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100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time
100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

100 Best Action TV Shows of All Time, this is going to be long yet a ride filled with a lot of action. Now there are lots, and lots of Action TV shows made being made in the long history of television, but not all of them are worth your time. So we have listed down 100 of the top action shows, along with their basic plot, that you can watch.

We will be going through a lot of shows which are just action, action-adventure, action-comedy, and action-fantasy, along with some of the best-animated action TV show. As you go along the list, the quality of the show will increase with top-rated Action shows in the top 10. I will highly recommend you to watch the Top 10 Best Action Shows from our list as it contains some of the Alphas of the Action genre or TV shows as a whole.

Here Are The 100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time:

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100. Angel

In a city overcrowded by warlocks, demons, and some really horrible lawyers, a monster of the night becomes LA’s greatest hope. Angel, a vampire with a soul who formerly terrorized Europe as a terrible vampire, now helps the defenseless in order to receive his prize from the Powers That Be—to be forgotten and reclaim his humanity.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


In pursuit of his goal, he forms Angel Investigations with the support of an odd (but highly effective) group of anti-evil fighters, including aspiring actress Cordelia Chase, educated Brit Wesley Wyndam-Price, and street fighting pro Charles Gunn.

99. Blindspot

Jane Doe, a woman with no memory of her history, is discovered naked and completely covered in complex tattoos in Times Square. The FBI is immediately drawn to the massive and complicated mystery that her discovery ignites, and as they follow the trail of her tattoos into a bigger criminal plot, she gets closer to learning the truth about who she really is.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


98. Almost Human

The action-packed police series Almost Human is set 35 years into the future when police officers work alongside highly advanced androids that resemble humans. It is the year 2048. Meet John Kennex, a police officer who survived one of the most devastating assaults on the police force ever. He can only recall that his companion was killed, his lover, Anna Moore, left him after the incident, and that he lost one of his feet and is now wearing a highly advanced prosthetic appendage after emerging from a 17-month coma.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Almost Human

John returns to work at the request of longstanding ally Captain Sandra Maldonado despite suffering from despair, mental decline, trauma-onset OCD, PTSD, and the “psychological disapproval of his synthetic body part.” Every cop is required by law to pair with a robot. John is teamed with an MX-43 that is prepared for battle despite his strong dislike of androids.

97. Alias

For 7 years, Sydney Bristow thought she was employed by SD-6, a secret division of the C.I.A. The head of SD-6 and a longtime family friend, Arvin Sloane, however, has her fiancé killed after she tells him about her position. With this devastating incident, Sydney discovers not only that SD-6 is a hired terrorist organization but also that her father is a member of SD-6. Sydney then collaborates with the C.I.A. as a double agent, working alongside her father, a second double, to bring down SD-6.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


This is just the start of a path filled with deceit, murder, lies, and skepticism. Sydney Bristow struggles through love difficulties, discovers the truth about her mother, loses a friend in a completely unbelievable way, slips into months of pain and confusion, and is tormented by countless disclosures that are yet to come.

96. Nikita

When Nikita was a disturbed teen, a secret U.S. organization called Division saved her from death row by simulating her execution and telling her she was being given another chance to begin a new life and serve her country. They kept it a secret from her that she was receiving assassination and spy training. Nikita never lost her humanity during her hard training at Division; in fact, she even fell in love with a non-combatant.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


Nikita recognized she had been deceived and her dreams destroyed by the one person she had believed she could trust after her fiancé was murdered, so she did what no one before her was able to do: she escaped. Nikita is now pursuing vengeance and making it known to her old bosses that she’s going to stop at nothing to expose and shut down their secret operation after spending the last three years in hiding.

95. Alice in Borderland

While being pursued by police, Arisu and his two closest friends, Chota and Karube, are hiding in a subway bathroom. When they finally leave, they discover that Tokyo is now completely deserted and devoid of any inhabitants. After that, they will be made to play games that are life and death, with only victory as a result, of which those who choose not to play are put to death by the game’s designer.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Alice in Borderland

94. Chicago Fire

Our 100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time start with Chicago File. The show focuses on the lives of the paramedics and firemen stationed at the firehouse of the Chicago Fire Department. Following the passing of firefighter Andrew Darden, loyalties become strained and divided as Lt. Matthew Casey, the commander of Truck 81, and Lt. Kelly Severide, the commander of the special rescue team, place blame on one another.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Chicago Fire

Despite their differences, the firefighters unite after firefighter Christopher Herrmann almost died. Under the direction of Battalion Chief Wallace Boden and the doctors Gabriela Dawson and Leslie Shay, the crew regularly makes life-or-death decisions but nevertheless treats one another like family and makes sure to watch out for one another no matter what.

93. Star Trek: Enterprise

Next on the list is for Star Trek fans. It is time for Humans to escape the control of the Vulcans, who have held them captive for a century despite having invented the warp drive and made contact with them. Fortunately, a strange occurrence involving the Tsuliban allows the Enterprise to make its first trip at warp speed. After this maiden expedition, Captain Archer faces a number of difficulties as he explores further discovery.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Star Trek Enterprise

As a result of his conflicts with alien warships, superhuman creatures, parallel realities, and time travel, he shows high leadership and wins the allegiance of chief engineer Trip and communications officer Hoshi.

92. Jericho

Jericho is a drama that explores what happens in the town of Jericho following a nuclear explosion. The people of Jericho start reconstruction projects to reestablish the town’s power and connectivity to the outside world after the fight with New Bern. The people of Jericho grow skeptical of their new leaders as the Cheyenne government works to fortify its presence in the area, and they start to wonder why their town is so crucial to this newly established government.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


91. CSI: Miami

Former homicide detective Horatio Caine is in charge of a team of detectives that investigate murders in Miami’s hot, tropical setting and diverse cultural hub. His group consists of Calleigh Duquesne, a multi-lingual Southern charm with a specialty in the rate of fire, and Eric Delko, an underwater retrieval expert who fully understands all the curves and turns of the Florida waterways.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

CSI Miami

Alexx Woods, the frank and seasoned coroner, completes the group. Ryan Wolfe, a former Patrolman, joins the group after Speedle is killed in battle. Together, these detectives gather and examine the evidence to identify the culprits of crimes and to defend the victims, who frequently are powerless to defend themselves.

