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Plundering The Heavens Chapter 74: Release Date & Where To Read

Plundering The Heavens Manhwa
Plundering The Heavens Manhwa

Things have gotten worse as we are waiting for Plundering The Heavens Chapter 74 release date and time. This is because, as we have seen from the latest chapter of the manhwa, there is a massacre ongoing, and no one will be allowed to come in and run Fang’s grandpa’s good deeds. He has also realized that something is not right and warns everyone to be careful as there is trouble coming.

As it turns out, Fang has been referred to as the little Devil due to his action, and he seems to have gone crazy again. This is what the elders think as Fang tries to warn everyone. So, for now, they are told to ignore him as it does not look like there is any trouble looming. But Fang continues to warn that there is danger coming and that it will be in a form of a demonic attack. 

The team leader has also been told that there are too many strange insects to the point that they can not hold them back anymore. But Fang also told everyone that they should not be afraid as he would set up the formation. He then summoned the golden flame formation as everyone took positions. 

The insects seemed to have been overwhelming them, and they started to give everyone very painful and itchy bites. Within seconds the insects managed to kill a lot of people, and the Wuzen Valley disciples were told to listen to orders. They had to immediately retreat to the Shanhe Guyun formation at once so that they stand a better chance of defending themselves. 

Plundering The Heavens Chapter 73 Recap

Fang used to think that he was still one step late, but fortunately, her Senior brother was quick to respond, and this minimized the loss of lives and ensured survival. Many people died within the Shuwen and Wuzhen valley, but only Fang and the Qixia valley disciples are safe and sound at the moment. 

After this, Fang reassured them that it was not the time to talk about what had been happening as there was a lot more to come. The attacks kept on coming from different kinds of beasts, and before they knew it, they were all surrounded. The Wuzen Valley disciples were to transform from the magical defensive formation into the nine Yang spiritual gathering formation. 

Plundering The Heavens

Plundering The Heavens

This would then help them to recover their spiritual Qi quickly while the Shuwen valley disciples would have to sacrifice the Vajra talisman and bestow blessings on all martial brothers and sisters.

The Qixia valley disciples will use the ethereal wood growth skill to cush the innate small return pill to heal the wounds of their fellow disciples. This is how they will have to defend against the wild bulls, who have been ferocious before they can rush in and destroy the magical formation. 

Plundering The Heavens Chapter 74 Release Date & Time

Plundering The Heavens Chapter 74 will be released on 02 March 2023. The usual chapter releases are 2 to three days apart, so, at the earliest, we should expect a chapter to be released within the next day or two, so it won’t be that long till then. The new chapters are released in accordance with the following international schedule as well as their time zones.

  • Australia Time: 01:30 AM AEST on Thursday, 02 March 2023.
  • Central European Time (Germany) 5:00 PM CEST on Thursday, 02 March 2023.
  • For British Summer Time: 5:00 PM BST on Thursday, 02 March 2023.
  • For Central Daylight Time Zone (USA): 11:00 AM CDT on Thursday, 02 March 2023.
  • For Pacific Daylight Time Zone: 09:00 on Thursday, 02 March 2023.
  • In Eastern Daylight Time Zone (Canada): 12: 00 AM EDT on Thursday, 02 March 2023.
  • Indian Standard Time: 9:30 PM IST on Thursday, 02 March 2023.
  • Japanese Standard Time: 01:00 JST on Friday, 03 March 2023.
  • Korean Standard Time: 01:00 KST on Friday, 03 March 2023.
  • Philippines Standard Time: 12:00 AM PST on Friday, 03 March 2023.
  • Singapore Standard Time: 12:00 AM SGT on Friday, 03 March 2023.

Where To Read Plundering The Heavens Chapter 74 Online?

You will be able to read Plundering The Heavens Chapter 74 online on Kuaikan Manhua and Bilibili’s official websites. The latest chapters have been released within the related magazines and official publications as well. So to support the manhwa creators and keep this manhwa ongoing. Always make sure that you use official sources to read new chapters whenever they are released. 

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