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Top 10 S-Rank Hero From One Punch Man

One Punch Man: Top 10 S-Rank Hero
One Punch Man: Top 10 S-Rank Hero

Top 10 S-Rank Hero huh. One Punch Man is blessing its fans with some of the best storytellings. Yusuke Murata is usually drawing one of the best Art manga industry can deliver. Saitama is back on the battlefield to obliterate Earth because his house is gone. Garou has taken a punch from him too.

After the Monster Association Arc started, Saitama was pushed into the corner for other heroes to shine. Because you know, One Punch and woosh… But this helped create history. We got to see other heroes at their full potential. S-rank heroes to be fair. Tornado of terror showed us why she is ranked no.2. Genos with his new upgrades contributed himself to this fight. The egoistic S-Rank Hero coming together to win all this. On top of that the unknown, Unseen, S-Rank Hero no. 1, Blast, Showed up. He did bad with our boy Flashy Flash breaking his ego.

Well, this was just some very little insights into the actual story. But the main objective, of course, of this article is to Rank the S-class Heros. Let’s get into it then.

10. Watchdog Man

Watchdog Man appears to be a young man with a blank and indifferent expression on his face. He wears a full-body dog costume with a red collar, and his face is visible where the dog’s mouth should be. Although he didn’t participate in the Monster Association war he is quite powerful you know.

Watchdog Man is an extremely powerful S-Class hero. He was left in command of Q-City, which is considered to be the most perilous city in terms of the number of Mysterious Beings and the average level of disaster. Watchdog Man is also said to have the ability to exterminate demons like no other. He managed to take off the skull of a gigantic monster without being hurt in his early days as a hero. Watchdog Man was also strong enough to defeat Garou without bothering to use his maximum strength. He has never lost a battle against a monster and is feared and admired by both heroes and villains.

strongest one punch man character

Watchdog Man – One Punch Man

09. Genos

Genos may not seem to be more powerful than Watchdog Man after this fight, but he is. And the very main the that puts him up high than him is his speed. Long Before getting recked by Elder Centipede Genos was matching up with Speed O Sound Sonic. Sonic is faster than Watchdog Man. So yes Genos stays above Watchdog Man as 9th S-Rank Hero.

Even if Genos only has one arm, he can battle without much difficulty. During different bouts, he has been able to stand on his feet after numerous punches from Carnage Kabuto, and he has also been able to stay conscious despite using almost all of his core’s energy. He looks to have an extraordinarily high tolerance for injuries because he is unable to feel pain for most parts of his body. However, based on his expression after coming into touch with the Deep Sea King’s acid spit, he may be in pain from the acidic corrosion of his body. Aside from that, he rarely exhibits substantial physical stress.

one punch man characters

Genos – One Punch Man

08. Drive Knight

The core reason behind Drive Knight being this above is his intelligence and his preparations before any battle. Drive Knight is a black-haired assassin who wears a white mask. His mask has a single horizontal slit for the eyes with a single red glowing eye in the middle. Where his mouth should be, the mask features three little vertical openings. His armor is quite simple, resembling that of a medieval knight. With his Tactical Transformations, he transforms his appearance.

Drive Knight is an extremely powerful S-Class hero. Thanks to his numerous features and enormous power, he was able to effortlessly beat a group of Tiger-level Mysterious Beings, and he was able to destroy the Dragon-level monster and Monster Association executive Nyan very swiftly and without incurring much damage. He revealed, however, that he succeeded as Nyan was overly optimistic and impulsive, and he had previously accumulated combat data beforehand, granting him the upper hand.

Moreover, Drive Knight said that the confrontation with Nyan decimated his fighting energy to the extent that he was unable to maneuver. Drive Knight, according to Sekingar, has never lost a battle.

One Punch Man: Top 10 S-Rank Hero

Drive Knight – One Punch Man

07. Darkshine

Only if he had little so over mentality like Saitama, Darkshine might be ranked higher. Only because he loses his confidence so often, he loses. And yeah he also got bodied by VFU and GS. Superalloy Darkshine is a fearsome S-Class hero. Darkshine, alongside Tatsumaki and King, is likely the strongest S-Class hero and self-proclaimed as one of the strongest S-Class heroes in terms of physical strength. Darkshine is known for his incredible durability, which is thought to be among the best in the hero world (without knowing about Saitama’s invulnerability).

He is the most physically fit hero in the S-Class, surpassing Tanktop Master and Puri-Puri Prisoner, thanks to his gigantic size, near-invulnerability, and raw power. It is believed that he is the one considered to be at the height of physical fighting in his fight against Garou. Darkshine can kill Carnage Kabuto in Carnage Mode in only fifteen minutes, according to the Virtual Genocide System (VGS), yet it took Superalloy Darkshine using his utmost power to eventually finish him. He could destroy a monster as powerful as the Deep Sea King with just a gentle touch.

Darkshine the strongest character of one punch man?

Superalloy Darkshine – One Punch Man

06. Atomic Samurai

Although it is not stated if Atomic Samurai can pierce through Darkshine but he is tremendously powerful to be put above him. On top of that, he has now got the Sun Blade in his hands which cut off one hand of GS.