90. The Last Ship

A devastating virus has wiped out a huge proportion of life on this earth. In an effort to create a vaccination, the USS Nathan James destroyer from the US Navy is sent on a scouting mission. Doctor Rachel Scott, a renowned microbiologist, and immunologist, have joined the team. She is in charge of creating the vaccination. In order to finish the task, the ship must go to various places throughout the world, encountering numerous obstacles along the way.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

The Last Ship

89. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

This series takes place after the story of Terminator 2. The Connors are now again being hunted by Skynet’s agents from the future as a result of the sacrifices of Dr. Dyson and the T-800 Model 101 Terminator. After realizing their nightmare isn’t ended, they decide to stop running and concentrate on preventing the creation of Skynet.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles

With the assistance of Derek Reese, a future Tech-Com officer whose past is connected to the Connors. They set out on a mission to prevent the US military and an unknown future conspiracy from developing a program that will do whatever it takes to end humanity.

88. Sleepy Hollow

The main character of the television series Continuum is an ordinary cop from 65 years in the future who gets stuck in present-day Vancouver. Fortunately for Kiera, she meets with tech whiz Alec Sadler, 17, with the help of her CMR, a futuristic fluid chip technology installed in her brain. Kiera’s top priority is to return “home.”

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Sleepy Hollow

But until she finds out how she must survive in our time and make the most of all the resources at her disposal to find and catch the terrorists before they change history to the point where they affect the future. After all, if the future you left isn’t there, what’s the purpose of going back?

87. Shadowhunters

In Shadowhunters, a human-angel hybrid named Clary Fray, age 18, learns on her birthday that she’s not who she believes herself to be but rather is descended from a long chain of Shadowhunters who hunt demons. When her mom, Jocelyn, is abducted, Clary and her friend, Simon, are forced into the world of demon slaying together with the mysterious Shadowhunter Jace.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


Clary now finds herself surrounded by vampires, faeries, warlocks, and werewolves, and she embarks on a path of self-discovery as she finds more about her past and sees what the future may bring.

86. The Last Man on Earth

There is only one man left on earth, Phil Miller after a terrible virus has spread throughout the world. He was once a regular guy who loved his family but hated his job. Phil is currently looking for more survivors across the nation in his RV.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

The Last Man on Earth

He has visited every city, town, and region in the United States, Mexico, and Canada but has not been able to find anyone. Phil is painfully aware as he makes his way back to Tucson, his hometown, that he is probably the last person to ever walk the earth. He only wants someone—anyone—to meet him in Tucson, preferably a woman.

85. Stargate: Atlantis

Dr. Major Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir organize a research expedition to the ancient, deserted city when Stargate Command learns that it is the city of the Ancients, Atlantis, in the Pegasus Galaxy. Once there, the team discovers that they are unable to communicate with Earth and that the deadly enemies of the Ancients, The Wraith, have unexpectedly come to life again and are looking for this new prey.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Stargate Atlantis

The Atlantis Team now embarks on a mission to learn more about their new home while also fighting a war of survival out against Wraith with the support of newly found local friends like Teyla Emmagan.

84. Godless

Frank Griffin, a notorious felon, and his band of outlaws are out to take revenge on Roy Goode, a former apprentice who left the brotherhood. Roy, who is on the run, finds refuge in the remote mining community of La Belle, New Mexico, where he cohabitates with Alice Fletcher, an outcast and a bitter widow. Griffin’s deadly gang is faced with resistance from the citizens of La Belle, a town that is primarily run by women.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


83. Kingdom

Set during the Joseon era. When the king catches smallpox, rumors begin to circulate that he has passed away. The Haewon Cho Clan, which includes the present pregnant queen and her father, Chief State Councilor Cho Hak Joo, has branded Crown Prince Lee Chang a traitor. The Crown Prince visits Dongnae with his bodyguard Moo Young in order to track down the physician who treated his father, Lee Seung Hui, but instead finds himself stuck there with the nurse Seo Bi and the mysterious man Young Shin in a neighborhood where a mysterious disease is common.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


82. Star Trek: Picard

A short time after Romulus was destroyed, Starfleet broke its earlier promise to help with the city’s evacuation.  The Mars Colonies were attacked by a unit of “Rogue” Starfleet Synthetics, which sparked a chain of extraordinary events that resulted in a global conspiracy. After ten years of retirement, Jean Luc Picard receives a request for help from a total stranger. It brings up troubling questions that no one will be able to answer. Picard must now make the first move and meet these difficulties head-on.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Star Trek Picard

81. Mirzapur

Akhandanand Tripathi is a filthy rich rug exporter and the mobster don of Mirzapur. Munna, his son, is a worthless and ambition-driven heir who will do anything to inherit his father’s fortune. He meets Ramakant Pandit, a reputable lawyer, and his sons Guddu and Bablu during a wedding procession. Guddu and Bablu are forced to follow a route that leads to darkness one day and transform into Mirzapur’s lions in order to serve the King of Mirzapur.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


However, the prince of Mirzapur is taken aback by their rise. Which of them will fall to the brutality and power, and what destruction is in store?

80. Marco Polo

“Marco Polo” is based on the renowned explorer’s travels in Kublai Khan’s court in 13th-century Mongolia and takes place in a realm filled with greed, sexual intrigue, betrayal, and rivalry. After learning of his dad’s abandonment in the Mongol Khanate, Marco Polo is shocked and falls down into a world of power, greed, and bloodlust.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Marco Polo

Having been received as a guest by Kublai Khan, he is lonely and tries to impress the Khan by being a helpful guest. His journey continues as he falls in love with Princess Kokachin and joins the Khanate in its battles with the Chinese Dynasty.

79. Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii has a state police department of its own, but the governor has established a special task force, known as “Five-0,” to look into significant crimes on the islands. The squad is led by reserve naval officer Steve McGarrett, with Danny Williams serving as his second-in-command. Together, they take on a variety of crimes with more severe repercussions than those handled by the Honolulu Police Department, including as significant organized crime and terrorism.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Hawaii Five-0

78. All of Us Are Dead

The teenagers of a Korean high school were going about their regular day when one of them returned from the science lab sick with an unidentified virus. While his students battle to survive until help arrives, the army desperately questions the mad science teacher who started it all as the illness spreads outside of the school and all over the peninsula.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

All of Us Are Dead

77. Burn Notice

Professional spies are not simply fired like other employees. In its place, they are “burned.” And if you get burned, you’re exposed and have nothing to show for it. You are stuck in whatsoever city the agency chooses to leave you in if you have no cash, credit, credit score, or employment history.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Burn Notice

One of these spies is Michael Westen. After being burned, he decides to exact revenge on those responsible. But in order to accomplish this, he determines he cannot do this by himself and forms a team of individuals from his past. They take on cases that benefit people all across Miami as a team.

