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Camdaki Kız Episode 66: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Camdaki Kız Episode 66 preview
Camdaki Kız Episode 66 Release Date,

Camdaki Kız Episode 66’s air date is here. Thus it’s time to review the story so far or episode 65 of this highly watched Turkish drama at the moment before revealing the Camdaki Kız Episode 66’s release date and streaming guide. Hayri requests Nalan’s verdict. The entire family, particularly Selen and Levent, are dissatisfied and disagree with Emir’s association with the business, but Rafet stands by his choice.

Cana becomes enraged as she watches Sedat proclaim that they’ll have a child with Nalan and offers Sedat one final try. Sedat will inform Nalan of all the details if he cannot grant this petition. But somewhere else we see that Hayri does challenge Nalan to try and make a final or definitive choice.

Following Cana’s baby confession, Nalan visits the estate and confronts Sedat and the entire Korolu family. Billur breathes next to Nalan, who left the house despite Feride’s repeated requests. To obtain Cana’s report, Sadat visits the home where Cana and Alp reside.

While there, he chooses another fight with Alp. Sedat and Feride do not intend to consent to Nalan’s leaving. On the other side, Hayri is completely behind Nalan. Then Nalan needs to pay attention to this assistance. Feride urges Billur to answer for himself after noting how Nalan is not in Billur.

Recap of Camdaki Kız Episode 65

Muzo’s assistance enables Hayri to bring Nalan to Billiur’s home. Feride makes a phone call to Hafize and requests that she bring the corset after learning that Nalan is really with Hayri. The corset won’t be sufficient to prevent Nalan from using her ace card.

Cavit is contacted by Gülcihan, who must submit to Cana’s threat. To buy her own home, Nalan approaches Muzo for assistance. He unexpectedly responds to her. Feride devises a fresh strategy to get Nalan to return home and end his relationship with Hayri.

Cavitt cuts Cana off. On the other hand, Rafet dismisses Hayri due to what she discovered. Nalan will need to make a very tough choice. Hayri is unable to handle Nalan’s visit to the estate! Hayri is driven to discover Nalan’s motivation for visiting the mansion again.

Hayri and Muzo discuss everything freely, but Hayri is still deciding whether to give up on Nalan. Billur tries to connect Hayri with Nalan, but events go differently than planned. In celebration of Nalan’s homecoming to the estate, the Koroglu family has supper, and something unexpected happens there.

Camdaki Kız Episode 66 preview

Camdaki Kız Episode 65’s recap.

Sedat is greatly affected by Cana’s passing and is drawn closer to Nalan. Sedat feels more compelled than ever before to have a child with Nalan. Feride is also prompt in setting up the proper conditions for Nalan and Sedat to be alone. Nalan was shocked by Hayri’s final action.

He is once more conflicted about his love for Feride. On the other side, Hayri acts upon the information she obtained from Billur. Nalan and Feride’s altercation occurs. Hayri encounters Feride and Muzo due to his opposition to entering the estate. He leaves before something happens because of Muzo.

Metin informs her that he is eager to invite Nalan or has something to say concerning his father. Nalan has arrived from their little holiday with Sedat, but Metin is searching for her. Following their encounter with Metin, Feride and Nalan engage in a heated argument, following which Feride makes a crucial decision.

Camdaki Kız Episode 66 preview

Camdaki Kız Episode 65’s recap.

The passing of Feride has Nalan in shock. Nalan finds it difficult to comprehend that Feride is gone, but eventually, she will have to. Despite losing Feride, he is committed to carrying out Feride’s wishes for him. Muzo is the one who supports Nalan the loudest, but when Hayri does not get the facts she wants from Nalan, she goes yet further. On the other side, Metin is committed to seeing Nalan again.

When is the Camdaki Kız Episode 66’s release date?

Camdaki Kız Episode 66’s release date is 26th January 2023 at around 8 pm on Kanal’D. Camdaki Kız Episode 66 will premiere on the said channel only for Turkish fans and watchers. In comparison, fans from other nations can stream via the streaming option listed below.

Camdaki Kız Episode 66: Where to watch

Camdaki Kız Episode 66 will stream via the YouTube page a day after its Turkish release for international fans and watchers. Although the fans are from abroad, they must wait a few hours for the channel to upload English subtitles along with the episode.

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