He is considered as one of the most capable of them all, as well as the Hero Association’s toughest backup hero. He is also renowned as Earth’s foremost proficient swordsman. According to Darkshine, if Garou were to confront Atomic Samurai, even in his half-monster state, the Hero Hunter would most likely die before he could demonstrate any of his techniques. Atomic Samurai is powerful enough to chop one of Homeless Emperor’s largest energy spheres to pieces and even cut Golden Sperm’s arm off while holding the Sun Blade. Although for a short time, he was overpowering two of the Monster Association’s strongest members.

One Punch Man: Top 10 S-Rank Hero

Atomic Samurai

05. Flashy Flash

As the name says, Flash Flash is a speedster. Intelligence is the main thing that’s keeping him up from Atomic Samurai, even though he possesses the Sun Blade. The main feat Flashy carries are that he could keep up with PS and Awakened Garou.

He is the quickest S-Class hero in the association in terms of speed, yet he is slower than Blast, the top-ranked S-Class hero. He is the former top ninja of the village’s 44th graduating class, from which Speed-o’-Sound Sonic comes. Flashy Flash is also one of the few S-Class heroes capable of single-handedly defeating multiple Dragon-level monsters, as evidenced by his ability to defeat Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind, two powerful Dragon-level threats, without suffering any serious injury or visible fatigue, even though he had to use his finishing move to do so.

One Punch Man: Top 10 S-Rank Hero

Flashy Flash – One Punch Man

04. Silver Fang

Said to be the greatest Martial Artist of all time, Silver Fang, is the strongest human. Besides Tatsumaki of Course. His presence stands out even among the S-Class. He is also a skilled martial artist and a capable martial arts instructor. He is the one who taught Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist to his former apprentice Garou, who is also a master of the technique. Garou has also remarked that Demon-level creatures such as Bug God and Royal Ripper pale in comparison to his former master.

Even though he is past his physical peak, he is regarded as a martial arts icon and treasure. He is almost like a god in the martial arts world. And thus one of the world’s most proficient and powerful martial artists. He and Superalloy Darkshine are regarded as the hero world’s twin pillars. Bang is one of the most powerful close-range fighters in the Hero Association. Despite Superalloy Darkshine’s superior physical capabilities, he was able to gain the upper hand in a sparring battle thanks to his martial arts skills and experience.

One Punch Man: Top 10 S-Rank Hero

Silver “Bang” Fang

03. Metal Knight

Martial Arts can’t compete with nuclear weapons right!. Well if it is then Metal Knight holds the power to pulverize a whole city in a matter of seconds. Doctor Bofoi has a big arsenal of weapons including Alein tech from Boros’s Ship.

As an S-Class hero, Bofoi is presumed to be extremely powerful, however, he rose to that position primarily owing to his intellect and the strength of his weapons, rather than his physical prowess. He is one of the four heroes who can defeat Elder Centipede according to Gyoro Gyoro. Despite this, he was unable to harm the monster with his drone when fighting it.

However, Phoenix Man points out that even the Hero Association is unaware of the entire level of Bofoi’s military prowess and armament, which is why they fear his potential betrayal since he would constitute a significant threat. The weapons Bofoi wields, according to Child Emperor, are more powerful than any lone hero’s.

One Punch Man: Top 10 S-Rank Hero

Doctor Bofoi’s Metal Knight Suit

02. Tatsumaki

Only if she had no one to save to hold back her power, the Monster Association Battle would have been over in around 1 Chapter. Yes, you read that right. You know there was a reason why Blast didn’t show up even during an Alein attack. It was because Tatsumaki could have handled everyone on the ship except for Boros. In other words, she is a force to be reckoned with. And yeah one more thing, don’t even think about messing with her sister. You are done with your life if you do.

She is the most powerful esper to date and one of the most strong heroes in general. She is described by Fubuki as a monster similar to Sweet Mask, who refuses to graduate from A-Class to S-Class to prevent weaklings from rising through the ranks. Her talents are so incredible that many people believe there is no human capable of defeating her through traditional tactics, and the world views her as the association’s ultimate weapon.

One Punch Man: Top 10 S-Rank Hero

Tatsumaki Rage Mode

01. Blast

This dude said CHILL to Flash Flash on his first Appearance. The S-Rank 1 Hero Blast surpassed the Expectation of Netizens they had in their mind of him. He is undeniably the most powerful S-rank Hero. I mean GOD himself was furious with him and took a back seat on his appearance before Tatsumaki.

One Punch Man: Top 10 S-Rank Hero


During her conversation with Saitama in his room, Fubuki claims that Blast “sits atop the hero universe,” putting Blast on par with King in terms of power. Sitch also adds that Blast will only appear if mankind is in danger and that he is valuable enough to be treated differently than the other heroes.

Elder Centipede, a Dragon-level menace capable of combating the likes of Bang, Bomb, and Genos at the same time, was brought to the edge of death by Blast, even though Elder Centipede was smaller and thus probably weaker when he first confronted Blast. Despite this, Gyoro Gyoro believed that, even in his current state, Blast could defeat the gigantic monster.

His main ability of him besides his immense strength and superhuman reflex and speed is Dimensional Travel.

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