76. Agent Carter

In the first season, which is set in 1946, Peggy Carter must juggle her usual office work for the Strategic Scientific Reserve in New York City with helping Howard Stark, who is falsely accused of providing lethal weapons to American enemies. Edwin Jarvis, Stark’s butler, helps Carter find the criminals and get rid of the weapons.

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Agent Carter

In the second season, Carter relocates from New York City to L.A. in order to deal with the Secret Empire’s dangers posed by the Atomic Age in the wake of World War II. While there, she makes new friends, finds a new home, and perhaps even finds a new love interest.

75. Revolution

Electricity is important to our way of life. So what if it suddenly stopped working? The world is suddenly thrown back into the Dark Ages one day, like a switch being turned off. After 15 years, life has returned to the way it was before industrialization. Life is nicer and slower now. But is it?

100 Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


When a local militia shows up and murders the young woman’s dad, who mysteriously may have been involved in the blackout, the young woman’s life is drastically changed. This traumatic experience sends her and two unusual friends on a risky coming-of-age journey to uncover the truth about the past in the hopes of recovering the future.

74. Star Trek: The Original Series

The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, which represents the United Federation of Planets (which includes Earth), is on a five-year journey in space to explore new worlds, look for new life and new societies, and bravely go where nobody has gone before in this sci-fi action-adventure series from the 1960s.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Star Trek The Original Series

James Tiberius “Jim” Kirk, a tall, hunky captain, is in charge of the Enterprise. The television show follows them as they encounter exotic alien races—both friendly and hostile—while exploring uncharted worlds. Aliens, egotistical computers, time paradoxes, crazed murderers, and perhaps even Khan Noonien Singh are all faced by the Enterprise and her crew.

73. Falling Skies

Most of the world is completely paralyzed during the terrible aftermath of an alien attack. The few survivors formed a group outside of major cities six months after the initial invasion to start the challenging task of fighting back. As citizen troops fight to defend the people under their care while also waging an insurgent campaign against the invading alien force, every day is a test of survival.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

The Falling Skies 

72. Designated Survivor

In the eagerly anticipated show Designated Survivor, Kiefer Sutherland plays Tom Kirkman, a lower-level cabinet member who is unexpectedly named President of the United States following a devastating attack on the American Capitol during the State of the Union. In this gripping action thriller, Kirkman must deal with the pretty unstable political landscape while directing the investigation to uncover the culprits of the attack and prevent the nation and his own family from collapsing.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Designated Survivor

71. Legion

The tale of David Haller, a disturbed young man who might be more than human, is told in the show Legion. David has spent years in and out of psychiatric hospitals after being diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child. David, who is now in his early twenties and is once more independent, gets caught up in the rhythm of his routinely organized daily life.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


When Syd, a stunning and troubled new patient, arrives, David’s routine is dramatically ruined from its peaceful numbness. After a dramatic encounter in which Syd and David find themselves mysteriously drawn to one another, David is forced to face the terrifying possibility that the voices and visions he has been hearing may possibly be true.

70. Stargate SG-1

To participate in a secret rescue mission, General Hammond calls Colonel Jack O’Neill out of retirement. In addition to the possibility that scientist Daniel Jackson is still alive, O’Neill admits that he disobeyed orders to shut down the Stargate on Planet Abydos.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Stargate SG-1

When O’Neill and his team reach Abydos, the scientist is waiting for them. He has just unearthed a massive, complex inscription written in hieroglyphics. The SG-1 team’s aim to travel throughout the cosmos in time is now a reality since all evidence suggests that this is a map of the various Stargates that exists throughout the galaxy.

69. Doom Patrol

Elasti-Girl, Robotman, Negative Man, and Crazy Jane are reimagined as one of DC’s most beloved cast of outcast Super Heroes under the direction of current mad scientist Dr. Niles Caulder. Each Doom Patrol member underwent terrible mishaps that gave them superhuman abilities to defend Earth from what they discovered.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Doom Patrol

The Doom Patrol is a team of super-powered misfits that fight for a world that doesn’t want anything to do with them. They are a support group and a superhero team rolled into one. Following the events of Titans show, Doom Patrol will find these reluctance-filled heroes in a situation they never expected, summoned to action by none other than Cyborg, who offers them a difficult job.

68. Adventure Time

The world of Adventure Time is a post-apocalyptic version of Earth that was ruined by a nuclear war referred as the “Mushroom War” a thousand years prior to the events of the series. It tells the story of Finn Mertens, a little hero boy, and Jake, his talking yellow dog and adoptive elder brother, who can stretch into whatever shape he wants. Together, they embark on several adventures, taking on dangerous foes and hanging out with friends like Marceline, the Vampire Queen, and Princess Bubblegum.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Adventure Time

67. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

This series traces the events that occurred between Star Wars: Episode II and Star Wars: Episode III. It centers on Obi-wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor), Anakin Skywalker (Matt Lanter), and Yoda (Tom Kane) during their time in the military. Additionally, this series introduces fresh faces to the Star Wars canon, such as Captain Rex and Anakin’s pupil Ahsoka Tano.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Star Wars The Clone Wars

66. Ms. Marvel

As a 16-year-old fan of the Avengers, especially Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan finds it difficult to fit in until she gets her own superhuman powers. Kamala is imaginative, especially when it comes to Captain Marvel. Before acquiring superpowers similar to the heroes Kamala admires, she felt like she didn’t belong at school and occasionally even at home.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Ms. Marvel

65. Titans

In a gritty spin on the original Teen Titans franchise, Titans follows teenage heroes from around the DC Universe as they mature and discover their place in the world. Dick Grayson becomes involved in a conspiracy that can bring Hell to Earth with Rachel Roth, a unique young woman who has been taken over by a strange evil. Along the road, they are joined by the impulsive Starfire and the endearing Beast Boy. Together, they form a hero team and a fictitious family.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


64. Justified

U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is a contemporary lawman who practices justice in a way that makes him a target for criminals and puts him at issues with his superiors in the Marshal service. Givens is transferred to the U.S. District which includes the town where he was raised as a result of that conflict.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


He is an anachronism, a hard-working gentleman with a soft voice who finds his quarry appealing but never yields. If you scratch under his calm exterior, you’ll find a furious man who lived a rough life with an outlaw dad in rural Kentucky and who knows much more about who he does not really want to become than who he actually is.

