoted to the position of a four-star Admiral. But to our surprise, there are next to no dialogues allotted to the Top Gun star, who holds a significant role in the film series. 

Coming to the reasons for the same is not just story based but also personal. Iceman’s quietness wasn’t simply an added element of the movie. Rather it was deliberately written into the film due to his medical conditions. We see that Iceman had suffered from Throat Cancer and hence, cannot speak until the end of the movie when he tries to motivate Maverick through his crooked and stuttered voice. 

But in reality, like the star, Kilmer was also diagnosed with Throat Cancer, and due to the after-effects of the treatment that he went through the course of his diagnosis, he lost his ability to speak. Even in the movie, his voice was created using AI models with the referrals of his voice from other movies to add to the limited dialogues he spoke.

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