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The Best Anime Characters to Draw For Beginners

Best Anime characters to draw

If we love watching Anime, then I know that we also love drawing them. So the OtakuKart team decided to bring The Best Anime Characters to Draw! From Pokemon to the characters from Ghibli Studios, our favorite characters come in all shapes and sizes. Drawing anime characters can either be a hobby or turned into a business if you’ve got the drive. With the rise in the fame of digital art, it is pretty obvious that most fans are going crazy with fan edits.

When it comes to Anime, it’s not just binge-watching the entire series in one go on Crunchyroll (one of our top guilty pleasures as a weeb). Anime comes with all sorts of secondary activities and one of them is drawing your beloved Anime characters. As soon as you see your favorite protagonist in action, you just can’t help but capture their essence on a sheet of paper or use your Ipad to sketch them out.

Now let’s dive right in and list out the Ideal Anime Character to draw!

1. Pikachu

Drawing Pikachu is classic. We all went through that Pokemon phase as kids. It’s one of those treasured memories. The little mouse-like pokemon is easy to draw and the vibrant yellow is just mesmerizing.

Best anime characters to draw


2. Umaru Doma

Famously known as Umaru Chan from the anime Himouto! Umaru-chan, the well-known chibi character is easier to draw than you think. Make sure you don’t forget to add her iconic orange hoodie.

Best anime characters to draw

Umaru Chan

3. Gojo Satoru

Our list is incomplete without our white-haired hunk Gojo Satoru (trying to keep my inner fan girl calm). He swayed the internet with his cool, laid-back personality, and don’t get me started on his visuals. Who wouldn’t wanna try drawing him?

Best Anime characters to draw

Gojo by @rohitjaiswarr

4. Totoro

The Studio Ghibli mascot is a no-brainer. The adorable fuzzy creature from My Neighbor Totoro is very easy to draw. Don’t forget to add his cute pointy ears, long whiskers, and of course that gigantic belly.

Best anime characters to draw


5. Tobi

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil who’s behind this mask. But this ominous mastermind from Naruto: Shippuden is quite “pain” less (Akatsuki reference) when it comes to drawing. All you need is the orange mask and the Akatsuki cloak, and there you have it, the perfect drawing of Tobi.

Best anime characters to draw


6. Renge Miyauchi

Renge Miyauchi, The “Nyanpasu~!” singer’s cute appearance is really easy to draw. She’s this cute little 7-year-old with two pigtails and reddish-brown eyes. Grabbing her bland but the cute facial expression will be a piece of cake.

Best Anime characters to draw

Renge Miyauchi

7. Monkey D. Luffy

Everyone’s favorite straw hat captain from One Piece.Β Drawing him is quite undemanding. He’s got big circle eyes and a mischievous wide smile. The red vest and blue shorts for his outfit. And to top, it all off is his iconic straw hat.

Best Anime characters to draw

Monkey D Luffy

8. Saitama

Next in line for the best anime characters to draw is our favorite baldy, Saitama. This action hero from One Punch Man is notably present in everyone’s sketchbook. Drawing him is an effortless task, just like his punches.

Best Anime characters to draw

Saitama by @rohitjaiswarr

9. Sailor Moon

The blue-eyed blondie from the 90s was worth mentioning. You could draw her in the pretty uniform i.e. a white blouse with a blue pleated skirt or the Sailor guardian form.

Best anime characters to draw

Sailor Moon

10. Yato

And finally, we have the Stray God – Yato from the anime/manga seriesΒ Noragami, making it No.10 among the best anime characters to draw. Hence, to draw him all you need to keep in mind is- his shabby hair, cunning eyes, and a sly smile. And for the outfit, we have the jersey that he always wears and an old white bandana, which he describes as ‘fluffy fluff’ (fuwa fuwa).

Best anime characters to draw


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