63. Banshee

Following a 15-year prison sentence, a guy recently freed from custody sets out to find his ex-girlfriend and finds her in the quiet-appearing Amish community of Banshee, Pennsylvania. He arrives just in time to see Lucas Hood, the recently appointed sheriff, killed. He adopts the identity of the new Sheriff since he needs to start a new life, and no one knows what the new Sheriff looks like, not realizing that he may be in danger. His pre-prison background is still following him.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


62. Black Sails

Follows Captain Flint as well as his pirates 20 years before Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic book “Treasure Island.” The main characters in the series are a band of pirates based in Nassau, Bahamas. We get to know historical characters like Governor Woodes Rogers, Captain Charles Vane, Jack Rackham, and Anne Bonny, as well as fictional characters like Captain Flint and Long John Silver.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Black Sails

61. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

When mere heroes are insufficient, the world needs legends. After seeing the future, the time-traveling rogue pledges to do everything in his power to stop it from happening. Rip Hunter is tasked with putting together a misfit team of heroes and villains to fight an irresistible threat, one that not only puts the world in danger but also all of the time. Can this misfit team stop a threat that is unlike anything they have ever faced?

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

60. Gravity Falls

Dipper and Mabel Pines, twins, are forced to spend the summer in Gravity Falls, Oregon, with their great-uncle Grunkle Stan. Grunkle Stan gets the children to help him in running his tourist trap, The Mystery Shack. The twins make an effort to fit in with their strange surroundings, but they soon realize Gravity Falls is unique and start to uncover its secrets.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Gravity Falls

Dipper and Mabel confront the impending mysteries around them by using the cryptic notebook he finds that provides insight into the town’s secrets and their strong desire to defeat evil.

59. Peacemaker

Picking up the story where The Suicide Squad (2021) Movie left off, Peacemaker, who has recovered from his fight with Bloodsport, returns home but finds that his freedom has a cost. Peacemaker Christopher Smith is required to join the enigmatic A.R.G.U.S. black ops team “Project Butterfly.” They’re on a quest to find and get rid of parasitic, butterfly-like insects that have infected humans all across the world.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


58. The Defenders

The vigilantes Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist team up in New York City to fight The Hand a few months after episodes of Daredevil’s Season 2 and a month after Season 1 of Iron Fist.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

The Defenders

A group of four exceptional heroes united by the desire to save New York City. This is the story of 4 isolated individuals, each struggling to overcome their own obstacles, who come to the realization that they might be stronger as a group.

57. What If…?

What If…? turns the MCU on its head by trying to rewrite significant events from the movies in unusual ways? The first animated series from Marvel Studios focuses on several MCU heroes and has a voice cast that includes many actors who have previously played those characters. In the first episode, Peggy Carter, rather than Steve Rogers, consumes the Super Soldier Serum to transform into Captain Carter. It appears that this multiverse superhero also appears frequently in further What If episodes.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

What If

56. The Pacific

The Pacific covers the actions of a U.S. Marine Corps squad fighting the Japanese Empire in the Pacific during World War II. Outlining the struggles of the average person during conflict follows a similar line of reasoning.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

The Pacific

The Pacific features a more sensitive side when showing the bonds (brotherhood) of Marines mostly on the battlefield while still being a fast-paced war story that action fans will enjoy. The Pacific diverges from its “older brother” in how it portrays the life of troops who were chosen to come home in order to increase the selling of war bonds.

55. The Family Man

In the gritty action show “The Family Man,” a middle-class man working for a specialized unit of the National Investigation Agency is the main character. While attempting to defend the country from terrorist attacks, he must also safeguard his family from the effects of his low-wage, high-pressure, and secretive work.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

The Family Man

54. Reacher

Based on Lee Child’s books.  Jack Reacher, a veteran Military Police officer, is caught up in a deadly case involving corrupt police, shady businesses, and cunning politicians when he is mistakenly accused of a murder he did not commit. He is forced to deduce what is going on in Margrave, Georgia, using nothing but his brain.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


53. Killing Eve

Eve’s life as a spy isn’t turning out the way she expected it to when she started. She is a brilliant, desk-bound MI5 security officer who is unsatisfied with her job. Villanelle is a skilled assassin with unstable emotions who clings to the comforts of her profession. As Eve is charged with finding the psychotic assassin, Villanelle and Eve engage in a vicious game of cat and mouse, both women equally totally obsessed with the other. “Killing Eve” stands out in a sea of written plots as a refreshingly enjoyable and great deal of fun.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Killing Eve

52. Star Trek: The Next Generation

The long-awaited sequel to Star Trek, this show is set in the 24th century, approximately seven to eight decades after the exploits of the original members of the starship Enterprise (1966). The brand-new Enterprise NCC 1701-D, commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, ventures out to faraway planets in search of new life and bravely go where no one has ever gone before.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Star Trek The Next Generation

51. Star Trek: Discovery

Around ten years prior to the events of Star Trek: The Original Series, Captain Michael Burnham’s actions caused the United Federation of Planets, as well as the Klingon Empire to go to war, and this is when the series kicks off. She receives a court-martial, a demotion, and a new assignment onboard the USS Discovery, which is equipped with the “Spore Drive,” a novel kind of propulsion.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time

Star Trek Discovery

Discovery helps in putting a stop to the Klingon war following an excursion in the Mirror Universe. Next, they fight a renegade artificial intelligence while looking into seven enigmatic signals and the strange “Red Angel” figure. The Discovery departs from this battle and heads more than 900 years into the future to the 32nd century.

