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Trophy Husband Chapter 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Trophy Husband Chapter 10
Trophy Husband Chapter still

Trophy Husband chapter 10 will show us Duke Serena Artmes’s decision to get a poison-laced letter from the Kingdom of Arinna. We know from the previous chapters that she was the one who defeated Arinna once and can make Arinna meets its dawn in no time.

As a reader, we know the letter was sent by queen Rita, the adoptive mother of Prince Ricco. But, will she try such silly tactics to clear Serena, the greatest of all dukes in the empire, and also witnessed his power once? It can also be the potential successor of Arinna besides him Ricco was talking about.

Trophy Husband follows the story of Serena, a young, wealthy, powerful, superhuman woman. She is the greatest female duke in the entire empire with no match but is deficient in one thing, her heart. Her heart has been absent since the moment she landed her feet in this world from the actual world we call earth.

Lorne resembling Heeyeon

Lorne resembling Heeyeon

At a royal gathering party, she gots confronted by Prince Ricardo. Who states to make her heartbeat. Upon forcing, he reveals that he possesses the same power to that as Serena; but is amateur, unlike her. He proposes to her for marriage, assuring benefit for both as a ruler and companion.

Will she say yes to marriage, and is Prince Ricco the one to get her heart back? The author and artist of this webtoon are not updated to date.

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Chapter 9 – Recap

The Latest chapter showed us Duke Serena gets to meet Lorne, his only female friend, after announcing a ball party in her mansion for her marriage with Prince Ricco. Lorne asks Serena not to forget her after marriage. Serena calms her worry stating even if she were to divorce Ricco, and she’ll not break her tie with Lorne.

Telling Serena not to talk about such kinds of stuff, Lorne assures her to support every decision she makes. Serena remembers such words from her previous life’s best friend and even thinks of both looking identical. Lorne talks about Serena being extraordinary from their first meeting.

We get to know about the backstory of the two. How Serena helped Lorne to appear for the Imperial Academy Entrance Exam, going against the imperial law. Lorne praises her for making a change. Serena is also sorry for Lorne not passing the test, not for her lack of anything but for the lack of people’s support around her.

Serena and Lorne first meeting

Serena and Lorne’s first meeting

Lorne is the only one after Heeyeon (the only friend from the earth) who treats her without prejudice and makes her at ease to talk to. Now, she feels the same with Ricco, too, as a helpmate who will understand her. Ricco arrives at Serena with a letter from Queen Rita. as they are getting married, he wants to open it together.

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Upon breaking the seal on the letter, Serena gets the smell of roses, indicating the letter is laced with poison. The chapter ends with both shocked to witness such fatal action against them.

What Is The Release Date For Trophy Husband Chapter 10?

Trophy Husband Chapter 10 did not yet get the official announcement for the release date of Chapter 10. But, it is most likely to take a week or so, as the previous chapters came in all at once, giving the readers a full glimpse of the story’s potential in the near future. Therefore, the release date for Chapter 10 will be around the 8th & 9th of March.

The poisoned letter from Arinna

The poisoned letter from Arinna

Where Can One Read Trophy Husband Chapter 10?

The official network or platform for Trophy Husband is anonymous for now, as this is fresh in the market to prove its position. Yet, you can get to read and buy this manhwa in Official Raw & Official English. It is just a start to unveiling numerous secrets and characters, and who knows, we get to see a potential villain standing against the power couple.

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