HMLYCP (HYEMILEEYECHAEPA) Review: House Full of Laughter

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HMLYCP (Credits: ENA)

Imagine putting six beauties with funny personalities in the house; it will be entertaining and chaotic. The laughter it brought to you was undefinable.  

The audience always enjoys variety shows; are constantly interested in what the show has to offer that sets it apart from others. One such show is HyeMiLeeYeChaePa. It is an ongoing comedy South Korean reality show. The first episode was released on the 12th of March, and the latest one was released on the 26th of March, 2023. HYMLCP airs on E.N.A. every Sunday. 

Choi Mi Hyun, Noh Kyungeun, Kim Min Ryeong, Cho Hee Jung, Lim Sae Byul, Jeon Hee Ju, and Hoo Yun wrote the show under the direction of Lee Tae Kyung. It is a total of 12 episodes show. HYMLCP is a show where six enthusiastic members have to complete the given tasks and earn money to equip an empty or vacant house in a rural village in the mountains. They interacted with one another through eating, playing, and dancing, and it ended up strengthening their friendship. 

Cast of HMLYCP 

As you watched the show, you discovered the personalities and remarkable chemistry 0f the six cast members based on their order. It was delightful to see all six of them together, playing and developing a bonding with each other. 

cast of HMLYCP
Cast Members of HMLYCP (Credits: E.N.A.)

Lee Hye Ri

Lee Hye Ri is known for her acting skills and hilarious side. The group’s elder member, Hyeri, serves as the group leader and is fully responsible for maintaining order in the home. Ultimately, the younger squad members started referring to the enthusiastic cheerleader as a mom who always ensures everyone is safe and has their microphone on. Hyeri has proved her acting talent by playing a variety of roles, including Hyde, Jekyll, Me (2015), Reply 1988 (2015), My Roommate Is a Gumiho (2021), Moonshine (2021), and May I Help You (2022).  

hye ri
Lee Hye Ri (Credits: Creative Group ing © News 1)

Choi Mi Yeon 

Choi Mi Yeon is a member of a sensational girl group, (G)I-DLE. She also has an unexpected humorous side which fans are aware of. She was a titled princess and game genius due to her competitive and spirited nature. Mi Yeon has appeared in many television shows and dramas, including Replay (2021), Adult Trainee (2021), Delivery (2021), and Her Bucket List (2021). 

choi mi yeon
Choi Mi Yeon (Credits: Cube Entertainment (G)I-DLE)

Lee Lee Jung

Lee Lee Jung is a wildly popular dancer and choreographer in South Korea. She has a striking bold side. It was undoubtedly not her first television show. The audience was shocked and impressed at the same time to see her unforeseen silly side. Just Jerk and Street Woman Fighter (2021) played a massive role in raising her popularity among the audience. Lee Jung has worked with Twice, Itzy, Blackpink, Sunmi, Jessi, etc. 

lee lee jung
Lee Lee Jung (Credits: News 1)

Choi Ye Na 

Choi Ye Na was previously a member of IZ*ONE and is now a solo artist. She was the group’s naughtiest member and a person who led the team to success and could feel dependent upon. Just like other members, Ye Na has done an end number of television shows. She radiates lovely and positive energy. Smiley marked her solo debut on the 17th of January, 2022. 

Choi Ye Na
Choi Ye Na (Credits: Instagram @yena.jigumina) 

Kim Chae Won 

Kim Chae Won was also a former member of IZ*ONE and is now the leader of the group LE SSERAFIM. The solitary introvert in the group, Chae Won, found it challenging to keep up with everyone’s excitement. But she had a competitive side which was admirable. She has partaken in numerous shows due to being a part of two groups.

kim chae won
Kim Chae Won (Credits: Weverse)

Patricia Yiombi 

Patricia Yiombi is a popular YouTuber and television personality. She became known for her chemistry with her brother Jonathan. Patricia was the maknae, or the youngest of the group. She was adorable and cheerful in the show. Her chemistry with other members was exciting to watch. 

patricia yombi
Patricia Yombi (Credits: E.N.A.)

The Plot of HMLYCP 

HMLYCP has such a great vibe that will help loosen up your stress. It has a show with loads of fun that depicts the hectic lifestyle of the lives of six members of a group. They had to work hard to earn cash and live comfortably in a remote mountain town. But their mission was not easy to win. They need to trust each other and play with complete focus and concentration. 

It also shows their different taste in decorating the empty house. They heighten the tension while flaunting their skills, charisma, and aesthetics while playing excessively. Not knowing each other personally to becoming close with time will make you happy. Through numerous tasks, they will relish themselves, gathering the things they need for dwelling and replenishing vacant homes.  

It’s about the lively livelihood of the six women, who resurrected as real sisters, as they make themselves at home in their empty fantasy house. 

They played games while also cooking food, sleeping, dancing, singing, and deciding the interior according to them. The six fellows each have a unique appeal and become friends the quickest, which made it easy for an audience to connect with them.  

HMLYCP Review 

Every age group can enjoy the show that Lee Tae Kyung, the director, put up. It was so good to see these idols and actresses together, having the fun of their lives. It’s a rare sight to witness.

In the last episodes, the audience watched these six sisters achieving money as points to buy all the necessary stuff and drive to the countryside. The members must try their best to win the points to earn the essential needed items. That made the group’s people come together. 

There were rounds where the members had to play as a group. But at some games, members had to play individually to gain additional points. And by succeeding in it, they received a new dining table in return. 

With these fun frolics, there were many memorable moments to remember for the audience as well. For instance, the original choreographer of Shut Down by Blackpink, Lee Jung, performed it live. It was indeed an iconic moment. 

One of the hilarious moments was when the leader of LE SSERAFIM lost her cool at Ye Na. She was never used to being so outgoing, but after appearing in numerous shows and making another debut, her outgoing personality has emerged. These things helped them develop their bond stronger. 

It was satisfying to watch when Mi Yeon from (G)I-DLE dancing to I.O.I.’s Very Very Very. She looked adorable while doing it. 

The six members were all aesthetically appealing and rocked adorable and attractive attire. And online users had been gushing over how humorous and stylish they looked in the show, especially Patricia’s pink outfits. 

Lee Hye Ri’s personality in real life is known to all of us. Hence, if she appeared there on a show, we know it would be entertaining. Also, she’s a talented player in addition to being funny. Even other group members had a reputation for having fun in their unusual ways. The real surprise in this show, though, was Choi Mi Yeon. 

HyeMiLeeYeChaePa has entertaining members making it fun to watch. They came up with a fresh concept and experimented with the theme. But it still failed to make a special place in the audience’s hearts. 

There are many different types of variety shows broadcast right now, but only a few of them have substantial audiences that keep growing with each new episode. Even despite having well-known artists who benefited from their recognition on the show, HMLYCP was still unable to wow the audience. 

It was amusing and good to see this type of show to relax. And also a way to spend your weekend. 

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.9/5).

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