50. Supergirl

Years ago, Kal-El was transported to Earth to escape the impending destruction of Krypton. Kara, his older cousin, was also supposed to travel with the baby as his guardian. Unfortunately, Kara was mistakenly diverted into the eternal Phantom Zone for years before she was eventually located by her cousin, who had matured into Superman, decades after she had finally returned to Earth.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


Her foster sister tried to introduce her to the private Department of Extra-Normal Operations, devoted to fighting alien threats including all those Kara unknowingly led to Earth. With this support, the Maid of Might now assumes the role as Earth’s newest hero while facing new threats from allies and enemies.

49. Smallville

After a meteor shower surges from the heavens, raining chaos on the poor innocent citizens of Smallville, years go by, and the recovery process leaves the town’s residents with scars and secrets. A popular but awkward teenager searches for the purpose of his existence and his mysterious history in the aftermath of tragedy. Clark discovers that his power and unusual abilities unavoidably place him apart from his peers as he deals with the transition from childhood to manhood.

Best Action TV Shows Of All Time


48. Iron Fist

After being believed dead for 15 years, Danny Rand makes a comeback. When Danny returns to New York City, he finds out that his childhood friend, who now controls his parents’ business, has questions about whether the genuine rich kid really has a right to oversee the family business. With his mastery of the marshal arts, Danny has reached a position of great power. Danny is given the task of destroying a secret group known as the Hand.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Iron Fist

47. The Terminal List

Based on the best-selling books written by Jack Carr, a retired Navy SEAL in real life. The story centers on Navy SEAL Lt. Commander. James Reese, who unexpectedly escapes a vicious ambush that kills his whole unit. He is the only one to have survived the cover-up, and it turns out that there is a conspiracy at work. They had no idea how far a driven SEAL would go when they had nothing at all to lose and were out for retaliation.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

The Terminal List

46. Luke Cage

Luke Cage, a superhero with superhuman strength and indestructible skin thanks to a botched experiment, runs away and tries to start over in contemporary Harlem, New York City. However, he is quickly drawn out of the shadows and forced to fight for the city’s center, forcing him to face a past he had hoped to forget.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Luke Cage

45. Sacred Games

Inspector Sartaj Singh, who is constantly discouraged by his superiors Parulkar and Majid, gets a call from an unidentified criminal telling him he has 25 days to save Mumbai. Ganesh Gaitonde is identified by Sartaj as being the long-missing mobster who formerly operated in Mumbai. Sartaj finds Gaitonde, but before he can be arrested, he shoots himself.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Sacred Games

This incident may put many powerful people in danger who had a secret connection to Gaitonde. Anjali Mathur, a RAW agent, works with Sartaj to identify what will happen in Mumbai over the next few days.

44. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

There were numerous gladiators who went through the gates into the sand before Spartacus defeated his first opponent in the arena. In the period before Spartacus’ arrival, when honor was only beginning to make its way into the arena, “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” chronicles the tale of Gannicus, the first Champion of the House of Batiatus.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Spartacus Gods of the Arena

43. The Last Kingdom

The time period for the show is around 800-900 A.D. in England. The fight is between the Vikings, who are eager to expand their territory, and the local English population, or, more precisely, the Saxons, who want to defend their current territory and drive the Vikings out of England. The primary character, Ubba (Ubbe Lothbrok), and Guthrum are fictional characters, although their places of birth and enemies are actual people.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

The Last Kingdom

42. Chuck

Chuck Bartowski is forced into a world of spies, risk, and madness when he unintentionally reads an email full of government secrets sent to him by an old college friend after being expelled from Stanford and trapped in a dead-end job as a computer geek for the Buy More. Both the CIA and NSA deploy one operative to look out for him and make use of his newly acquired skills.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time


41. Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan works as an analyst for the Terror, Finance, and Arms Division of the CIA (TFAD). He begins to observe strange transactions involving Suleiman taking place in Yemen. They travel to Yemen to conduct their investigation with the support of James Greer, his new boss.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Jack Ryan

CIA analyst Jack Ryan’s search for information forces him out of the safety of his desk job and into a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a rising terrorist figurehead who is plotting a massive attack on the US and its alliances in Europe and the Middle East.

40. The Book of Boba Fett

The notorious bounty hunter, Boba Fett, has returned and is now seated on Jabba the Hutt’s throne on Tatooine. If you follow his orders, he will turn your life into a dream; if you don’t, you’re a dead man with no chance of survival. But how long will Boba rule until someone overtakes his throne? Boba will change how criminals operate in the galaxy and guide a new wave of honor that will overthrow the dishonest system.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

The Book of Boba Fett

39. NCIS

Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a special agent with the NCIS, is in charge of the Major Case Response Team. Former Marine Gibbs is a fierce investigator and an expert interrogator who places as much weight on his intuition as on the evidence. His team of special operatives is stationed in Washington, D.C., and they travel all over the country and sometimes the globe to solve crimes affecting Marines, sailors, and their families.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time


38. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In this story, the chosen one must face up to the vampires, and Buffy Summers is the one who knows it by heart. And despite her best efforts to act like a “regular girl,” she is unable to avoid her fate. Thankfully, she has the support of her friends, the funny evil-fighting group known as “The Scooby Gang,” in her mission to save the planet. Together, Buffy and her friends will defeat their demons, face one disaster after another, and, most importantly, realize that growing up can occasionally be truly hellish.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

37. Teen Wolf

In high school, Scott McCall was simply one of many students. Up until the night when Scott is bitten by a werewolf while in the woods with his closest friend Stiles in search of a dead body. The advantages of being a werewolf included being stronger, quicker, a new star on the lacrosse team, and popular, but it also made it difficult for him to manage his anger.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Teen Wolf

Additionally, Scott has developed feelings for Allison, a newcomer to the area whose father is out to find and murder Scott. Scott now has to work to regulate his out-of-control life as well as learn how to use his newfound abilities.

36. See

A virus in the twenty-first century killed most of the human race. Less than two million people managed to live, and all of their offspring are blind. A few centuries later, in See, society has developed new strategies for interacting socially, building structures, engaging in hunting, and surviving without vision, despite its considerably lower economic level.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time


Any reference to the idea of vision is now seen as a sin since it has evolved into myth. Humanity has reverted to tribal hunter-gatherer and medieval-style communities as knowledge of the old, seeing the world has been lost or corrupted. Metal, cement, and plastic are thought to have been produced supernaturally by gods.

