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Who is Nail Pak’s Net Worth? Her Earnings in 2022

Nail Pak's net worth
Nail Pak

Are you curious to know about Nail Pak’s Net worth and Earnings till 2022? If your answer is yes, then, this might be the perfect article for all of you to read. In today’s article, we will be talking about Nail Pak’s net worth and earnings. But before moving to reveal the net worth, we will make you understand the topic and the main highlight of today’s article. So, stay tuned till the end to learn some of the fascinating facts about Nail Pak. In the next section, we will reveal Nail Pak’s net worth and earnings till 2022.

What is Nail Pak? Nail Pak is a three-in-one kit that includes nail paints, a nail file, and nail paint remover to remove the nail paint properly and hassle-free. Nail Pak is the smallest portable product in cosmetic history. It also has achieved great sales since its existence. Now let us learn who owns the product. Barbara Lampugnale is the mother of six daughters and lives in West Hartford, Connecticut. She needed a quick beauty regime and hence invented Nail Pak. The bottle looks like ordinary nail paint, but when you remove the bottom, nail remover pads can be found.

In the upcoming section, we will look at Nail Pak’s net worth and earnings till 2022.

Nail Pak's Net worth

Founder of Nail Pak

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Nail Pak’s Net Worth

In this section, we will be elaborating on the earnings and net worth of Nail Pak till 2022. Barbara Lampugnale presented her unique and extraordinary idea in Shark Tank in 2012 and got a deal from Lori Greiner as she invested $50,000 for 40% in the company. But Barbara asked for $50,000 for 20%. Barbara Lampugnale is the founder of Duality Cosmetics which produced Nail Pak. The cost to make one Nail Pak is $3, while the retail price is $14.99. So you can imagine how much profits the company is earning. Nail Pak’s net worth is estimated to be between $100K to $500K.Β 

Nail Pak's net worth

Nail Pak’s Nail colors

Now that you know the net worth of Nail Pak. Let us learn more about Nail Pak. Initially, the company was called Nail Pak, but now it got renamed Grace Nail. The founder Barbara Lampugnale got the idea to create Nail Pak in a very interesting way.

One afternoon, she and her daughters were applying nail paint, and from there, she got the idea to create Nail Pak. They together discovered how difficult it is to remove the nail paints; after applying for a while, their mother, Barbara, pitched her idea to her daughters. The daughter thought that her idea was worth a million dollars to make it a three-in-one product.

Barabara, unlike other Shark Tank entrepreneurs, possessed the financial means to invest in the concept. She progressed and made it to Shark Tank, and now the business is running successfully. In this section, we learned about Nail Pak’s net worth and earnings till 2022. In the upcoming segment of the article, let us learn more about Nail Pak. How after Shark Tank, she expanded her business and how Lori Greiner contributed to the company. Don’t forget to read the last section as it may contain some more exciting facts.

What Happened to Nail Pak after Shark Tank?

In the above section, we learned about Nail Pak’s net worth and earnings. In this section, our focus is on how after getting a deal at Shark Tank, Nail Pak expanded. Lori Greiner came to rescue Nail Pak as the QVC Queen sold 10,000 bottles the following day on QVC. Her contract with another beauty store named Ulta Beauty led to the expansion of the product to over 500 locations. Many stores reached with the help of Lori Greiner, which expanded the business of Nail Pak.

The Nail Pak sold well on QVC, but later in 2014, the product got vanished, and a new product named Grace Nail got established. The advertisement “As Seen On Shark Tank” is displayed prominently on the website. To sum up the article, we discussed Nail Pak. We discussed Nail Pak’s net worth and earnings till 2022. We also discussed how Nail Pak got expanded after Shark Tank.

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