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1917 Filming Locations: All The Locations Of The 2019 War Movie

1917 filming locations
Where is the 2019 war movie '1917' filmed? All the locations of the movie and more.

1917 is a 2019 war film based on real life. It’s a visceral view of World War I and the lives of the soldiers. The most stand-out elements of this movie are its one-take shots. The cuts are so seamless as if you are closely experiencing the war. 1917 filming locations are spread all around the United Kingdom. Among these, the Bovingdon Airfield in Hertfordshire is a prominent one. Moreover, Glasgow and Oxfordshire are also some of the filming locations of 1917.

This movie takes you through the lives of war soldiers. Two young boys endanger their lives for a secret mission. They enter the enemy territory to prevent an impending attack. Although the events of WWI are already known, the story still leaves you stunned. 1917 garnered praise for its cinematography and action in real-time. So the ultimate aim was to make it as realistic as possible. It has won the 2020 Golden Globe for best movie & direction, as well as an Oscar for its cinematography.

1917 Filming Locations

The filming took place all around the UK. Since it’s a war movie, wide-open spaces are a requirement. And locations like Salisbury plain, Wiltshire, or Bovingdon Airfield in Hertfordshire, are perfect for it. The trenches in the movie 1917 are located in Bovingdon Airfield.

1917 filming locations: the trench scene shot at Salisbury Plain.

A quarry in Oxfordshire with many potholes was used as a location for filming hideout scenes. Salisbury Plain is a beautiful landscape in southern England. And it is extensively used in the filming of 1917. Another main shooting location is Glasgow, Scotland, on Govan docks on the bank of Clyde River.

Filming locations of the movie '1917'

Filming locations of the movie ‘1917’

Moreover, filming of some scenes also took place on sets built from scratch, like the French town Ecoust, in the movie. Remember the river scenes? It is the Low Force waterfall in Teesdale Valley, Durham. Some of the scenes also took place in Shepperton Studios, England.

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What Is ‘1917’ About?

It is another movie on World War I, but it focuses more on human affairs rather than global. Basically, it showcases the mental health of the fighters. The creators took creative liberty in adding the story of two young boys on a suicide mission but in the background of war. Although the story focuses on the two young boys, the war events are omnipresent.

1917 filming locations

War sequence in one take shots. Movie ‘1917’

In the thick of the war, the German army retreats from the western front in France. However, the retreat is just a ruse to trick the British army and gain the upper hand. On the other hand, the British army is proceeding to attack the Germans, totally unaware of their ruse. Since all the connections are cut down, informing the second Battalion about the ruse becomes impossible.

That’s when two young lance corporals, William Schofield and Tom Blake, come into the picture. General Erinmore of the 1st battalion orders Tom and William to inform the leader of the 2nd Battalion to cease the attack. However, the mission is deadlier than it seems. Schofield almost dies when a rat triggers a tripwire and several dangerous encounters with German army men. Both the boys, injured & tired, cross the ‘no man’s land,’ but only one of them makes it all the way.

1917 filming locations

George Mackay and Dean Charles Chapman in the movie ‘1917’

Blake dies when he tries to be kind to an injured German pilot. The pilot stabs Blake multiple times, which kills him. This shows that there is no kindness or mercy when it comes to war. Blake’s brother Joseph is a lieutenant in the 2nd Battalion. Schofield fulfills Blake’s last wishes & informs his brother about his death. In the end, Schofield is successful in delivering the message, saving the lives of 1,600 men.

The Cast of ‘1917’

Game of Thrones’ young fame Dean Charles Chapman plays Tom Blake in the movie. His partner in crime and friend in the movie William or Will Schofield is played by George MacKay. Another fellow GOT actor, Richard Madden, plays Blake’s brother Lieutenant Joseph Blake.

Benedict Cumberbatch in a still from the movie ‘1917’

Our very own Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch, plays Lieutenant-Colonel Mackenzie, who is the leader of the 2nd Battalion of the British army. Colin Firth plays General Erinmore, who gives the order to Tom and Will.

Other talented English actors in this film are Mark Strong, Daniel Mays & Andrew Scott, among many others, playing Captain Smith, Sergent Sanders & Lieutenant Leslie, respectively.

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