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Teen Wolf The Movie Ending Explained: Will Eli Lead The Teen Wolf?

Teen Wolf The Movie’s Ending provides a glimpse into the futures of various McCall pack members after successfully defending Beacon Hills from a fresh threat. A fresh mystery draws McCall and his pack back to their homeland for a new mission more than ten years after the Annachi.

McCall pack is back and this time they’re not just fighting to stay on the air, they’re fighting to keep their legacy alive. And with the way the Teen Wolf The Movie ends, it’s clear that creator Jeff Davis has big plans for the future of Teen Wolf. Will this be the start of a new era for the beloved series? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, fans of Teen Wolf will not want to miss this highly anticipated return.

Here is Teen Wolf The Movie Ending Explained:

Teen Wolf The Movie Ending Explained

Years after her terrible death, Allison Argent makes a triumphant comeback. But instead of being a cause for celebration, it presents McCall pack with a brand new mystery to solve, one that is particularly challenging to handle because Scott is pitted against the love of his life. Fortunately, the Teen Wolf movie ends fairly positively.

Nearly six years after Teen Wolf was axed by MTV after season six, the show’s popularity has persisted, inspiring the growth of the franchise. This presents the ideal chance to bring the McCall pack back together and revisit some of the show’s most significant stories, particularly Allison’s death.

Scott is back to solve a Mystery

Scott is back to solve a Mystery (CC: Paramount)

Allison’s Return & Eli

In a twist on what happened in Teen Wolf Season 3, Allison’s resurrection was a part of the Nogitsune’s plan to kill Scott so that it could feed on Allison’s suffering. With the help of the McCall pack’s united effort and his significant sacrifice from one of their own, the antagonist is ultimately vanquished in the Teen Wolf movie.

Scott McCall leaves Beacon Hills after years of playing the hero, continuing his life in Los Angeles, where he makes use of his supernatural skills as an alpha in more subtle but significant ways. At that point, Chris Argent convinces him to look back on Allison’s passing so they can rejoin.

Nobody realized that Allison’s appearance in the Teen Wolf movie was an intentional element of the Nogitsune strategy. Fortunately for the McCall pack, it finally grasped this and decided to focus on eliminating the genuine bad guy. The Nogitsune and only are ultimately vanquished, providing Scott and Allison the satisfying romantic reunion they so richly deserve.

Scott receives the ideal resolution in the Teen Wolf movie with Allison returning to his life. They returned to Los Angeles later in the movie, where he resumes his duties as Alan Deaton’s veterinarian. Scott is in a wonderful spot right now. The content he’s in both his personal and professional life.

Scott mentoring Eli Hale

Scott mentoring Eli Hale (CC: Paramount)

However, the Teen Wolf movie positioned him to be Eli Hale’s mentor. He is Derek Hale’s son and the newest member of the McCall Pack. Since the ideal transition plot will maintain Scott’s interest in the developing franchise while simultaneously advancing the plot.

The McCall pack has lost comrades before giving its genre, but Allison’s passing and Teen Wolf season three is likely the darkest one. Therefore, it is a treat to see her in the Teen Wolf movie, especially since her resurrection serves as the film’s main unsolved Enigma. Scott’s faith helped her remember the life she lived before her death, despite the Nogitsune’s attempts to use her hazy memory and turn her against her friends.

Derek Makes The Sacrifice

Teen Wolf movie generally lays up a wonderful future as she rekindles her romance with Scott, even though there are still some unexplained concerns behind her homecoming. Depending on what happens next for the McCall pack, Allison may be able to contribute significantly to the group’s future efforts, even as she works out the mechanics of her resurrection.

Her next move might involve reintegrating herself into the group and the world at largest as she had been absent for a while. Her subsequent appearance may also make up for the fact that the Teen Wolf movie’s small amount of screen time prevented it from capitalizing on the emotional impact of seeing her reunited with all of her loved ones.

Derek Hale makes a comeback in the Teen Wolf movie as the father of 15-year-old Eli. As Eli struggles to accept being a werewolf, their connection is at the center of the direct storyline. Knowing the danger of the Nogitsune’s presence. Derek makes the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life to defeat the bad guy, but not before he formally advocates responsibility for Eli to Scott as a member of the McCall Pack.

Although the direct story may be over, the effects of his death can serve as the starting point for a few more stories, especially Eli’s own werewolf adventure.

Lydia broken up with Stiles

Lydia broke up with Stiles (CC: Paramount)

Lydia Is Not With Stiles

The team Wolf movie features Lydia Martin instead of Dylan O’Brien as Stiles Stilinski. The resident Banshee of the MacCall pack was inspired to return to Beacon Hills after experiencing strange premonitions regarding Allison and her resurrection.

After Lydia stated that she had broken up with Stiles because she began having nightmares about being in a car wreck that kills him. Lydia’s return also successfully sets up a new Teen Wolf mystery in addition to her involvement in determining the origin of the Beacon Hills fire.

Her attempt to stop that was to leave her longtime love. Although Lydia’s dreams are not further explored in the Teen Wolf movie, it is a story that would be interesting to pursue in the future. It might serve as the basis for a spin-off or sequel movie.

In the event that either of these initiatives is realized, Lydia will undoubtedly serve as the focal point of the story. Hopefully, by then, O’Brien will also be able to make a comeback as Stiles from Teen Wolf. The McCall Pack is well represented in the Teen Wolf movie, which also establishes how their lives have changed after the series finale.

Eli Hale Might Be The New Face Of Teen Wolf

Eli, Derek’s kid is introduced as part of the direct story arc. Eli, a werewolf like his father, may end up serving as the franchise’s new face. The Teen Wolf movie does an excellent job building the character, making it the secondary plot, even though the young werewolf had no personal connections to Allison and the mystery surrounding her homecoming, other than being a target.

Teen Wolf The movie ends with Eli’s eyes turning yellow, a sign that he’s ready to embrace his true nature as a werewolf. After struggling to transform for a while, Derek’s death, however tragic it may be, proposed his arc forward. Eli’s tail might perhaps be related to Jeff Davis’ Wolfpack.

Eli Hale

Eli Hale (CC: Paramount)

Despite recent assertions to the contrary, there may be a connection between the new Paramount Plus series and Team Wolf in the future, particularly if Eli takes over as the new alpha after receiving some mentoring from Scott.

Teen Wolf The Movie Review

I’ve seen a lot of people across social media that really love the movie, that say it’s a masterpiece. And also I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t really like the movie and have a lot of bad things to say about it, such as critics. Where do I start with my thoughts on Teen Wolf The Movie?

Tyler Posey posted on Instagram and he mentioned that the fans are getting what they want. I don’t believe this movie really gave that to us. I feel like even Jeff Davis wrote somewhere on Instagram that he was right in the script of the movie as it was being filmed.

So in my opinion whilst watching that movie I could see that a lot of it was rushed and I feel like a lot of the things that happened in the movie didn’t really have to happen right. A lot of the theories, a lot of the predictions from fans, from people like me, across social media, the things that we truly wanted to happen, didn’t really happen.

I thought the CGI would have improved by now, but the CGI truly did not improve at all. I was actually cringing out at some of the scenes. I’m not trying to be so negative about the movie because there were scenes where I was like truly getting the feels that I got in the show. But I feel like the storyline didn’t really match up to where the show left off. And talking about the ships. In a way what the fans wanted didn’t really come out of this movie. Altogether the movie was just OK.

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