Disney Shutting Its Lavish Star Wars Hotel

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Walt Disney's Star Wars cruiser (Credits: FOX 35 Orlando)

Walt Disney is one of the most famous and successful franchises in America. It has created numerous fictional movies and characters. Also, contributed successful hits to the box office collection. Walt Disney’s popular Star Wars franchise, which has a massive fan base across the world. It also had three space-inspired genre movies that contributed blockbusters at the box office.

Along with the movies and series, the franchise launched a luxurious space-themed Galactic Star cruiser last year. But it seems like it does not fit into the fan’s budget. Is Star Wars cruiser over-pricey? Why was Walt Disney shutting its expensive Galactic cruiser? Why they built an expensive cruiser, and where is it?

Well, yes, Walt Disney’s Star Wars cruiser is not affordable to all because of its over the price of cost as an adult person must spend roughly twelve hundred US Dollars per night to get an experience in the hotel. And for two people, it costs merely five- thousand US Dollars for a two-night sleepover. Because of its hyper-expensive cost, the cruise struggled to get enough customers. And finds it difficult to continue their hotel, or it might fail to uphold and maintain the lavish hotel. This might be the reason for shutting its galactic-themed hotel business.

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Star Wars
Walt Disney’s Star Wars cruiser (Credits: FOX 35 Orlando)

Exploring the Disney’s Lavish Star Wars Hotel

Disney wrote that they were proud of all the Cast Members and Imagineers who brought Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser to life and looked forward to delivering excellent experiences to guests during the remaining voyages over the coming months. Also, thanked its guest and fans for making that experience so special.

It has been only 18 months since Disney’s Galatic Starcruiser started. As soon as its hotel launched, it showcased expensive decors, themed dining, and some live events which go around for two nights. If three adults with a kid wanted to spend two nights in the hotel, that could cost nearly six thousand dollars. Thus, fans find it ridiculously expensive and think it can put a dent in their wallet.

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Also, if you talk about the Star Wars hotel rooms, which are limited to 100 rooms. Includes immersive theatre, gaming, and heavenly created environment, and a culinary masterpiece. It also offers premium suites for twenty thousand dollars which is extremely expensive. It is a lifetime experience indeed, but that would definitely eat your earnings.

Star Wars
Inside Look of Star Wars Cruise (Credits: CNN)

Undoubtedly, Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel is one of the most creative projects ever made by Disney. But its cost price made them go out of business. If you compare lavish, luxurious resorts, hotel, and theme park around the world, still Star Wars hotel sounds expensive. Even you avail the expensive suites for the cruise’s basic price in any resort. However, Disney announced its discount on Galactic Starcruiser for the first time.

Starcruiser reserved guests can avail of accommodations at the Hotel and get discounts up to seven hundred dollars. It also offered the biggest discount, which was three hundred and fifty dollars per night. And that discount deal comes with a stay-in cruise with an extra night at the beach club or Yacht Club resorts. You can avail of these offers from February to the end of September. But you might have to check out the restricted dates if there are any.

However, Star wars hotel gives you an immersive experience. It can not be compared with any ordinary one. Suites are built so guests can sleep with four to eight passengers or travelers. This includes windows with grand space of vision. That can be more realistic when you experience sleeping in space.

Overall, Disney Star War Hotel is shutting down soon. This shows every pricey thing is not excellent. A perfect example is the Star Wars Hotel, which is one of the most expensive themed hotels worldwide. In addition, Disney also withdrew its upcoming project, which was near Orlando, Florida. The theme park was estimated to be one billion US dollars.

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