35. Barry

Barry Berkman, a dejected low-level hitman, searches for an exit after becoming disillusioned at the idea of eliminating another “target.” Little does Barry realize that the City of Angels may become his haven when the Midwesterner grudgingly flies to Los Angeles to carry out a hit on an actor who is sleeping with a mobster’s wife.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time


When he follows his intended victim into acting class, he finds himself immediately drawn to the group of eager aspirants, particularly committed student Sally, who grows to be the center of his affection. Barry wants to begin a new life as an actor, but his manager, Fuches, has other plans, and the hit man’s criminal history won’t allow him to leave so easily.

34. Archer

Global crises are simply opportunities for a highly-trained staff to mislead, sabotage, betray, and otherwise royally screw one another at a global spy agency. At the core of it all is slick master spy Sterling Archer, whose unmasculine code name is “Duchess.” Malory, Archer’s supervisor and dominating mother, is his coworker. Along with Cheryl, Malory’s lovelorn secretary, he also has to deal with his ex-girlfriend Lana Kane and her new partner, Comptroller Cyril Figgis.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time


33. Battlestar Galactica

The Twelve Colonies have indeed been destroyed, and the second war out against Cylons is over. A ragtag fleet of refugees is currently being commanded by President Laura Roslin and Adama of the Battlestar Galactica in an alleged hunt for Earth, the rumored location of the twelfth colony that was lost.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Battlestar Galactica

However, the problems they face are numerous, which makes an already challenging position worse. Tom Zarek is merely the loudest voice in opposition to the Cylons’ chasing and destroying the fleet in space and their infiltration troops stirring sabotage, not to mention the ongoing shortages of food, water, and even oxygen.

32. Love, Death & Robots

The animation anthology show Love, Death + Robots, created by Blur Studio, has won five Emmys. Love, Death + Robots, which debuted on Netflix in March 2019, has a unique style and plot that crosses the boundaries of action, comedy, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and more.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Love, Death, And Robots

The Tim Miller-produced series, for which David Fincher serves as executive producer, brings together animation studios from around the world to develop and broaden the medium. Love, Death + Robots features 18 shorts in total, so there is something for everyone.

31. Altered Carbon

Having been in hibernation for 250 years, Takeshi Kovacs awakens. Modern technology has made it possible for him to be in a new body right now. A “stack” implanted in human bodies allows people to upload their identities.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Altered Carbon

As long as their stack is undamaged, this enables humans to live forever. If their physical body, or “sleeve,” dies, they can move their consciousness into a new sleeve and live on. The recently-murdered one of the most wealthy individuals in the world, Laurens Bancroft, now hires Kovacs to search out who murdered him.

30. Rome

In this British historical drama, the dramatic movement from the Roman republic to the authoritarian empire, which altered world history through civil war and wars of conquest, is painted from the aristocratic perspective of Julius Caesar, his adopted heir Octavian Augustus, his family, and their political supporters and rivals, as well as from the politically naive perspective of a few ordinary Romans, most notably the warriors Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time


29. Person of Interest

Harold Finch, a reclusive billionaire computing genius, employs ex-CIA ex-Ranger John Reese to handle the social security numbers provided to them by THE MACHINE, an a.i. established by Harold, receives data from the US government. Based in New York, they begin every investigation unsure of whether they are pointing to a victim or an attacker. But there is still a mystery surrounding the details of the crimes, especially the roles played by the civilians.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Person of Interest

28. Hawkeye

After facing his destiny head-on after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Clint Barton will pass the Hawkeye “baton” to Kate Bishop, a newbie to the superhero world who is directly involved in a plot to permanently bring down Hawkeye. The two new archers, who are working in the shadows, must figure out who this new evil menace is and how they can prevent this “Boss” from ruining New York.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time


27. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Ten years after the incidents of Star Wars: Episode III, in which the Jedi were exterminated by Order 66 and Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s apprentice, became the Sith Lord Darth Vader, Kenobi is in trying to hide on the planet Tatooine, keeping an eye on Anakin’s son, Luke, in which he is called on a mission to save Anakin’s daughter, Leia, who has been abducted.  This brings forth a fight between Kenobi and Vader.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Obi-Wan Kenobi

26. Cobra Kai

After falling short in the All-Valley Tournament to Daniel LaRusso 34 years prior, Johnny Lawrence’s life has reached its lowest point. Johnny chooses to rebuild the Cobra Kai dojo after grudgingly defending his young neighbor Miguel Diaz from a bunch of bullies, and Miguel rapidly becomes his top pupil.

Top 100 Action TV Shows Of All Time

Cobra Kai

While Johnny tries to relive his glory days, his actions unintentionally reignite his old rivalry with Daniel. Daniel is now the successful owner of a car dealership and has been battling to maintain balance in his life and with his family since Mr. Miyagi passed away. In order to fight Cobra Kaia, Daniel starts the Miyagi-do dojo as his feud with Johnny grows more intense.

25. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones has been reestablishing her personal life and professional career as an irritable, witty private investigator in New York City ever since her brief stint as a superhero ended tragically. Jessica, who suffers from severe PTSD and self-loathing, fights both internal and external demons while acting as an unlikely ally for people in need. Particularly if they’re prepared to write her a check.

Action TV Shows

Jessica Jones

24. 24

Every season of this concept television show is comprised of a single 24-hour period. Day 1: An murder plot targeting presidential candidate David Palmer is discovered by an elite group of CTU agents led by Jack Bauer, who is in charge of field operations. In the meantime, Jack and Teri’s already rocky marriage is being further tested by the untimely abduction of their troubled teenage daughter. What will the upcoming day(s) bring?

Action TV Shows


23. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson collaborate on a global mission to prevent the Flag Smashers, an anti-patriotic group who think that the world was best during the Blip and was enhanced with a dose of the Super Soldier Serum. The story takes place six months after Sam Wilson was given the legacy of Captain America at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame (2019). While Bucky fights with his history throughout the episode, Sam develops into and feels deserving of being the new Captain America.

Action TV Shows

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

22. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The aftermath of the Battle of New York has altered the world. It is now aware of both the Avengers and the formidable threats that need more superheroes than just the Avengers to defeat them. To fight these threats, wherever they may be located, Phil Coulson of the S.H.I.E.L.D. puts together a top-notch secret team. These S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are prepared to face the supervillains as the world quickly becomes more weird and dangerous than ever.

