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When Is Season 4 Of Westworld Set And Why Is There A Time Jump?

Westworld Season 4

Westworld Season 4 Dropped on Sunday and the show is already making waves among fans. After the aftermath of season 3, we were sure there was going to be a big war that would shape the future. Instead, we get a world and time that has already been through that and dealing with the aftermath. Though there was no way for fans to know the contents of the upcoming season, the first episode is shocking at the very least. Season 3 of West World ended with Humanity gaining control over their future and freedom of choice. Maeve, Caleb, and Dolores’s actions put a stop to Rehoboam’s AI and set the events for the future. However, Season 4 of Westworld brought us new faces with little to no foreshadowing. Which brings the question of who they are and what about the rebellion?

Westworld Season 4

CC: Westworld Franchise

When Is The Season 4 Set And Why Is There A Time Jump?

When the events of season 3 concluded, we were at Neo- Los Angeles in the year 2053. But as the first episode of Season 4 of the Westworld played out, we find ourselves in 2060. The reason behind this is explained by one of the co-creators of the show, Lisa Joy. She explains in an interview why this is. The war stories, while horrible, focus on a narrow but destructive aspect of humanity. Lisa cleared out why the rebellion isn’t the main focus of the show. She summarized the story would end up going in a direction where the show might diverge from the core themes. If the war had been at the forefront of the fourth season, the theme would have leaned heavily on war and the destruction it brings. But there is always an aftermath to be followed. 

Where To Watch Westworld Season 4?

The series originated as an HBO original and as time went on, the series became available on most of the OTT platforms out there. You can watch season 4 as well as previous seasons of Westworld on the sites below.

What does the creator of The Westworld Season 4 say about Time Skip?

West world Season 4 is the story of the war’s aftermath and how people deal with it. But one of the reasons Joy wanted to do the time skip was to stop the show from going too extreme. As Joy said in an interview, “Well, you know, for a lot of people, the big war season will actually be a big focus for this,” She also recounts how overwhelming it can get “But, to me, war is the most basic form of tragedy, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just awful, do you know what I mean? 

“Nothing, not much that you can find out how devastating it is and how sad it is that people get to the point of, you know, how sad it is that all lives are lost.” And what worries me is the legacy of the war, what do we learn from it? How do we survive it?”

Westworld Season 4

CC: Westworld Franchise


What Other reason can there be for Time Skip?

As shows tend to get popular they get their new season greenlit. It happens to most of them all the time, but the reverse is also true where the lacking of popularity might get it canceled. The skip of the rebellion and focus on the character aspects of the show might have been to avoid escalation beyond control. Westworld season 4 might have taken a softer approach to keep things under the rug. But as the creators of the show suggested in an interview, war and bloodshed are not something they are wanting to explore. And having season 4 of Westworld on the legacy of war is not something many shows are willing to take on as a challenge. Whatever your expectation for season 4 might have been, get ready for them to be blown as the show takes a new direction

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