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Who Is Chloe Rose Lattanzi’s Partner? No Pain Singer’s Love Interest

Chloe Lattanzi
Chloe Lattanzi

Want to know about Chloe Rose Lattanzi’s partner? Yes, we are talking about Olivia Newton-John‘s daughter. You must know that her mother, Olivia, who was also a professional singer, is no more alive. She passed away, last year, after struggling with cancer. These days, Chloe is making headlines for her emotional tribute to her mother, at her memorial service. That has been tearing us up. Keeping this disheartening thing aside, for now, let’s briefly discuss Chloe Rose Lattanzi’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Chloe Rose Lattanzi is now 37 years old and hails from Los Angeles. Every year, she celebrates her birthday on 17 January. Professionally, Chloe has followed the path of her parents. She is a songstress. 

Talking about Chloe’s musical work, she is known for the album, No Pain. It was released in 2016. Whereas, the other singles are- You Have to Believe, Window in the Wall, Play with Me, etc. It was in 2020, Chloe participated in Dancing with the Stars Australia. Some of Chloe Lattinzi’s acting credits include- A Christmas Romance, Bette, Dead 7, The Wilde Girls, etc. 

Coming back to Chloe Rose Lattanzi’s personal life, the star is married. Yes. She isn’t dating anyone but is happily married to the love of her life. In 2017, she moved in with her partner and since then, they have been doing great. Who is he? If you are looking for who Chloe Rose Lattanzi’s Partner is, here is what we know. 

Who Is Chloe Rose Lattanzi's Partner

Chloe Rose Lattanzi with her mother, Olivia Newton-John

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Meet Chloe Rose Lattanzi’s Partner: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interest, Chloe Rose Lattanzi’s partner is none other than her husband, James Driskill. In case you are wondering, he is professionally a martial arts trainer. Little did you know, Chloe Rose Lattanzi’s partner is also a cannabis farmer. 

In 2009, Chloe and James started dating each other. After several years, more precisely in 2016, the love birds opened a cannabis farm and left their Los Angeles lifestyle behind. There, marijuana became legal and they started their business. For this, Chloe moved to stay with him in Portland, Oregon. 

It was in 2022, Chloe Rose Lattanzi and James Driskill tied the knot, in the presence of their family. Their private wedding ceremony took place in the Bahamas. Olivia, being her mother, shared a heartfelt message in front of everyone, saying, “Marriage, finally. My beautiful daughter and handsome son-in-law. I’m so proud of you.” On the other hand, the actress, moreover the bride, Chloe told that it was one of the greatest moments of her life. In addition to that, she even thanked her mother for everything. 

Initially, Chloe Lattanzi didn’t open up about her marriage. No, there was no official news. We wonder, why she took so much time to announce to the public, that too, after her mother’s death. Sadly, Olivia couldn’t see much of Chloe’s happiness in her recent marriage days. Still, it feels fine that she at least approved James, as her son-in-law. 

Who Is Chloe Rose Lattanzi's Partner

Chloe Rose Lattanzi and James Driskill

Now, you must have one question raised in your mind- why did Chloe Rose Lattanzi and James Driskill tie the knot after so many years? Yes, their engagement was done, a decade ago, before getting hitched. On this note, Chloe shared that both of them were lazy to make the arrangements. They anyway knew that both were made for each other and would legally end up together, someday. She said, “We know we’re soulmates, we know we’re committed- we call each other husband and wife- so we’re just like, ‘Ok, we will get to the paperwork when we have time.” 

Best Wishes to Chloe Lattanzi and James Driskill for the upcoming days of their life. Make sure you follow Chloe, on her Instagram account for more similar updates. Hoping that Chloe’s marriage with James, stays strong, forever like this. 

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