Action TV Shows

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

21. Moon Knight

The show centers on Steven Grant, a mild-mannered clerk at a gift shop who starts having blackouts and flashbacks to a different existence. Steven learns he has a personality disorder and that the assassin Marc Spector shares his body. They must negotiate their several identities while being thrown into a dangerous mystery involving the great gods of Egypt as Steven/foes Marc’s close in on them.

Action TV Shows

Moon Knight

20. Gotham

Martha and Thomas Wayne are killed in front of a young Bruce Wayne in the violent Gotham City. James Gordon swears to seek justice despite Gotham’s corruption after being moved by Bruce’s traumatized desire for it. This marks the start of Gordon’s lonesome journey, which will pit him against his own allies and the criminal underworld, which has its own deadly rivalries and riddles.

Action TV Shows


As some criminals perish in the upcoming wars as fatalities while others ascend to become supervillains, innocence will be sacrificed, and compromises will be made. Young Bruce has been watching this struggle with an increasing fixation that would one day lead him to become The Batman and seek his own justice against Gotham’s darkness.

21. The Punisher

Of all the recent comic book adaptations, The Punisher is undoubtedly the most serious. After seeking revenge on those accountable for the deaths of his wife and children, Frank Castle discovers a conspiracy that goes far beyond New York’s criminal underworld. He must learn the truth about injustices that touch more people than only his family because he is now widely known as The Punisher in the city.

The Punisher

The Punisher

20. Spartacus

Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who led a slave rebellion against the Roman Republic, served as the basis for this series. Claudius Glaber had convinced the Thracians to join the Roman troops as auxiliaries in a battle against the Getae, who had frequently pillaged Thracian territory. However, the Thracians feel misled, and revolt as Glaber breaks the agreement and diverts his focus from the Getae to strike Mithridates in Asia Minor.

Action TV Shows


However, Spartacus proves to be a tough gladiator and overcomes the four gladiators assigned to carry out his execution. As the series progresses, the plot focuses on the trickery and cunning of Roman society as well as one man’s valiant quest for vengeance.

19. The Umbrella Academy

Inexplicably, forty-three babies are mysteriously born on the same date in October 1989 to unconnected mothers who were not pregnant the day beforeSir Reginald Hargreeves, a wealthy businessman, adopts seven of them and founds The Umbrella Academy to prepare his “children” to save the world. However, not everything went as expected. The team broke, and the family split up when they were teenagers.

Action TV Shows

The Umbrella Academy

Upon hearing of Hargreeves’ passing, the six remaining band members, who are now close to 30 years old, come together. The six siblings cooperate to unravel the events surrounding their father’s passing. But because of their dissimilar personalities and skills, in addition to the impending threat of a worldwide apocalypse, the estranged family starts to split up once more.

18. Loki

The Time Variance Authority arrests Loki for producing a branched timeline and takes him into their offices shortly after he takes possession of the Tesseract as a result of the acts of the time-displaced Avengers. After a thorough investigation, Judge Ravonna Renslayer orders the God of Mischief to be killed, but Agent Mobius M. Mobius steps in and transports him to a Time Theatre for questioning.

Action TV Shows


Later, Mobius enlists Loki to fight a rogue Loki variant that had been targeting the TVA’s Minutemen at various points in time. We meet various versions of Loki as the story progresses.

17. The Flash

Barry Allen, a CSI investigator, is hit by lightning and goes into a coma following a strange storm brought on by a particle accelerator. A few months later, he comes to with the ability to run across Central City as quickly as an invisible guardian angel. Barry is initially excited by his newly discovered powers, but he is shocked to discover that he is not the only “meta-human” who was created following the accelerator explosion and that not everyone is making the most of their new skills.

Action TV Shows

The Flash

Barry works with S.T.A.R. Labs and commits his life to save the defenseless. Barry Allen is now only known to a small group of close friends and coworkers, but soon enough, the world will discover just how fast he really is. 

16. Arrow

Oliver Queen, a wealthy playboy who survived a catastrophic shipwreck, was absent and assumed dead for 5 years before being found alive on a secluded island in the Pacific. Oliver Queen returned home after spending five years on the dreadful island with just one purpose in mind: to honor his father’s legacy by using the list of individuals he left him to take down the people who are polluting his city.

Action TV Shows


Oliver begins a one-man war against crime with the help of his dependable driver/bodyguard John Diggle, Felicity Smoak’s knowledge of computer hacking, and the sporadic, reluctant support of current beat cop Quentin Lance.

15. Samurai Jack

The wizard known as Aku, who could take on various forms, reappears in ancient Japan and threatens the nation. When the Emperor is taken captive, his son is sent to various locations around the globe to undergo combat and disciplinary training. He meets up with his mother again as an adult, who offers him the holy sword necessary to defeat Aku.

Action TV Shows

Samurai Jack

When the samurai goes back to his home to confront the wizard, he is transported through time to a far-off future in which Aku still rules over a society with advanced technology, aliens, and other strange phenomena that the samurai is unable to understand. The samurai, who goes by the name “Jack,” establishes a reputation while attempting to break free of Aku’s control of the future and eventually travels back in time to confront Aku before this future is achieved.

14. Batman: The Animated Series

Bruce Wayne is the heir to the wealth of the Wayne family. By day, he appears to be a luxurious playboy rich socialite, but at night, he transforms into his vigilante alter identity, The Batman, to fight crime. Throughout the course of the series, Batman is supported by sidekicks Robin and Batgirl, as well as Police Commissioner James Gordon as he defends Gotham City’s streets against a huge rogue’s gallery of criminals, lunatics, and nemeses.

Action TV Shows

Batman The Animated Series

The grim tone of the original “Batman” comic books is captured in this animated series. Bruce Wayne, the Caped Crusader of Gotham City, occasionally expresses sadness, in contrast to the light-hearted Batman (1966) TV series. Additionally, Dick Grayson, Robin’s alter ego, becomes more mature than he was as the season progress.

13. Arcane

The fine line that separates Zaun’s dark underbelly from Piltover’s wealthy metropolis. In Zaun, a new narcotic called shimmer turns people into monsters, while in Piltover, hextech, a way for anybody to control magical energy, is creating tensions between both city-states. As Arcane brings to life the connections that mold some of League of Legends’ well-known champions, like Jayce, Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, and Viktor, the rivalry between both the cities divides families and friends.

Action TV Shows


12. The Rings of Power

This historical drama, which takes place hundreds of thousands of years well before incidents of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, will transport viewers to a time when great powers were created, kingdoms experienced glory and destruction, unexpected heroes were put to the test, and hope hung by the thinnest of threads. It will also feature the greatest monster to have ever sprung from Tolkien’s pen and threaten to drown the entire world in darkness.

Action TV Shows

The Rings of Power

These countries and people will leave behind legacies that endure long after they are gone, whether they be in the misty depths of something like the Misty Mountains, the majestic woodlands of the elf capital of Lindon, the beautiful island kingdom of Nmenor, or the farthest ends of the world.

11. Daredevil

In order to revenge the death of his boxing father, Marvel Comics superhero Matt Murdock, who works as a lawyer by day, goes on the offensive at night. But Matt’s disability, not his past, is what makes him different from the majority of superheroes. Matt lost his sight after a childhood accident, but he was left with enhanced senses of hearing, touch, taste, and smell. 

Action TV Shows


As Daredevil, Matt Murdock uses his enhanced senses from just being blinded as a child to battle crime at nighttime on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City while uncovering a plot by Wilson Fisk and the criminal underworld.

10. Invincible

The son of the strongest superhero on Earth is going to transform into something bigger than himself: something daring, something all-encompassing, something – Invincible. From the comics to the big screen, Invincible recounts Mark Grayson’s quest to succeed his father, Nolan Grayson, better known as Omni-Man, as Earth’s greatest protector.

Action TV Shows


9. Squid Game

A story about individuals who, for a variety of reasons, fail in life but then unexpectedly get a mystery invitation to take part in a survival game with a chance to win well over 38 million US dollars. The contestants are locked up until the winner is decided during the game, which is played on a distant island.

Popular kid’s games from the 1980s and 1970s in Korea will be used in the story, including the game known as “squid game,” which is a form of tag in which the offensive and defensive use a squid-shaped platform that has been drawn on the ground.

Action TV Shows

Squid Game

8. The Mandalorian

A new fighter in the Star Wars universe debuts after the stories of Jango Fett and Boba Fett. The Mandalorian takes place after the collapse of the Empire but before the First Order rises to power. We follow a lone gunfighter’s struggles in the remote corners of the galaxy, outside the reach of the New Republic.

Action TV Shows

The Mandalorian

7. Money Heist

Eight criminals with one thing in common—they all have nothing to lose—are gathered by the enigmatic entity known only as The Professor to commit the biggest robbery in known history. After spending five months alone remembering every move, likelihood, and detail, they spend eleven days confined inside the National Coinage of Spain, besieged by police and under the control of dozens of hostages, to determine whether their suicide gamble will result in everything or nothing.

Action TV Shows

Money Heist

6. House of the Dragon

The Dance of the Dragons is the central focus of House of the Dragon, which takes place 200 years before the War of the Five Kings. The novel Fire & Blood, as well as the novelettes The Rogue Prince and The Princess and the Queen, were the inspiration for this series. 172 years prior to the birth of Daenerys Targaryen, it depicts a House Targaryen internal succession war at the height of its dominance and a huge number of dragons.

Action TV Shows

House of the Dragon

5. The Witcher

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich developed the fantasy drama new show The Witcher for Netflix. It is based on Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series of the same name. The Witcher tells the tale of lone monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, who strives to fit in in a world where people are frequently more evil than beasts and monsters. But when fate brings him into contact with a strong sorceress and a princess with a unique talent, the three must learn to travel the increasingly unstable Continent on their own.

Action TV Shows

The Witcher

4. Prison Break

For killing the vice president’s brother, Lincoln Burrows is currently waiting for his sentence. Only Michael Scofield, his brother, believes him when he claims to be innocent. Michael goes to extreme lengths to help his brother because he is an engineer and assists in creating the prison wherein Lincoln is being detained. In order for the two of them to escape using his knowledge of the structure, he arranges for himself to be arrested and transferred to the same prison.

Action TV Shows

Prison Break

Michael, however, unearths a vast conspiracy inside that is desperate to see Lincoln’s punishment carried out. Though it would be more challenging than he expected, he will nonetheless make an attempt to escape.

3. Vikings

The Vikings television series is based on the sagas of Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the most well-known legendary Norse warriors and an infamous bandit in England and France. In the television series, Ragnar is shown as a farmer who becomes famous through numerous raids into England and who, with the help of his family and other warriors, goes on to become a Scandinavian King. Later seasons of the show follow his sons’ fortunes and their travels across England, Scandinavia, and the Mediterranean.

Action TV Shows


2. The Boys

The Boys takes place in a world where people with superpowers are viewed as heroes by the common people and are controlled by a sizable company, Vought International, which makes sure they are actively sold and commercialized. Most of them are corrupt and arrogant outside of their heroic identities. The two main groups in the series are the Seven, the top superhero squad of Vought International, and the titular Boys, vigilantes trying to keep the corrupted heroes in check.

Action TV Shows

The Boys

Billy Butcher, the leader of the Boys, who despises everyone with superpowers, and Homelander, the egotistical and erratic leader of the Seven. The book also follows the new recruits for each squad as a conflict develops between the two teams: “Hughie” Campbell of the Boys, who enters the vigilante team when his lover dies in a high-speed collision with the Seven teams’ A-Train, and Starlight of the Seven, a young and bright heroine forced to confront the reality about the superheroes she admires.

1. Game Of Thrones

Nine great houses are at battle with one another over the fictitious realm of Westeros. There is a great deal of political and sexual intrigue. The highest official in Westeros, Lord Eddard Stark, accepts Robert Baratheon’s invitation to take on the role of Hanad of the King. After receiving a covert warning, Eddard agrees to take on the responsibility of investigating the murder of the previous Hand. In the interim, Cersei Lannister’s family could be organizing a coup.

Action TV Shows

Game Of Thrones

The surviving Targaryens, the former and exiled royal dynasty on the other side of the sea are likewise preparing to retake the throne. Tensions between the great houses of Tyrell, Greyjoy, Tully, Arryn, and Martell and the houses Baratheon, Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen lead to full-scale conflict.

In the meantime, a celestial evil awakens in the farthest north. In the midst of war and political instability, The Night’s Watch, a forgotten military group of misfits, is all that stands between the realms of mankind and the icy monsters outside.

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